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Two Man Band Dates & Review!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

February 1, 2004

**Two Man Band w/ Aura3 Tour**
Marilyn from Aura3, the North Carolina-based female trio that will
be on the road with the Two Man Band this spring & fall, has told me
that they are looking to extend their joint tour as long as
possible. At this point, the plan is to schedule dates in states
such as NC, SC, TN, VA, and WV, but they hope to venture into other
areas if offers are presented to them. Some of the merchandise that
is expected to be available on the tour from Peter, James, & Aura3
are T-shirts and CDs, including the upcoming Two Man Band live CD
that was recorded last November. The latest addition to their
schedule is:
5/16/04 — Charlottesville, VA — Gravity Lounge

**Shoe Suede Blues Dates**
Peter & Shoe Suede Blues have finally announced their first concert
dates of 2004:
3/28/04 — Stuart, FL — Stuart Arts Festival
6/17/04 — West Allis, WI — Wisconsin State Fair

**On TV***
The Monkees’ 1969 guest-starring role on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”
will air on TRIO on February 11 at 8am EST and 1pm EST. Also, Micky,
Davy, & Peter’s appearance in 1995’s “Brady Bunch Movie” will be
shown on USA on February 12 at 9am EST.

January 29, 2004

**Micky Q&A**
Micky Dolenz has finally answered the questions that fans submitted
to him at over the past three weeks. You can look at
Micky’s answers at

**Two Man Band w/ Aura3 Date**
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley’s extended tour schedule with Aura3
has seen the addition of a new date:
5/14/04 — York, SC — Sylvia Theater

**Davy Dates**
Davy Jones has recently added two new tour dates to his 2004
4/23/04 — Euless, TX — City of Euless
6/18/04 — Warsaw, IN — Warsaw Parks Department

**On TV**
Micky’s appearance on the “Band on the Run” episode of the popular
comedy, “Boy Meets World” will be shown on the Disney Channel at 2am
EST on February 4. Also, Micky’s 2001 guest star role as “Mr.
Metcalf” on “The Drew Carey Show” will air on TBS on February 2 at
5pm EST. The airdate for the “Eclipse Awards” has been pushed back
from February 7 to February 8 at 1pm EST on ESPN2. Davy Jones was a
presenter at the ceremony, but since the show was pre-taped & has
been edited, there’s no guarantee that his appearance will make it
to air.

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From: “Videoranch Foreman”


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From: “Ron Cohen”

I finally got a chance to see ‘Aida’ on Broadway. As you know
Micky Dolenz is one of the co-stars. The seats that I got at half
were quite good (second row, mezzanine).

If you are not familiar with the play, Micky plays Zoser, the
villain. He sings only 2 songs and has few scenes. But when he does
sing, he has one heck of a voice, the kind of voice he was never
able to display when singing with the Monkees. It was really quite

After the play, despite the cold temperatures, some of us were
waiting for him by the stage door hoping to get his autograph. I had
the extended version of the Monkees’ concert on DVD with me which I
had just received the week before. As luck would have it, he came
out and signed any request for an autograph that was presented to
him. Getting his autograph completed my collection; now I have all
four Monkees’ autographs. I even gave him an early birthday wish,
since his birthday is five weeks away.

If you have the chance to see Micky in ‘Aida’, take it. You will see
a side of Mickey that you never saw before.


From: Katherine


Last night I was thrilled to be in attendance at the Silo Ridge
Country Club in Amenia, NY to hear Two Man Band. The venue is less
than two hours from my house.

James came out and talked about New England weather. “If you can
see your breath, that’s God’s way of getting my attention and
telling me that I’m in the wrong place” “I’ve never lived where the
weather could kill you,” “In California,we do have earthquakes, but,
it’s not like winter. Earthquakes only happen once in a while.
every five years or so and you just change your underwear and go
on. If we knew when earthquakes were coming, we would leave. It’s
winter, and you guys stay where the weather can kill you! My little
nipples are like rocks. You guys must get very irritable.”

James is hysterical. Repeating his words just does not express how
funny he can be. He gets into his stories with hand motions and
faces and looks. He cracks me right up!

James Set list is as follows:

Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues
Natural Sugar
One Heart Falling
Fair Weather Town

James talked about his experience on Star Trek Deep Space 9 and the
special Rodenberry underwear. He mentioned something about how
exciting the show was to him…”I would have given my Mom to the
Arabs to do the show.”

