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Uncut Live DVD To Be Released! Concert Reviews!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**KB Sets Release For Uncut Live DVD**
Finally, after exactly 4 months & 17 days of pre-orders,
the “Monkees – Live Summer Tour – Extended & Uncut” DVD is being
released to Monkees fans! King Biscuit Entertainment just gave
Monkeesrule43 Online the exclusive news that this long-awaited,
professionally filmed DVD will be available soon after the holidays.
Originally they were aiming to surprise fans with an early Christmas
present, but longer production times will most likely result in the
DVDs being shipped only a few days after the 25th. As a reminder,
even after it is released, the DVD will remain a limited edition,
internet-only product that will be a treasure for years to come.
Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered their DVD and has waited since
the beginning. We all proved that fan-power can accomplish anything!
Stay tuned for all the details soon, including the full
tracklisting, running time, & DVD cover art! You can find more
information & purchase your DVD at

**Davy UK Tour in ’04**
Davy Jones has announced some tentative concert dates for 2004 in
the UK. Keep in mind, these are subject to change:
3/24/04 — Croydon, UK — TBA
3/25/04 — Scotland, UK — TBA
3/26/04 — Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK — TBA
3/27/04 — Milton Keynes, UK — TBA
3/29/04 — Sheffield, UK — TBA
3/30/04 — TBA — TBA
4/1/04 — Salisbury, UK — TBA
4/2/04 — Manchester, UK — TBA
4/3/04 — Newport, UK — TBA

**Peter & JLS Tour Updates**
Some changes have been made to Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley’s
upcoming tour of the east coast. Here are the dates that were added
or updated:
1/24/04 — Port Jervis, NY — The Vault
1/26/04 — Lehigh Valley, PA — Live Radio Show on WDIY-FM
2/5/04 — Boston, MA — Live Radio Show on WUMB
For their full itinerary, visit the Solo Tour Dates page.

**On TV**
The Monkees’ 1968 feature film, “Head,” will air on Starz on
December 5 at 3:30am EST, December 10 at 4:50am EST, December 15 at
12:15pm EST, December 24 at 12:30am EST, and December 28 at 1:35am
EST. Davy Jones will be featured on VH1’s “50 Greatest Teen Idols”
on Devember 7 at 2pm EST. For all upcoming airings of Davy
hosting “Meet The Royals,” click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances”
link on the news page.

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From: Brad

The Oregonian 11/29/03 issue:

Micky Dolenz is going from the Monkees to Broadway’s “Aida.” Dolenz,
who played drums in the 1960s television pop group, joins the long-
running Disney musical Jan. 6 as Zoser, the villainous father of the
show’s young hero. The 58-year-old Dolenz has played the role in the
musical’s national tour. Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child took
over the title role in “Aida” last week from Toni Braxton and will
star in the musical through Jan. 25.


From: TJ. Church

Found this myself, by accident:

On Episode Menu for Ep. 37, “Art For Monkees’ Sake”, use up/down
buttons on player control to go to “Play Episode”. Hit “Up” one more
time, & instead of lighting up “Menu” option, it will light the
episode title. Select this, & there is an interview not listed
anywhere on the DVD packaging. (I did this after watching the
episode, though am not sure if before/after matters.)


From: “Amy Roundtree”

The Monkees are mentioned in the new DVD in the Red Hot Chili
Peppers Greatest Hits and Videos DVD on the Can’t Stop video
commentary. Flea is talking about what they were supposed to be
doing for the video, and he talks about how they were supposed to
be “acting madcap like the Monkees.” Even my son sat up and said how
he thought the Chili Peppers always acted like the Monkees.


From: “Amy Alimohamed”

Just wanted to share a scoop about the delightful Davy Jones.

I attended the Camden, SC Colonial Cup Steeplechase on the 18th of
November. Of course my sole purpose for going was to get a peep at
Davy and his horse. I must say I really enjoyed the entire race, I
believe Davy is now the cause of adding a new fan to horse events!
Before attending I understood that Davy likes to keep
his “Monkeeness” discreet while at the horse shows, so, as hard as
it was to keep my composure, I must say that I did a very good job
at showing him respect. My husband tapped Davy on the shoulder
after the event to see if he would be able to say hello to me. He
did stop and shake our hands which I felt very honored that he took
the time. We chatted in low key for just a moment about the race, I
congratulated him on the run. I could tell he was anxious to get
back to his horse and jockey so it meant the world to me that he
would take a moment, even though a very brief one to say hello and
shake my hand.

