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Robert Pattinson approached over Monkees role

October 1, 2012 by  
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TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson has been approached to play Mike Nesmith in a new film about 60s band The Monkees.

A Hollywood source said: “He is interested in the role.”

R-Patz, 26, as a teen heart-throb? That shouldn’t be too much of a challenge…

via Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: The Goss :: Robert Pattinson approached over Monkees role.


9 Responses to “Robert Pattinson approached over Monkees role”
  1. smjblessing says:

    He looks nothing like Nesmith ! Nor any of The Monkees !!! When is this new tv movie coming out ? Won’t it just be like a rehash of Daydream Believers ?

  2. themonkeesrock says:

    Robert Pattinson should NOT play Mike Nesmith in a movie about the Monkees. He does not have the talent to be ANY of the Monkees. What is this new movie going to be called? Who is doing the casting for it? Whoever is casting it really needs to watch the real Monkees and get a good idea of who should really play them.

  3. NezForever says:

    Hmm, it is a stretch, but he might be able to pull it off. I personally love Patts so that would be great if he has the chops to play Nez.

  4. monkeemama says:

    I agree they should have someone else to play mike nesmith. If they are going to do another monkees movie, they should just bring back the people who played them in daydream believers or search for people who know who the monkees are and at least semi look like the monkees do. As for Robert pattison as mike HELL NO! If he gets that role then I will be greatly disappointed

  5. monkeelover500 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Don’t ruin MIKE on some ‘twilight’ person! He wasn’t even good in that movie! What does Mike himself say? If he’s ok with it then I’ll let it go, but Ugh NO! (SNIFF) robert pattinson? Who’s gonna play Phyllis? kristin stewart? UGH! (Shivers run down spine) All of us MONKEES fans are gonna cry through the whole movie, the only good thing about this is that we get another Monkee-esk movie :D!

  6. monkeelover500 says:

    Oh yeah, who’s gonna play the others? Davy’s “Hair” better be better in this one! Micky had better be able to do his James Cagney unlike Aaron Lohr, and the kid who plays Peter better get the smile as well as LB Fisher!

  7. traceym1991 says:

    I say take a look at Josh Radnor,(Ted,of How I Met Your Mother.)He has a much stronger resemblance to Mike Nesmeth, and he actually has some talent, unlike Robert Pattinson!

  8. MonkeesLover says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Way!!! I don’t even think they should make a movie, much less having a low creep like that play Mike. That would be terrible. No way. Shows absolutley no resemblance,uggg.

  9. destes says:

    Think about Daydream Believers was made in 2000 so those guys are 12 years older now so they cannot use them I am sure. They will probably not need to know how to really sing if they dub in music. I don’t know if they make another movie again Daydream Believers did a good story about the highlights but the ending was all wrong. Maybe they should use Monkee siblings like Jason Nesmith (Christian looks like him but he no hair) and Peter’s son Ian they look a lot like there dads. They would just need to find some one for Davy and Micky. They only had girls LOL..

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