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The Monkees 08/05/2013 Denver, CO

December 25, 2008 by  
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Date : 08/05/2013
City :   Denver, CO
Venue :  Paramount Theatre
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2 Responses to “The Monkees 08/05/2013 Denver, CO”
  1. Felicia says:

    I loved the MONKEES, ever since I was a 9 year old child, back in the mid-60’s. When I heard Davy Jones had passed away, I started doing research on the MONKEES because I never knew what happened to them. Raising a family, school and working took up most of my time. Anyway, I was shocked to find out that they had regrouped and toured, once they were off the TV, sometimes all together, or separately. I would have loved to have seen them live decades ago! I am grateful that I will see Micky, Mike and Peter in Colorado next month! I loved them ALL, they were and still are VERY TALENTED and GREAT AS A GROUP!!! Now I watch their old TV shows and can see why we all loved them so much. First of all they were all VERY HOT! They were all cute and funny on the TV show and captured forever, at such a cool age in their lives. I still LOVE their music…it is what got me through some very difficult childhood years because they served as a form of escape from my reality, but also gave me something to look forward to, when I grew up. In other words…Life would get better! I can’t say enough how much they mean to me and I am delighted to know we can purchase their TV shows and music!!! Finally, in my 50’s I will see them LIVE, except for Davy Jones – God Bless Him. God Bless them all for still being out there entertaining and gaining new followers every day! Their music and TV show will NEVER go stale. I’ve asked others if they remember the MONKEES and they all say “Of Course!!!” The ladies still swoon and we laugh and share our excitement and memories. I am so happy for them, considering all the trouble and criticism they endured when they were young, to know that they have the last laugh because it’s obvious that they are still LOVED AND ADMIRED by people and fans, young and old, ALL OVER THE WORLD, to this very day!!! My dream has always been to meet them and to get an autographed picture of the MONKEES…who knows maybe I will. LOVE, another long, lost MONKEE fan, FINALLY FOUND.

  2. Mario Azevedo says:

    Hi Felicia,
    You are not alone. I was born in 1963 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and grew up a fan of The Monkees from very young. One of my older brothers was absolutely nuts for them and I “got the disease” too. My wife and I just came back from their concert at the Brady Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma tonight and we even shed some tears when they put Davy on the screen singing Daydream Believer. This was an awesome show. I absolutely love the atmosphere – they truly bring back a lot of memories from the 60’s, and I am amazed with how good they still are. Micky still has an amazing voice, and both Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork still sound the same too. Their back up band is really good, and it was great to see Micky’s sister and Mike’s son Christian playing with them. What a show!
    Sometimes I wonder if they know how many fans they have in Brazil. I can guarantee that if they announced a tour down there they would sell out in a hurry…
    Believe me – you will not be disappointed. 🙂 Enjoy it!

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