If Davy reads this, and I hope he does, this was my 4th time to meet
him and each time he has always been so charming. Davy seems like a
person who would be very interesting and enjoyable to just “hang
out” with. (Maybe one day I will have a chance to just hang with
him! LOL)

I want to THANK him for always being such a gracious entertainer and
showing appreciation back to the fans that love him so dearly.
Thank You, Davy! You are the greatest!


From: “starcollector”

On Nov. 23, Peter and James Lee Stanley performed in Altadena, CA,
at the Coffee Gallery, a coffee shop with a tiny performing stage in
the back room. The room only holds 44 persons, so every seat is
good and close to the stage. Since the 7:00 pm show had sold out
quickly, a second show had been added at 4:00 pm. I arrived shortly
before the 4:00 show ended. Peter and James sat behind a CD table
close to the entrance/exit of the coffee shop. I overheard a male
fan ask Peter about the guitar he used during the show, and Peter
said the instrument was 36-38 years old. A female fan asked about
the song “Getting’ In” and Peter said it was on his solo CD for sale
at the table.

Inside the performing area I sat by the right side of the stage. I
was joined by Edie, who remembered me from the Peter/James fan
cruise of 1999. She came all the way from Maryland to see the
show! James saw me, and he smiled, waved, and asked how I was
doing. He said that earlier that day he had been looking through
his photos from the cruise, and saw my picture in my Halloween
costume. He was surprised to see me in person the same day! He
wore faded blue jeans, a denim jacket and black sweater.

A few chairs were empty when the 7:00 pm show began. The store
manager didn’t introduce James when he came on stage with his
guitar. He asked if the tape was rolling, as both shows were being
recorded for a CD (note: James has already begun listening to and
editing the tape!). He introduced himself as “my favorite
singer/songwriter in a race with his hairline” and “the winner of
the Hal Linden lookalike contest.” He said “if I was in San Diego
tonight, this room would be filled.” He began with “Stolen Season.”

He thanked us for coming, especially for driving through Los Angeles
traffic to get here. He said people applying for driver’s licenses
should be given a reflex test and an I.Q. test. The next song
was “Daddy’s Eyes.” James said the Chinese have a saying that if
you live long enough, everything will happen to you. You’ll be the
hero, the goat, the victim, the perpetrator, the betrayer and the
betrayed, so we should all be nice to one another. He talked about
his seven years of playing various aliens on Star Trek:Deep Space 9
and how he loved every minute of it. If there was a Klingon singing
by the piano, it was he. James sang, “here we come, walking down
the street. Hey, hey, we’re the Klingons.” He vividly described
the discomfort of wearing “Roddenberry underwear” beneath the

He told how his song “Last Day of Summer” was written on September
10, “our last day of innocence.” To introduce “Racing The Moon” he
told a long story of when he was 16 year old “bad asssed kid” in
love with a girl named Susan. Her father was a navy admiral who
hated James and wanted his girl to date midshipmen from the military
academy. Eventually Susan married a military man, but James never
forgot her.

The last song in James’s solo set was “There.” He said there would
be a short break during which he would greet everyone and look them
in the eye to thank them for coming and show them the CDs for sale.
Peter took the stage with his 36 year old guitar, with much
screaming from certain women in the audience. He wore a black long
sleeved undershirt, black jeans, and black athletic shoes. His
blond hair was combed flat, not spiky, and he wore his glasses the
entire evening. He said it was difficult to follow James, because
James’s music was so dreamy and mellow. Peter swayed a little and
acted as if he would go to sleep! He said when he looked through
his music to find something to play tonight, he decided to play a
song from his solo CD, “You Get What You Pay For.” Next was a song
his brother Nick wrote, “Pirates.” Then he upped the tempo
with “MGBGT,” about a car he loved when he was in San
Francisco. “This car would break down within coasting distance of a
garage and run out of gas within coasting distance of a gas station.”

Peter asked for requests, which I’ve never seen him do before. Two
especially enthusiastic women sitting in front of Peter begged and
pleaded for “Dress Sexy For Me.” Peter relented, although he
wasn’t sure how the song would turn out. As he sang, the two
superfans stood by the stage and danced with carefully planned
choreography. Peter looked at them a couple of times, then turned
his back on them! The audience laughed at the dancing. I don’t
know if he performed this song at the 4:00 pm show.

