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Unreleased Recordings List

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From: (GoshMizer)
Subject: Missing Links 4, 5, 6, etc.
Date: 12 Mar 1995 02:23:03 -0500

Allright, I’ll try to send this AGAIN! Blame AOL if it shows up more than

Anyway, I compiled a list of suspected and known unreleased or unreissued
Monkees and Post-Monkees tracks and albums. Obviously I missed some and
that’s where you all come in. If you can add any to this list, or correct
errors on it, please E-mail me so I can update it.

You’ll note that Peter isn’t listed individually since I don’t have any
information on solo work for him.

For some of this stuff, I can list catalog numbers and will do so on the
next update.

I’ve listed first The Monkees (as a group), then individually – subdivided
as follows:
Unreleased Tracks
Unreissued Tracks
Unreleased Albums
Unreissued Albums

Unreleased Monkees Tracks
Iranian Rango
Different Drum
So How’s By You?
Her Name Is Love
Everybody Loves A Nut
Ceiling In My Room
Whatever’s Right
Where Has It All Gone
I Had A Dream Last Night
Masking Tape
Love Song-Tippy Taylor
Yours Until Tomorrow
Symphony Is Over
I’m A Man
Mr Richland’s Favorite Song
I Was Not Born To Follow
I Think It’s Gonna Rain
Kitty Hawk
How Can I Tell You
Opening Night

Michael Nesmith also cut ten (?) tracks in 1968 with the musicians who
would later become Area Code 615. Some of these most likely remain

Unreissued Monkees Tracks
Christmas Is My Time Of year
White Christmas

Unreleased Monkees Albums
Live 1968 (Japan broadcast)
Live 1969

Unreissued Michael Nesmith Tracks
As Mike, John and Bill:

How Can You Kiss Me
Just A Little Love

As Michael Blessing:

Just A Little Love
How Can you Kiss Me
Curson Terrace
A Journey With Michael Blessing
A New Recruit
Until It’s Time For You To Go
What Seems To Be The Trouble Officer?

As Michael Nesmith:

Well, Well
Rose City Chimes

Unreleased Michael Nesmith Albums
With Nitty Ditty Dirt Band as The Aspen Falls Musical Preservation


Unreissued Michael Nesmith Albums
As Wichita Train Whistle:

Wichita Train Whistle Sings

As Michael Nesmith:

Sounds Like The Navy (interview LP with Sam Riddle)
The Michael Nesmith Radio Special

Unreleased Davy Jones Tracks
Tears On My Pillow
Manchester Boy
I’m Coming Home
Hit Record

Unreissued Davy Jones Tracks
Take Me To Paradise
Girl From Chelsea
For Your Love
Love Bug
I Believe In You
You’re A Lady
Who Was It?
Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse
You Don’t Have To Be A Country Boy To Sing A Country Song

Unreissued Davy Jones Albums
David Jones (1965)
Davy Jones (1971)

Unreleased Micky Dolenz Tracks
It’s Amazing
Family Of Man
Love Is All I Have
A Long Time
Since I Fell For You
Long Way Since St. Louis
Splish Splash
Purple People Eater
Wing Walker
I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll
Where Did All The Good Times Go

Unreissued Micky Dolenz Tracks
Don’t Do It
Huff Puff
Easy On You
Oh Someone
Unattended In The Dungeon
A Lover’s Prayer
Love War
Buddy Holly Tribute
Oh She’s Young
Love Light

With Starship:

Johnny B. Goode
It’s Amazing To Me
Where Did All The Good Times Go
Monkees Medley

Unreissued Miscellaneous Albums
Dolenz & Jones:

The Point EP
(Lifeline/It’s A Jungle Out There/Gotta Get Up/Me And My Arrow)

Dolenz, Jone Boyce & Hart:

Dolenz, Jone Boyce & Hart

Dolenz, Jones & Tork:

20th Anniversary Tour

That’s it. Please help me out if you can. Also, could someone tell me
what “A Manufactured Image” is and where I can get it? I’ve seen it
referred to a lot around here.


Subject: Re: Missing Links 4, 5, 6, etc.
Date: 12 Mar 1995 15:22:52 -0500

You forgot “Nichole” by Davy. He sang it on My Two Dads in 1989.


2 Responses to “Unreleased Recordings List”
  1. frodis58 says:

    I was wondering how to download the mp3’s?
    It keeps downloading them as HTML

  2. brad says:

    what mp3’s? this article is dated 1995, i don’t see mp3 listed anywhere in the article.

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