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Nesmith To Appear In NY Monkees Concert – Sort Of!

Reported by Fred Velez

In a recent message on his Facebook page, Michael Nesmith mentioned that he will be making an appearance at the June 1st Monkees concert in New York. However, he’ll be appearing on Skype on the screen behind Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and the band.

Here’s Nesmith’s post:

So happy to have “I Know What I Know” on the new Monkees Good Times album. Adam’s take on it was a new perspective and I think it opens some doors for the song. I wrote the song a while back and it has been thru many changes. This last one has been a real rocket ride on the Monkees album.

The life of a song is an odd one.

As many of you know there is a download feature on Videoranch that is called Iterations where I put new arrangements or mixes, or both, of songs that I have recorded so you can enjoy their growth and maturation.

I thought you might enjoy hearing Joe Chemay’s idea for an arrangement and mixing. It is “I know What I Know ” — version 2.0 — and it’s it up at Iterations now.

On another topic — I’m going to make a Skype appearance with the Monkees tomorrow June 1 at the NYC show in Town Hall.

I won’t be there in person but on Skype on the big screen in back of Mick and Peter, and the band.

We will sing Papa Gene’s Blues together — we have been rehearsing and I’m told that it’s sounding good — and I hear from others who have done this before us that it is really a good time and effective.

So I’ll see you there. Watch for the Skype at the show right after Intermission.

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