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PBS: Cameron Crowe, Felicity Huffman, Davy Jones

August 1, 2011 by  
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Who knew the Monkees would be a hot topic for PBS?

PBS is pushing its “PBS Arts Fall Festival,” “Pearl Jam 20,” directed by Cameron Crowe, “’60s Pop Rock,” featuring Davy Jones, and four-hour “America in Primetime,” with Felicity Huffman. Quite a departure from the more expected science and Ken Burns history sagas.

“Nobody dies. Nobody O.D.’s.,” Crowe said of Pearl Jam’s evolution. That was a challenge in telling the band’s story. “How do you get from that early angst to this state of grace?” The film is slated for Oct. 21 under “American Masters.”

Meanwhile, more traditional PBS fare: Burns is doing “Prohibition,” Oct 2-4. And Brian Greene has another NOVA special, “The Fabric of the Cosmos,” a followup to his Peabody-winning “The Elegant Universe.”

The PBS portion of the TCA press tour continues through the weekend. Expect breaking Monkee news from the Davy Jones press conference as needed.

via PBS: Cameron Crowe, Felicity Huffman, Davy Jones – Ostrow Off The Record – The Denver Post.

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