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The Monkees (Instant Replay) – Review

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The Monkees (Instant Replay)

        Original Tracks
                Through The Looking Glass (Boyce & Hart, Baldwin)
                Don't Listen To Linda (Boyce & Hart)
                I Won't Be The Same Without Her (Goffin & King)
                Just a Game (Dolenz)
                Me Without You (Boyce & Hart)
                Don't Wait For Me (Nesmith)
                You and I (Jones & Chadwick)
                While I Cry (Nesmith)
                Tear Drop City (Boyce & Hart)
                The Girl I Left Behind Me (Bayer & Sedaka)
                A Man Without a Dream (Goffin & King)
                Shorty Blackwell (Dolenz)
        Bonus Selections
                Someday Man (Nichols & Williams)
                Carlisle Wheeling (Nesmith)
                Rosemarie (Dolenz)
                Smile (Jones)
                St. Matthew (Nesmith)
                Me Without You (Boyce & Hart)
                Through The Looking Glass (Boyce & Hart, Baldwin)

Instant Replay, the first album recorded after Peter's departure from the
band,  showed remnants of the past with the songwriting teams of Boyce &
Hart and Goffin & King back at work, as well as hope for the future, with
each Monkee writing new songs.  However, the group would never reach the
success it had in the past.  Instant Replay is still well worth checking
out, though.  Its best songs were already included in the box set, except
for the bizarre, avant garde "Shorty Blackwell," a five-minute plus song
representing a collage of the times that touches on the plight of the

The bonus tracks on Instant Replay are excellent, highlighted by alternate
takes of Nesmith's "St. Matthew" and "Carlisle Wheeling."

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                                                        - Mike Landsberg

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