He was more pleased with a request for “Gettin’ In.” Then he sang a
short, silly accapella song “Alvin and the Alligator” about a boy
who flushes his pet alligator into the sewer because it was “too big
for its britches.” Peter claimed this song was written by his two
brothers, but somehow the song “diffused into the camp world.”

Peter picked up his banjo, which had been laying atop the feedback
amp. As he sang “Higher and Higher”, some of the fans raised their
arms on the chorus. Then he put a capo on the banjo’s neck and
played “Seeger’s Theme,” from the Monkees Missing Links Vol. 2
album. He explained this was written by folk singer Pete Seeger,
who refused to testify during the McCarthy Communist hearings by
claiming the 6th amendment which allows free association. Peter
said, “We need him again!” During the song, Peter had difficulty
whistling, and a woman in the audience offered to get him some
water. After she left, Peter joked “I just wanted her to go away!”
She returned with a bottle of water and Peter was able to do the
song. Then he played another Seeger instrumental piece, followed by
a medly of Christmas carols on banjo from the Beechwood Christmas CD.

Peter picked up his guitar again, checked his watch and tried to
think of one more song. He wanted to play something “loud.” I
called out, “Auntie Grizelda!” and the superfans wanted “Steppin’
Stone.” Peter said he couldn’t play either of those, but he’d do a
Monkees song anyway. To my surprise and delight, he played a lovely
version of “I’ll Spend My Life With You.” I’ve never heard this
song performed at a Monkees concert, which is a shame. It’s a nice

During a short break, Peter and James sold CDs in the coffee
gallery. I asked Peter to sign my set list from the 2001 Anaheim
Monkees concert (on the Live Summer Tour CD). Another fan asked
Peter to sign some great looking, rare memorabilia from the
Davy/Peter Australian tour (1985?). A man and his fiance wanted
their picture taken with Peter, and James took the photo for them!

After the break, Peter and James performed 12 songs together. James
began by thanking everyone who came tonight. Peter added, “and for
those of you who didn’t come, eat dirt!” James told the crowd to
stop having so much fun and he started to play a Beatles tune on his
guitar. He said to Peter, “sorry, wrong band.” They began
with “Easy Rider.” James said the next song, “All I Ever Wanted,”
was “dedicated to my favorite wife. The others were just
practice.” He said they have been married 18 years!!

James commented that his glasses were dirty and “covered with
caucau.” Peter introduced “One Trick Pony” as “the song we wanted
to write, but Paul Simon beat us to it.” James added, “Paul
couldn’t be here tonight when he was told it was sold out.” Peter
quipped, “that’ll teach him!”

James described the next song as one that started as a hard rocker,
but he decided that was too much work. He said, “when I’m stoned,
everything turns into a waltz. That’s why all the songs of the 18th
century were waltzes.” The two took a long time to tune their
guitars. James said he would play the song slowly “so I don’t
overwhelm and leave you limp before the end of the song.” Peter
said James was talking about him! James said he was referring to
himself and Peter said, “I knew it was one of us.” They
played “Some Say.”

Two people in the audience walked out. James called goodbye and
asked, “was it something I said?” Then he said, “now that they’re
gone, we can do the real show!” and he played the opening riff
from “Smoke on the Water.” Peter joined in, rockin’ and smokin’!
As they played “Milkshake”, the two superfans sang along. James
referred to them as “the Tork wenches.” James began playing “My
Sharona” and apologized, “sorry, wrong band.”

Before they played “Hi Hi Babe,” Peter explained this was about a
woman named Charlotte who lived with him. He saw her again many
years later at a club and she didn’t recognize him. The next song
was “Easy Rockin'” and James said the rhythms of this song will
prevent childbirth. A man in the audience said it was already four
times too late for him! James announced they would take up a
collection to get this man cable TV. James explained that the next
song, “Bulldozer,” was inspired by a bulldozer he knew. Peter
danced a little as they played.

Then they played “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “Every Day.” In the
friendly banter, Peter remarked to James, “you don’t get out of the
house much.” James replied, “I don’t get let out much by she who
must be obeyed.” He introduced the song “Touched Like Magic,” which
Peter kept calling “tush like magic.” They ended the evening
with “Miracle,” because as Peter pointed out, “It’s a miracle we
made it this far into the show!”

As we applaued, James thanked the audience, but Peter pointed to the
two superfans and exclaimed, “not you two! Why don’t you work off
your exuberant energy before the show?” James said all of us should
go to Chasens, “48 people arriving at closing time. The waiters
would be surprised!” I said the waiter would be happy for the
business and the large tips. James quipped, “Speak for yourself!
Peter and I are from the dime and dash school!” One of the
superfans asked if they could go to James’s house. He said, “I
don’t have a house. I have a shopping cart, but you’re welcomed to
come along.”

