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New Micky Dolenz Live Album “Out Of Nowhere” Coming in April 2018 From 7A Records

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7A Records presents a brand new album from Micky Dolenz – Out Of Nowhere. Recorded in April this year with the sublime 30 piece American Metropole Orchestra, Dolenz sings all of the Monkees’ greatest hits along with some outstanding deep album cuts. The orchestral backing adds a real unique depth to the recordings and Dolenz’s voice is as good as ever. To quote Dolenz in his own words: “Words cannot express what a magical night it was. You really had to be there and thanks to this recording, you can be!” It was recorded April 15th, 2017 at the Rice Auditorium, Western Oregon University

Released on CD and limited 12” Picture Disc Vinyl.

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Review: New 7a Records Micky Dolenz Releases!

By Fred Velez

7a Records have been very busy with new releases by Micky Dolenz following last years critically acclaimed issue of Dolenz’s MGM Singles Collection.

The two cd set ‘An Evening with Peter Noone & Micky Dolenz’ was culled from conversational sessions recorded in early 2016 at The Space at Westbury and the Memorial Auditorium in Montclair, NJ, where Noone and Dolenz sat before an audience and recounted fun and hilarious stories about their careers. Lots of anecdotes and inside show biz tales were told with the audience enjoying every hysterical moment. The conversations were well recorded so if one closes their eyes they could imagine themselves sitting in the audience with Noone and Dolenz just inches away. For fans who attended these conversation shows this collection makes a great souvenir and for those who weren’t there this is the next best thing to being there.

For record store day in England, 7a Records issued a limited edition 45 vinyl single of two previously unreleased Dolenz songs. Pressed on translucent vinyl ‘Chance Of A Lifetime’ and ‘Living On Lies’ were both recorded in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s when Micky was trying to launch a solo singing career. The songs written by Tom Deluca, Mike Slamer and Dolenz capture the Monkees jangling guitar sound with a harder, rocking edge to the music. Micky is in great voice on these songs, both which could have easily fit on the Monkees ‘Good Times’ album.

Most recently 7a Records slipped out a limited to 500 copies EP (extended play) purple vinyl 45 teaming Dolenz with Christian Nesmith (son of Nez) and Circe Link. Side one features a melody of ‘Porpoise Song’ seamlessly segueing into the Beatles ‘Good Morning, Good Morning’ with Micky singing lead and Circe complimenting Dolenz with her background vocals and Christian providing additional vocal harmonies and guitar backing on the track. Side two is highlighted by a duet between Micky and Circe on the Everly Brothers classic ‘Crying In The Rain’, with their voices blending beautifully with lovely guitar work by Christian. The record ends with a remake of ‘Randy Scouse Git’, done at a slower pace with sparser arrangements and with great vocal harmonies by Circe, this version of the song has a sense of fun to it, especially at the songs conclusion with Micky and Circe breaking out in laughter and giggles.

These new releases from 7a Records all have the stamp of quality that executive producers Iain Lee and Glenn Gretlund have made their trademark since launching the label. All the releases are worth picking up, and I highly recommend folks pick up the limited edition records while they’re still obtainable. Kudos to 7a Records for these great releases. I’m looking forward to the next batch!

Fred Velez, 2016.