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VH1 update, Tork interview

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: VH1

Hi. I work at VH1 and found your site while searching the web. I just
wanted to let you know of some upcoming specials that will be airing on
VH1. Behind The Music: The Monkees, will premiere on Sunday, June 25th at
11am and 9pm (ET/PT). Also, VH1’s 4th original movie, “Daydream Believers:
The Monkees Story,” will premiere on Wednesday, June 28th at 9pm (ET/PT).
We are very excited about these specials and hope you’ll tune in. We
welcome your comments and feedback, so feel free to e-mail us at We also hope you’ll pass the word along to fellow
Monkees fans. If you’d like to see some photos, movie clips, and
production notes from the director of “Daydream Believers,” check out The direct link to the site is:
We hope you’ll tune in to Behind The Music and Daydream
Believers. Enjoy and thanks for watching VH1.


From: “Band 6”

Message from Band 6 – 8th June, London, England.

Peter made an appearance as guest of the day on The Big Breakfast on
England’s Channel 4 TV station, live from London.

He wore black denim jeans, black boots and an open-neck black, blue and
yellow/orange shirt. Looked really cool and awake considering it was 7:20 am.

Peter talked with presenter Lisa Tarbuck about the UK tour and how Chris
Conway (described by Peter as a fine acoustic singer/songwriter) will open
the show with a set, followed by James Lee Stanley, followed by
Peter. Then Peter and James will do a set as a duo and finally Chris will
join them on stage for a final song.

As well as promoting the tour Peter spoke about the reality of musicianship
in the Monkees and how all of them are musically talented, the truth about
him leaving the Monkees and NOT buying himself out of the contract, and the
success of the various Monkee re-unions down the years, culminating in the
UK tour of 1997.

After his interview (which also included some flirting with Lisa!) Peter
stayed in the studio and could be seen throughout the remainder of the
programme at various times in other segments, and participated in the
morning reading of national newspaper headlines, holding up the front pages.

He looked gorgeous with his short spiky blond hair and beard and seemed
very relaxed and happy to be on the show.

Sue & Kirk
Band 6


From: “Craig Frankowski”

Last night on the CBS TV movie “Now & Then”, starring Rosie O’Donell, Demi
Moore, Melanie Griffith, Christine Ricci, Rita Wilson, & Other cast
members. There was a bedroom scene where one of the girls was brushing her
hair out and talking, when the song “Daydream Believer” started
playing. Hope you got a chance to see the movie.

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