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My Favorite Monkees Memories With Jan Barnes

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By M.A. Cassata

“Why are we fans of anything?,” asks Jan Barnes of New Orleans, LA. “I love The Monkees. I love the music. They were my first boy band. The TV show was so funny. I loved it.”

Since 1970 Jan has always been a huge Beatles fan too, but she now prefers The Monkees, especially Peter.  But then again, who wouldn’t have a big crush on Peter?  “I don’t remember the first time I saw The Monkees, or heard them on the radio or saw them on TV, but I do remember being madly in love with Peter. I remember my mom telling me,’he’s too old for you,’ and I used to argue with my friend that Peter was the ‘cutest’ Monkee. When I was ten, I named my pet gerbil Peter.” That’s dedication!

This super Monkees fan also  acknowledges that our favorite four guys have become more than just a part of her childhood memories. “I am still excited by The Monkeees. They are a part of me. By still being a part of me. I am able to remain a kid.”

Didn’t Davy once say it so eloquently, “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up?”jan birthday 035

Check out Jan’s personal website, Dreams Do Come True  which feature pics of her and favorite Monkee man, Peter Tork.

Read on for more…

How long have you been a Monkees fan?

Since 1970 I think.   I watched the Saturday morning reruns.

What was the favorite part of the TV show?

The romps!!!

Were you still a strong fan after the show ended?

Superficially for a while.  Once the TV show wasn’t available, I still listened to their records, but I largely switched over to Beatlemania (the vicissitudes of youth!). I got back into them BIG time when Justus came out, and I discovered The Monkees’ list on the Internet and realized I wasn’t alone.

Do you have a favorite Monkee and why?Jan laura monkee sign

Peter! I think it may have started as a way to be nonconformist.  It seemed everyone else was into Davy.  And, my God! That smile! Even at 74 and after the surgery, he’s still got that smile that makes me melt…I could go on!

I know what you mean! What is your favorite Monkees period and why?

I think the first season on TV.  I like the innocence they radiated.  I love the as well, but in hindsight, watching the show as an adult, they didn’t seem to be as ‘into’ it as they’d been the first season…

How many times have you seen The Monkees in concert?

Let’s see…Davy solo: six times; Davy, Micky, Peter together: five shows over a three day weekend, Davy and Micky three times over a long weekend, plus one other and— I’m going to see Peter and Micky next month. Have never has the pleasure of seeing Mike, though I do have several of his albums on CD.


How far have you traveled to see The Monkees in concert?

Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I live in New Orleans, LA.

What are some of your best Monkees concert moments and why?

Sitting front and center at four shows in Vegas.  Peter close up and personal! Getting backstage passes!!  Read my webpage for lots more!

What are some of your favorite Monkees memorabilia and why?

Besides the records (a couple original, but so scratched as to be unlistenable), I enjoy my collection of bubblegum cards, pin back buttons and my Matchbox Monkee Mobile.

What are a few of your favorite Monkees songs and why?

My fave has always been “Valerie”.  Don’t really know why.



What other TV shows did you watch growing up?

Gilligan’s Island comes to mind, Partridge Family and Three Stooges shorts.

Anything more that you want to add?

Just this: I consider Paul McCartney to be my true love, David Cassidy to be my most enduring love,  and Peter Tork was my first love.  My husband knows he wasn’t my first choice and he’s ok with that. Really.

Photo Credits: Jan Barnes, Tony Barnes, and Laura Richard


M.A. Cassata

Entertainment Writer/Author