After the show the guys once more sold CDs at the table. I asked
James if there might be another fan cruise or weekend getaway. He
was interested, but said such an event would take a year to set up,
and he and Peter would have to work it around their schedules. I
said hello to Peter again. He said, “it’s been a long time.” I
hadn’t seen Peter perform in over a year. Then he stood up and gave
me a hug! I was surprised and flattered! The guys really do
appreciate their long-time fans! A woman gave James and Peter each
a bouquet of white roses tinged in blue, because blue stood
for “harmony.” As the fans left, Peter remarked, “I have to go pack
some axes,” and he and James retreated to the stage to pack up.

Thanks for a great show, guys! Come back soon!


From: “Katherine”

OH what a night! I had the best time in Alta Dena, CA on Sunday
night! Peter and James were sold out for the 7 P.M. show (according
to the Coffee Gallery), so, they booked a second show at 4 P.M. The
first show was packed. My guess is that some who signed up for the
second show didn’t show up for one reason or another. Boy did they
miss a fantastic night. The second show was even better than the

First things first. Who? My friend Erica and I traveled over 3000
miles to see this Two Man Band in concert. Boy, was it worth it!
Erica is from Maine, I am from MA. We weren’t the only people there
who traveled from afar. Edie flew in from Maryland, Tera from Las
Vegas, NV, Kitty and Tristan were from Ojai, CA and Barbara was from
Santiago, CA. We also met a few lucky people who just happened to
live locally; Shannon and Carol. By they way, Shannon is a guy.

Okay, now that you get the idea of the who, let me explain the
where. The concert took place at a very small venue called the
Coffee Gallery, in Alta Dena, CA. Alta Dena is in the North eastern
part of Los Angeles County. It is a rather pretty area about an
hour from LAX. The Coffee Gallery sells shakes and coffee with a
few snacks. We couldn’t buy lunch or dinner there because they only
sell pizza Monday through Friday. But, this place had atmosphere!
As far as venues go, this was by far my favorite venue! The area is
beautiful, the stage is small, the room is small and there is a
limit to a small number of fans. I’ll attach a couple of photos so
you can see what I mean.
Erica and I arrived at the venue before 2 PM. We had to be in the
front row of course! There was nothing to eat there, so we went to
get pizza and came back. As nice as the coffee gallery is, it
doesn’t accept credit cards, so be prepared with cash. I had my
Shoe Suede Blues Scrapbook with me and I was showing pictures to
people who were interested. Now, that I have seen Peter and James
together, I’ll be starting a Two Man Band album! I had such a
wonderful time, that I can’t wait until they go on tour again in

James is a very funny guy. He had me in stitches. He starts off
the evening as follows: “Now that food has taken the place of sex in
my life, I can’t get into my own pants.” He talked about how
pleasant it is to drive in LA traffic and made several traffic
jokes. No wonder people have road rage!

James voice is so full and easy on the ears. It is a pleasure to
listen to him singing. Even if I didn’t know the songs by heart,
like I do Peter’s, I enjoyed them. Many of his songs tell a
story. Fair weather town is about LA driving, the music business
and OJ Simpson…hmm, interesting. James throws in a lot of stories
between his songs, explaining the songs making them so much more
meaningful to the audience when he sings them. He is a very mellow

That leads me to the following. After James sang 5 songs:1. Just
like Tom Thumb’s Blues, 2. Natural Sugar, 3 Somewhere In Between, 4.
One heart falling, and 5. Fair Weather Friend, James welcomed to the
stage, his best friend of a long time, Peter Tork.

Peter did the following set: Gettin’ In, Giant Step, Come home in my
Kitchen, I want you, I need you, I love you, Cripple Creek, Cou Cou,
I truly Understand, East Virginia Banjo, Sea Change, I remember
Christmas (this is on their new album…it is great I recommend you
buy it on James’ site)! Lady Madonna.

Peter talked about different definitions of Folk Music. Some people
define folk as a singer/songwriter and a guitar. The American
Heritage dictionary defines folk music as 1. Music originating
among the common people of a nation or region and spread about or
passed down orally, often with considerable variation. 2.
Contemporary music in the style of traditional folk music.

