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Archived Tour Information

June 4, 2011 by  
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This is where you can see previous Monkees tour history and reviews. Which show were you at??


4 Responses to “Archived Tour Information”
  1. christine.leblanc says:

    I was at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre show on June 5th. I had third row seats so it was pretty amazing to say the least. I am 36 years old and a lifelong Monkees fan. I remember watching their reruns in kindergarten, they were the first concert I’ve ever gone too and I own many records (yes the old LPs along with CDs and DVDs. The concert literally brought tears to my eyes. It really touched my heart to see them playing together again and enjoying themselves! They were funny and had an amazing setlist. I heard they had a meet and greet that night but I was not part of that. That would’ve put me on the moon but I was just so ecstatic to have been there, that close to the stage in the first place. I’m praying they come back again in the near future. They rocked and still have it after all these years!!!

  2. gollytim says:

    Could not agree more. Also regret I knew nothing of “Meet and Greet”. Would have gladly paid, as I had stuff I’d like to have shared. First, by accident, watched first “Circus Boy” episode on Antenna TV that very morning. THEN, searching YouTube for circus boy, found clip of a 1964 Davy Jones performance in broadway play “Oliver” which I actually SAW in 1964. Initially had not planned on going to concert, but with coincidences, I HAD TO GO! Great show! Guys were great. Regret that I didn’t have a camera. They obviously enjoyed performing. To anyone on route of rest of concert tour, by all means, GO!!!! You won’t be disappointed! Was amused at Davy’s “short jokes”. 🙂

  3. gollytim says:

    Just want to add that their showing videos in background as they performed was brilliant and alot of fun. What guy could not enjoy seeing Julie Newmar, even briefly? Performers had fun and it transfers well to the audience.

  4. intosummerwithmonkees255 says:

    I’ve seen every monkees episode, and I hve the movie. I also just went to their concert in Columbus OH and Davy and Peter acted okay, but Micky acted like he was sick

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