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Davy Jones Julien’s Auction Interview With Talia Jones

May 19, 2015 by  
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Davy Jones Julien’s Auction Interview With Talia Jones

by M.A. Cassata

(Photos): and Jullien Auctions


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At a recent Julien’s Auctions held at The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square New York City, and Julien’s Live, thousands of Monkees fans participated online at on May 15th & 16th, 2015. Many of the lucky winners at a high price grabbed a piece of Monkee musical history. congrats all the loyal fans who won and we want to hear about your Julien’s Auctions experience.

Highlights from the special Davy Jones collection spanned the entertainer’s career as well as his personal life. Some of the more popular included: Davy Jones’ Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque commemorating The Monkees, a Davy Jones Carvin Acoustic Electric guitar with red quilt finish, Davy Jones The Monkees stage worn shirts, Davy Jones Gold Record award for selling over 1,000,000 copies of the hit single “Daydream Believer,” several Davy Jones stage worn ensembles and suits, Davy Jones driver’s license and wallet, a Davy Jones owned and played Epiphone Casino guitar, a large stage used “The Monkees” neon sign, and Davy Jones tour used road cases.

Other highlights included a Vaudevillian striped red and white coat worn by Davy Jones in concert (circa 1987) which is a costume reminiscent of the costumes worn on “The Monkees” television program (NBC 1966-1968) when the band sang “Cuddly Toy,” a Davy Jones denim suit with guitar pattern, a collection of studio equipment used by Davy Jones, a red director’s chair with “The Monkees” logo across the back stretcher, a collection of framed vintage posters featuring members of “The Monkees,” and a pair of RIAA certified record awards for “The Monkees” hit album “Then and Now … The Best of The Monkees.”

Before the auction began, chatted briefly with Talia Jones about her all too well-loved by the fans father and some of the memorabilia acquired from the Davy Jones estate.

196340_0How did Julien’s Auction first come about and what was your level of involvement?

The auction has been a difficult and emotional journey for all of us. We are doing our best to sort through not just what our father left behind in terms of tangible objects, as would be the case with anyone in our circumstance, but a great abundance of memories in addition to tasks he left behind for us all emotionally. Julien’s has been a gracious and respectful facilitator in what is a heart wrenching process.

196209_0Please share a memory or two about some of the items up for auction. 

There are so many amazing memories. Dad could pack a lifetime of memories into a sliver of note paper. If I had to note any specific item, I guess it would be the jacket he gave me back in 2004, the one he wore on the Brady Bunch. I actually wore it after he gave it to me to the TV Land Awards, where I accompanied him along with two of my three sister’s, Sarah and Annabel.  The TV Land award he won that evening for “Favorite Guest Performance by a Musician on a TV show – The Brady Bunch”, is also included in the auction.

Which items do you think were more favored by your dad than others?

Dad loved every little thing. He was a true collector. And he was very generous with all of us daughters and all three grandkids. As fast as he would get something, he would call and ask which one of us wanted it. And he was kind to hold on to so much for us.  We are a close family, that meant everything to dad.

Property from estate of late Monkees star Davy Jones up for auction.

Great that the auction is at the Hard Rock in New York City and online. Really gives the fans a better chance to grab a piece of musical history.

New York City is a place that dad once called home. And it suited him. New York City’s energy fit dad like a glove. He could ride a horse in Central Park, climb a tree, then run downtown for lunch with friends and dash back to the theater to get ready for that night’s Oliver! performance. Everything he saved from his time on Broadway has of course been with all of us girls for decades. Sharing them, and some additional tangible memories he had given to us over the years, with his fans, seemed like the right thing to do. We are looking forward to having some closure, and to honoring our father, all at once in the city where he first came to belong to his fans too.

Property from estate of late Monkees star Davy Jones up for auction.

M.A. Cassata
Entertainment Writer & Editor

Cosplay Culture Magazine, Online Editor

Property from estate of late Monkees star Davy Jones up for auction.

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