Peter said he was singing some true folk music according to an
ethnomusicologist. Well, I didn’t know what that was, so I looked
it up: 1. The scientific study of music, especially traditional or
non-Western music, as an aspect of culture. 2. The comparative study
of music of different cultures. Other forms
eth’no=95mu’si=95co=95log’i=95cal adj.eth’no=95mu’si=95col’o=95gist n. Boy=
, that
sounds official. Peter introduced Sea Change. He mentioned how his
mother had given him a book called the Myth of the Orabus.(Well, I
can’t find a book by that title, so I probably have the last word
wrong.) Anyway, he says that after reading that book he read Sea
Change, meaning it to say something in particular. But, whenever a
songwriter is asked what a song is about, the singer/songwriter is
obligated to say it means whatever you want it to mean. Peter spoke
about how somewhere along the line, a fan came up with a meaning of
the song that was the absolute opposite of what he wanted the song
to mean. But, then, he read the explanation and realized that they
were right, and he had totally miswrote the song. Bizarre! I’ve
heard that before, but it was a nice refresher on the history of
that song.

Peter introduced one song by saying he was going to do a song by the
greatest Rock and Roll band of all time…”Yeah Right” someone from
the audience replied. “You thought I was going to do a song by the
Monkees!” Well, then he sang Lady Madonna.

Now the best part of the first show was watching Peter and James
interact. They are the best of friends and that is reflected in the
banter. Look at the pictures I’ve attached of the two of them. You
can see they are really having fun! I know I was! Peter was on the
stage with James and James needed a minute. James said “Peter,
entertain them a minute.” Peter asked us, How do you make a whale
float?……the answer….1 Whale, some icecream, and a lot of
rootbeer! He cracks me up.

James’s songs touch my heart. I am listening to one now called
Daddy’s eyes. It brings tears to my eyes listening to it. IF you
want to hear this song, you will have to purchase James’ CD Domino
Harvest, available on his website. This CD also has Fair-weather
town, which is about LA. James sings with such emotion that he
invites you into his soul and takes you for a tour. Listening to
him sing is an emotional exploration into self. I really enjoy his
music. I admit that I didn’t have any interest in allowing another
singer into my heart. I’m pretty much a Monkees and SSB fan, but
James snuck his way into my music collection through his connection
with Peter. Now that I have heard him sing, he has a new fan in
me! If you are thinking about going to one of these Two Man Band
shows, I would highly recommend it!

James sang a song called All I ever wanted. I really enjoyed that
song. He introduced it as a song about the principal Diva of Most
Christians: Jesus, or about his third and current wife, we can take
our pick. His wife, who just happened to be there was so gracious.
He seems truly happy with her.

Okay, the set list for Two Man Band. Easy Rider, All I ever Wanted,
1 Town Pony, Some Say, Milkshake, HI, HI Babe, Easy Rockin,’ Bull
Dozer, PVS (Pleasant Valley Sunday).., Every Day, Touch like magic,
and as an encore, Miracle. Great songs, great fun!

One very pleasant surprise of the evening was the appearance of a
man familiar to all of us Shoopies (Shoe Suede Blues fans), Michael
Sunday. He came to hear Peter. I greeted Michael with a hug. He
was smiling and happy as usual. I only have to look at Michael for
a second and a smile comes to my face. Erica and I were hoping he
would come, but, when he actually showed up, we were very happy.

When this concert was over, around 6:30, James and Peter went out to
the lobby to sign cds and greet guests. Since the crowd was small,
it was a very relaxed setting. I got my Peter kiss and my picture
with Peter. I have such joy when I see him. His spirit is so kind
and gentle that I feel at ease around him… that is if it is
possible to be excited, at ease and nervous all at once.

So, I was buying the Christmas CD at the table. As Peter was
signing it, he said “You said your name was Katherine with a K?”
No, Peter, I didn’t say, but you remembered! I was so excited about
that. Isn’t that crazy? My biggest disappointment in Secaucus was
that he said he didn’t remember my name, but this time, in Alta
Dena, he did. Thanks Peter, that means so much to me!

Erica and I returned to the back stage where the concert was being
held. When I say that, it is important to know that there isn’t a
front stage. Like I said before, the place has atmosphere! James’
set for the 7 PM show included Stolen Season, Daddy’s eyes, Last
Days of Summer, Racing the moon and There. All were excellent
songs. I can’t wait for the live CD to come out! I did buy James’
Two Man Band Two cd which included There and Somewhere in Between,
some really great songs!

