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Review: The First Bobby Hart Solo Album

by Fred Velez

Bobby Hart has had a long and varied career as a songwriter, singer, performer, activist and most recently an author. On his own and with his late partner Tommy Boyce, Bobby has written hits for many artists including Little Anthony, The Monkees and many more.

In 1980 Bobby Hart recorded and released his first and only solo album which initially was released only in Europe and has finally been issued for the first time on CD by 7a Records, the labels’ second release after the Micky Dolenz MGM Singles Collection. Bobby’s album reveals a more funky side of Hart, richly steeped in Blue Eye Soul. Backed by excellent musicians and background singers, songs like ‘Funky Karma’, ‘I’m On Fire’, ‘Still Hung Up On You’ showcase Bobby’s bluesy vocals which are reminiscent of records of the period by the Stylistics and Barry White. Hart also does a very soulful remake of his Little Anthony hit ‘Hurt So Bad’. The beat of the music might just get some to dig out their white suites and platform shoes and get up and dance!

7a Records has produced a high quality product, not only presenting the music in excellent quality but also including three previously unreleased songs which further showcase Bobby’s soulful voice. An added bonus is a 24 page booklet with a new interview with Bobby Hart filled with many rare photographs, including a couple with Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart from the mid-70’s.

If you love Blue Eye Soul, then definitely get The First Bobby Hart Solo Album, which shows a more bluesy, soulful side of Bobby’s incredible talents. And don’t forget to put your dancing shoes on!

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Fred Velez, 2016.

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