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This is Now : News on Missing Links 3

March 31, 2011 by  
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The December issue of ICE magazine has an article on Rhino’s reissue
campaign. On January 24, 1995, they will reissue HQ, Pisces, and Instant
Replay with the following bonus tracks:
“The Girl I Knew Somewhere” (Mike vocals)
“Jericho” (combo studio banter/trad. song)
“Peter Gunn’s Gun” (loosely based on Mancini’s standard)
“Nine Times Blue” (acoustic demo)
“All Of Your Toys” (single mix)
“Pillow Time” (demo)

“Goin’ Down” (long mix)
“The Door Into Summer” (alt mix)
“Love Is Only Sleeping” (alt mix)
“Daily Nightly” (pre-Moog mix)
“Star Collector” (wild Moog mix!)
“Special Announcement” (Tork novelty)

Instant Replay:
“Someday Man” (the excellent flip-side to “Listen To The Band”, but why did
they decide to put this non-album single as a bonus track
and not the others, except for “Do It In The Name Of Love”?)
“Carlisle Wheeling” (alt)
“St. Matthew” (alt)
“Rosemarie” (alt, ugh! I thought MBF reported that Sandoval decided this
was not up to snuff for Birds, Bees and decided to scrap it!)
“Smile” (outtake, Zilch listed this as the name of Davy’s spotlight tune
on their 33 1/3 boot, could this be the only official release of
33 1/3 material on audio-only?!)
“Me Without You” (fuzz-guitar saturated mix)
“Through The Looking Glass” (ICE is ambiguous on this one. Says it’s the
the original MIX and that the released version
was rerecorded for Instant Replay, but Rhino’s
Birds, Bees notes say the Birds session
version was used on Instant Replay.)

In addition, the article goes on to quote Bill Inglot and Andrew
Sandoval. They are using the original ’60s mixes and are trying to
emulate the original vinyl releases in every way including time gaps
between tracks. They found the first half of the debut album in stereo,
so they were able to present the original stereo mix. Some bonus tracks
were mixed down from multi-tracks for the first time; other bonus tracks
were rough mixes found featuring major differences.
That’s all from the ICE article.
Well, there are still 13 tracks from the formerly-proposed Missing Links
3 track list that weren’t/aren’t going to be used as bonus tracks on the
nine albums. Seven of the original 20 were/will be used as bonus tracks.
The ones that remain are:
“How Insensitive”
“Little Red Rider”
“Angel Band”
“Tema Dei Monkees”
“She’ll Be There”
“Midnight Train” (alt, acoustic, 1967)
“Shake ‘Em Up”
“We’ll Be Back”
“Look Down”
“Penny Music”
“Merry Go Round”

So, it seems there will be (I hope!) a Missing Links 3 after all! I
REALLY hope Rhino saved “Ceiling In My Room” for this package because
they felt it was too good to be used as a Birds, Bees bonus track. I
also hope the Missing Links 3 liner notes fill in missing gaps of
sessions details (particularly from Birds, Bees through Present).
That’s all, folks.

Ken Wang

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