James continued during the second show with stories about getting to
be on Star Trek Deep Space 9. He told other stories, but, I was so
interested in the stories that I didn’t take notes, and now I am so
jet-lagged and tired from working all night that I can’t remember

Peter came on and sang some songs and took requests. He did Get
What You Pay For, Pirates, MGBGT, Dress Sexy For Me, Gettin In,
Alvin, Higher and Higher, Seagars Theme, Banjo Instrumentals, Angels
We have heard on High and I’ll spend my Life with You. Erica and I
asked for Dress Sexy for me. The West coast fans were ready to send
us to a psychiatric ward, I’m sure. They just don’t understand how
us east coast ladies like to have fun. Erica and I danced to Dress
sexy for me. When Peter said show me some leg and Erica and I ran
our hands up our legs, the fans there cracked up laughing. Peter
had his back to us most of the time, but, I think he liked that we
got up for the song. I heard that he may have been disappointed
that we didn’t show him any lace. Maybe next time Peter, I’ll have
to look into that.Peter told us that his brothers wrote the Alvin
song. He heard it later when he was out somewhere and asked the
people where they got it. They said it was an old camp song. Well,
However it got to camp remains to be seen because Peter says that
his brothers wrote that song. When I requested the song, Peter
looked at me and said Alvin? I said, yeah, did you ever go down a
water Pipe… he said, “I KNOW how it goes”. Then he told the story
about it and sang it. HE tried to whistle Seagars theme, but, since
he has had some dental work, they removed his whistler. He worked
at it and finally got something that sort of sounded like the
Seagars Theme. The banjo sounded great!

There was a short break at this point in the show. I went out again
and showed Peter my scrapbook. He seemed to like it..I think.
There wasn’t much time to look at it, but I asked him if he would
write something in it for me. “Just one word, something?” He makes
me laugh. I love that. He doesn’t have to try very hard. He
wrote, To Katherine, love, Peter. I probably always will in one way
or another.

So, James and Peter came back and did the same set together as what
they did during the first show. When they did Milkshake though, I
cracked up laughing at the end. This was a night when I was high on
life, and I sure did know it! During Milkshake, Erica and I sang
the words to the entire song. James couldn’t believe it. He was
watching us and pointed us out to Peter. At the end of the song he
said that was Peter, James and the Jamesetts (pointing at us.) Peter
said, something like More likely Tork Wenches!) He said his usual,
to those of you who came thank you for coming and the rest of you
can eat dirt. Then he seriously thanked everyone for coming, except
for YOU TWO! (meaning Erica and I) He was giving us attention and I
loved it!

As we were leaving, Peter came up to Erica and I and gave us each a
hug and thanked us for coming. That was awesome! I wanted a hug
from him, and was so happy that he offered one. He said thanks for
coming. I told him that he makes it worth it! He said thank you.
He jokes around sometimes, but, he also is sensitive to the needs of
his fans. Thank you Peter, so very much!

We got a little bit silly after leaving. Barbara told us what
Peter’s car looked like and where it was, so we went out back to
look at his car. It was a very sexy car. Erica and I were silly
the entire ride back to the hotel. Peter concerts often leave me so
content. However, the last couple of songs of the set I was
actually in tears because I knew they were the last songs. I didn’t
want to leave. I didn’t want the night to end.

I’m holding on until the next concerts. I’ll be at at least 6 of
their concerts in January and February. I’ll go to more if I can
get the time off work. I’ll just have to play that one day at a
time. My requests for time off go into my boss next week. I hear
that SSB may be doing a show the end of December. I may try to go
to that if I get enough notice. We shall see.

I would definitely recommend going to JLS and Peter Tork concerts of
Two Man Band. They are funny, emotional and very down to earth.
When you go, take a friend or two, they will be surprised at the
quality of musicianship in the room! Don’t forget to save up $15 to
buy their new cd and more if you want other CDs. That is a steal
because the music is fantastic! I had a wonderful time. They made
the trip from MA to CA well worth it.

(As a side note here, I work 11pm – 7 am. I worked Thursday night
and caught a morning plane out to LAX on Friday morning. I didn’t
get much sleep on the plane and I was too excited to sleep well at
the hotel. We left on the Red-eye flight Monday night. I napped
only a little. After coming home, I dropped off film, went home and
took a 30 minute nap and then went to a meeting at work. I picked
up the film, came home and started working on writing this. After
taking a 3 hour nap, I went to work last night. Today, I am tired.
Very tired. So, if there are grammatical errors or spelling issues,
I apologize, but, I need to go to bed right now.)

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