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From: Brad Waddell

From: mndream

I was at the Monkees taping at Trump Plaza,
and it was alot of fun. They looked great, sounded great, and during
the interview there was even a mention of Mike. It was funny.
Word now is The Monkees performance for
the Early Show on CBS will air on Monday,
June 18. Shows on from 7:00 to 9:00 am.
I phoned them and that’s what they said.
Also, it was mentioned on the CBS news show
this afternoon after the interview with Davy.



From: ScotJewels

Just a quick note from Scotland, theres an advert in the paper today selling
tickets for the Glasgow venue of the tour, so i guess the dates are pretty
much decided.
luv Jewels


From: “Leigh Angela”

This morning on Cleveland’s Bob and Joe Radio Show one of them mentioned
how when you see celebrities in person they are always shorter and smaller
in stature than you would expect. He said “It was like that with Rod
Stewart…The Monkees were in town this weekend; Davy Jones is actually
shrinking. Micky Dolenz picked him up and put him in his pocket and said
‘come on, we gotta go.'”



From: Nez4Ever1230

In the June 5, 2001 issue of Globe Magazine there is a special feature
entitled Teen Idols that begins on page 23 and continues through page 52.
David is featured along with Frankie Avalon, Tommy Sands and Bobby Vee in the
portion entitled Jukebox Giants which is on pages 28 and 29. David’s portion
describes his days as a teen idol with The Monkees and briefly describes the
television series and a couple of their hits such as Last Train To
Clarksville. His portion concludes with a brief mention of the guys current
tour and that he has a home in Beavertown, Pennsylvania. There is a large
photo of him from the 1960s and two photos of him with Michael, Micky and
Peter from the first season of the television series and one photo of all 4
of them today featured in this portion of the special feature. David’s
portion is on page 28 and the photos are on page 29. In my opinion, David,
Michael, Peter and Micky are # 1!
Thank you,


From: “Bandsix”

Tickets for the UK Monkee tour in October go on general sale tomorrow (June
1). All venues and dates are now confirmed with the exception of the
Glasgow date of 21st October. This will only go ahead if the first night
sells out.

Tickets are available from all venues’ own box offices and local outlets,

All the best

Band 6 – UK


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”


I am a new member of this group. I live in the UK and am an original Monkees
fan who still holds great affection for the band and its members. I am very
much enjoying the current re-run of the original Monkees series here!

Tickets for the UK leg of The Monkees’ 2001 tour went on sale here yesterday
and I was lucky enough to get 7th row tickets for the show at Wembley Arena
on 26 October. It will the first time I have been able to see any of the
guys live and in person, so I am already very excited! Davy actually
appeared in my local theatre in pantomime (Jack & the Beanstalk) some years
back but sadly I wasn’t able to go and see him. I have regretted it ever

I don’t know if there are many other UK members on this list but I will be
glad to submit any Monkees news/articles etc that appear in the UK media
during the period of their visit here, or in the meantime.

Rosemary Grimbly


From: “Mark Morrow”

I wanted to drop you a quick line that you might be interested in. In the
July 2001 issue of AUTOGRAPH COLLECTOR MAGAZINE that is just coming out,
there is a 2 page feature on my music memorabaila autograph collection. In
the spread there is a nice photo of Davy holding one of my Original Monkees
t.v. scripts that he is signing as well as a little blurb about that meet
and greet. There is also a nice photo of me and Peter with me holding up 2
rare early 80’s New Monks tour books that he signed as well as a little
blurb on that meeting.
Thanks, Mark B. Morrow Edinboro, Pa.


From: Nez4Ever1230

The current issue of the nostalgia magazine Reminisce features a regular
column entitled Fond Flashbacks in which a specific year is spotlighted and
news events are discussed and celebrities are featured. 1966 is the spotlight
of the current issue which is the July-August 2001 issue. The guys television
series is mentioned as one of the favorite series of that year and that
unfortunately, the series ended in 1968 when their ratings were lower than
that of their competiton the Western series Gunsmoke. There is a small photo
of the guys from the Monkees On The Line episode featured along with the
paragraph. The paragraph and photo are on the top of page 21.
Thank you,


From: Davy’s Dream Web –

Hey everybody,

There’s a picture of Digpast with Sarah and Davy on the homepage. With the
loss of Digpast I thought you might like to see something a little happier
concerning the horses. Many of you have read some of the newspaper
articles put out several months ago about Davy’s new horse Indiantown.
When you get a chance, go by the “Horses” section of the site and take a
look at this beautiful animal.

Have a great weekend,


From: Cathy Hurley Zimmer

This was on the celebrity gossip website:
From Page Six on IWON.COM:

Tony Orlando owes the Monkees big time. The band was offered “Knock
Three Times” and “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” and turned both songs down. “I
said, ‘No way I’m singing that,'” Davy Jones recalled on
“Clive Davis[then head of Columbia Records] hasn’t spoken to me since.”
The tunes, of course, became huge hits for Orlando. Jones – who performs
with his bandmates at the Westbury Music Fair July 15 and 16 – says the
Monkees were the inspiration for the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and O-Town,
the boy bands put together by legendary Lou Pearlman. “I asked him
[Pearlman], ‘Where does it end?’ and he said, ‘When they stop making
little girls.'” Jones, an amateur jockey and horse owner, is turning a
church in his adopted hometown of Beavertown, Pa., into a memorabilia

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