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Top Ten Songs By The Monkees w/Joe Lavelle & Shannon Hurley

November 5, 2013 by  
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Believe it or not, The Monkees are one of the greatest bands in the history of rock n roll. Make no mistake, the Pre-Fab Four certainly were 4 cartoonish characters on a silly TV show, but Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy were so much more. For starters they were all wildly underrated as singers, writers, and musicians. Secondly their outsized personalities and charm made them the most commercially successful band of their time – in their prime they were outselling The Beatles and The Stones. Thirdly, they released 9 albums in less than 4 years, made one of the trippiest films ever (Head), and starred in 58 episodes of a TV show that’s legacy lives on generations later. Ben is joined in GoodList Studios by two of the world’s most fanatical Monkees fans, Joe Lavelle & Shannon Hurley. All three hosts bring their personal top 10 lists, and lots of great stories are told to go along with the 30 greatest Monkees songs of all time. Enjoy!!

Joe Lavelle’s musical endeavors can be explored here:

Shannon Hurley is hard at work on her 3rd studio album. Hear more of her music here:

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