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Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart Movie begins Kickstarter Funding

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Meet Bobby & Tommy

They were songwriters, in the right place, at the right time who became the voice of a young generation.

Just as the sixties turned from black & white to technicolor, they went from starving in New York City to stardom in Hollywood.

After working New York’s Brill building, composing such hit records as “Come A Little Bit Closer” for Jay & The Americans, a surprising turn sent the young men back west. Tommy Boyce’s girlfriend caught the eye of a music mogul who called in a favor and paid his way to leave town. Bobby Hart soon followed and in a matter of months they had landed a job scoring the The Days Of Our Lives, one of the longest running shows on television.

But their real breakthrough came when two aspirant film makers, Bob Rafelson & Bert Schneider, called on the dynamic duo to write and produce most of the best known songs recorded by the Monkees, including the hits “Last Train To Clarksville,” “(theme from) The Monkees,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” and “Valleri.” They also produced and wrote songs for the band’s multi-platinum albums and Emmy-award-winning television series.

Soon after, Boyce & Hart became a household name, transforming their success as songwriters into becoming teen idols in their own right. The dream team scored four hit singles of their own, long before the trend of singer-songwriters had come into vogue. Success flowed effortlessly for the duo throughout the late 1960’s, even guest-starring on such television shows as Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, The Flying Nun in addition to becoming familiar faces on the variety and talk show circuit.

The combination of a new elevated consciousness and a grand twist of fate got them involved in a political campaign to elect Robert F. Kennedy and then, following his demise, the role of leaders in a movement to lower the national voting age to eighteen. However, the same force which brought them into this worthy cause would also lead the duo to their break-up. They became managed by a brilliant con artist who renegotiated all of their deals to more favorable terms, but then left them high and dry, absconding with a sizable chunk of their money.

Just as the sixties ended, so did their partnership. Each went on to further successes, but never found the same magic that embodied their first fame. Their lasting legacy became a brilliant catalog of songs, but more importantly, an enduring contribution to the American political landscape. They changed lives and they changed law.

Through extensive unseen archives, rare photographs and personal remembrances, Bobby Hart narrates Candy Store Prophets, a feature-length documentary.

Why Your $$$ Is Needed

To complete this documentary, money is needed for editing, archival acquisitions, festival rights and clearances for all the groovy music used in the film. The project has come a long way and just needs this extra boost of funding so that the goal of a Valentine’s Day premiere in Los Angeles can be reached!

For larger donations of $1000 or more, there will be an exclusive cocktail reception with Bobby Hart himself and other special guests to be announced.

FREE Ways To Help

Use Indiegogo share tools, post and repost on Facebook, RT on Twitter – anything you can do to help our campaign go viral so the most $$$ can be raised in the shortest amount of time.

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