James is a wonderful storyteller. I truly exude great pleasure from
listening to his songs, and the stories he tells behind the songs.

After James’ set, he introduced Peter, his best friend of many
years. Peter was downstairs and didn’t know that James was
introducing him. James had to leave us to amuse ourselves while he
went to find Peter.

Once, Peter was in the room, James introduced him again.

Peter’s set was as follows:
Sea Change
I Believe You
I’ll spend my life with you
Good Looker
Vagabond John
Cripple Creek
Cou Cou
I truly understand
Dress Sexy for me
Come home to my Kitchen
I want you, I need you I love you
Lady Madonna

Peter’s told us a story about the person who wrote Vagabond John. I
hope I get the name right. He said it was written by a man in a
band Peter was in after he was in “that other band.” He tells us
his name was David Burrett, but since that wasn’t a cool stage name,
he went by Derek Lord. Derek was the drummer in the Peter Tork
Project. Jerry Renino and Scott (Avatabe?) were also in the group.
Anyway, the song is about a friend who got involved in too

The 5 string banjo is an American invention, Peter tells us, we
should be proud!

Before the show, Erica and I wrote a note to Peter asking him to
play Dress Sexy for Me. We really wanted him to play it. So, I
came up with the idea of making it a petition. I went around the
room and asked everyone to sign it. Not everyone signed it, but,
most did. I gave it to Peter and he ended up playing the song!!

Peter and James did the following set:

Easy Rider
All I ever Wanted
One Trick pony
Some Say
Milk Shake
Hi HI Babe
Easy Rockin’Bulldozer
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Every Day

Peter tells us that One Trick Pony was written by Paul Simon, and
Peter predicts great things for him. He’s on the up and up, but, he
isn’t getting biggeranymore, he is full grown. He is as tall as he
is going to get, but, he looks bigger in Japan, and further away.

It’s these kinds of stories that make the shows so much fun. The
concerts are not expensive, and they are tons of fun. At this
venue, there was a small crowd of about 50 people. I think there
would have been more people if the venue was easier to contact. I
tried for weeks to contact the venue to buy tickets. It was
extremely difficult. I left messages and wasn’t called back. No
matter what time of day I called I would get voice mail. It was
very frustrating.

Anyway, Peter and James had fabulously funny banter, often giving
the history behind a song.

The best and the worst part of the show was one in the same. I
can’t decide if it was the best or the worst, is it possibly both?
Here is what happened. Milkshake, the song, was put through a
blender before it was sung. The verses were mixed up and peter kept
trying to split a devil’s food cake instead of needing an
earthquake. They stopped and started during this song, trying to
get back on track, but it wasn’t working. Erica and I were trying
to prompt them, and we actually were singing some of the verses
along with some of the other frequent fans who were there. The song
was totally not how it is on an album, but, it was funny to see them
really mess up a song. James tells us that their act was too
polished, so they decided to knock some of the polish off their
act. He said “We’ve succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.” They
both are such wonderful performers that they can take a terrible
situation and turn it right around to work for the act. It was
great, but, I do hope that they sing Milkshake the correct way

Between sets, Peter and James sold their CD’s, signed autographs and
posed for pictures. Peter did bless many with hugs, much to our
enjoyment. He must have hugged my daughter, Amanda, half a dozen
times. She was really excited about that. I don’t get to hug her
that much! So much for being 13, I suppose.

Peter was wearing a warm looking sweater, and looked very cuddly.
He seemed to be in a quiet mood at first, but by the end of the
concert he appeared more relaxed. James was all dressed up in a
shirt and tie. He has so much fun! I’ll be posting some pictures to
my website in a couple of days.

It was great to see old friends and meet new ones from the various
list groups. I’d like to say hello to Laura C., Erica, Denise, Anne
G., Joanne, Elena, Robert, Tammy, and Ringo. We had a fantastic
time together. It always is fun when the faithful fans gather round
their heroes. People old and young were there for a great show. I
think the youngest had to be about 2-3 years old, his name was
Stone. He drew a picture on the request for Peter to sing Dress
sexy for me.

Well, there is so much more, but I need to get some rest for
tonight’s concert in Port Jervis. I hope to see people there! It
is going to be a blast!

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