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The Monkees Sell Out East Coast Shows in 1 Day

August 17, 2012 by  
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The band’s reunion with Michael Nesmith after 15 years and following the death of singer Davy Jones, has spurred swift ticket sales in four key markets.

The upcoming Monkees tour, the first in over 15 years to include guitarist and songwriter Mike Nesmith and the first since the death of Davy Jones in February, is moving tickets swiftly. All four east coast dates, scheduled for early winter, sold out within a day, surprising even the band’s agent.

“When we called to get ticket counts on the first day sales for the November tour, we were taken aback by how quick the east coast dates were selling out,” Bruce Solar of The Agency Group, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “By the middle of the first day, we had promoters calling us trying to add more nights.

All theater shows, they include a Nov. 29 bow at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia, followed by stops at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Huntington, New York’s The Paramount and Manhattan’s 2,800-capacity Beacon Theatre on Dec. 2. The Monkees will hit Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre on Nov. 10.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Micky Dolenz said Nesmith’s return to the band after more than a decade away came as a shock. “It just caught us all by surprise … It wasn’t this massive plan, it all happened organically.

Jones’ unexpected passing and the resulting outpouring of affection for the Monkees’ music and pop culture legacy is sadly to credit as well for spurring the reunion (Jones died of a heart attack at his Florida home). The band initially considered doing a one-off memorial show, but didn’t want to have to choose coasts. With a 12-date tour, they get to greet the very devotees who’ve yearned for Nesmith’s return.

Jones’ presence will come by way of a multimedia component along with performances of his signature songs.

Adds The Agency Group’s Solar: “We’re all very excited, and the cool thing is it looks like the rest of the country, as the dates go up, will be following the east coasts lead on sales.” Very groovy indeed.

via The Monkees Sell Out East Coast Shows in 1 Day – The Hollywood Reporter.


3 Responses to “The Monkees Sell Out East Coast Shows in 1 Day”
  1. destes says:

    I hope this tour sparks more dates. Please come to Florida !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. destes says:

    If you guys add more east coast dcates please come to florida

  3. nycmusiclover says:

    I’d love to see the guys find a dark Broadway theather in NYC & have a big splashdown of concerts for as long as ticket sales permit!!! Then the most highly devoted fans in the world could get to see them 20-30 times!

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