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TV Appearances! Micky On The Road Update!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**On TV**
Two more airings of Micky’s “Band On The Run” episode of “Boy Meets
World” have been scheduled for June 4 at 5pm EST & June 5 at 12am
EST on the Disney Channel. Peter Tork’s “Career Day” episode of “Boy
Meets World” will air on the Disney Channel on June 8 at 4:30pm EST.
Also, Davy Jones will be featured on a new VH1 special, called “25
Greatest Rock Star Cameos” that will air on May 30 at 11am, 9pm, &
11pm / May 31 at 3pm / June 1 at 10am, 4pm, & 10pm / June 2 at 2am &
3:30pm / June 3 at 5pm / June 4 at 6pm / June 5 at 3pm / June 6 at
1am & 12pm / June 7 at 11am

**Nez Update**
A few days ago, I checked in with Mike Nesmith’s company,
Videoranch, to get the scoop on what’s new in the Nez world. The
cover story Artist Pro Magazine did on Nez for their May/June issue,
which will include a 7 page story and new pictures, will be
available for sale at Videoranch in the next few days for about $5.

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From: “Donna Quinter”

I have been on the road quite a bit with Micky. He is doing very
well and is enjoying working in “AIDA”. He is looking forward to the
west coast portion of the tour this summer so he will be able to get
home once in a while! Mickys daughters, Emily and Georgia,will be
arriving for the summer at the end of June, so we’re looking forward
to having them along too!

Thats all I have to report for now. Also, my birthday is March 17th,
thanks for asking!
Keep in touch.


From: “Videoranch Foreman”


As you know, Nez was recently interviewed on the World Cafe. We’ve
gotten quite a few emails from folks who missed it so we made it
available here at Videoranch. Just go to the Connection Corral and
click on the link. (You will need to have real player installed).

Hope you enjoy it,
The Staff at Videoranch


From: “Jennifer C. Huebl”

ROCKONTV guide to music on television

05/30/03 11:00 am ET
05/30/03 09:00 pm ET
05/30/03 11:00 pm ET
05/31/03 03:00 pm ET
06/01/03 10:00 am ET

On VH1
25 Greatest Rock Star Cameos

Featured Artists
Ashanti, Boy George, Alice Cooper, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Dylan,
Whitney Houston, The Monkees, Alanis Morissette, Snoop Dogg, Barbra
Streisand, Barry White, Stevie Wonder

About 25 Greatest Rock Star Cameos
Throughout TV history, rock stars have been making appearances on
popular sitcoms and dramas. This one-hour clip show highlights 25 of
the most unforgettable rock and roll TV cameos. Famous cameos
include, Stevie Wonder on The Cosby Show, Snoop Dogg on Just Shoot
Me, Boy George on the A-Team, Bob Dylan on Dharma and Greg, Barry
White on Ally McBeal, Sammy Davis on All In the Family, Davy Jones
on Brady Bunch, Whitney Houston on Silver Spoons and more.


From: “Ron Cohen”

In the newsletter on May 21, Fred Velez gave his review of the
Monkees Season 1 DVD and what he would like to see whenever Season 2
is released. Among everything else, he said that he would like to
see the Monkees TV special from early 1997.

I have some bad news for him and everyone else. I had asked this
very question of Rhino; when will the special be released. Their
comment was that they do not have the rights to it. Mike Nesmith
owns it. Remember Mike wrote and directed it. Who knows when Mike
will release it. I guess the only thing that we can do is request
Mike to release it on his own.


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Over the holiday weekend, E! aired “The Brady Bunch True Hollywood
Story.” In discussing the various celebrity guest stars on the
show, “Marcia was escorted to the prom by teen idol Davy Jones of
The Monkees.” A short interview clip followed with middle-aged Davy
saying how he appeared on the show as himself, not as another
character, and he enjoyed that.


From: “Bruce John”

It was interesting to see what others think of the new Season 1 DVD.
I also loved the audio commentaries, wish there was more of
them…also truly missed a commentary from Micky. The triva notes on
each episode is very interesting, but I wondered about one of the
facts listed on #19 “Find the Monkees”, they said in that episode
was the only time Micky ever drove the Monkeemobile and that Peter
never drove it. I remember 3 other times that Micky was driving the
Monkeemobile: “Missing Monkee’ as they drove up to the Remington
Clinic, “Alias Micky Dolenz” when he pulled into a parking space,
and “A Nice Place to Visit” in Season 2 after they saved Davy from
the bandits. And Peter was backing the Monkeemobile up into a
parking space on “I have a Little Song”. I love trivia, too. I am
really looking forward to Season 2 DVD.


From: “Amanda Marcus”

Hiya all! I bought the Monkees Season One box set and it’s awesome!
The commentaries are great to listen to and funny as all get out. I
was really surprised that Mike was there to talk about the Monkees,
but it was nice to hear from him. I don’t know how many of you out
there have caught the Monkees eppies on T.V. but I’ve noticed (which
was cool!) that on certain episode such as One Man Shy the part
where the Monkees are trying to teach Peter how to act with a girl –
the music is different, where on T.V. it was Forget That Girl and on
the DVD its I’m A Believer and some scenes are added as well. Also
on I’ve Got A Little Song Here, at the very end where the Monkees
are running around in the studio, the music is different as well. On
the DVD it’s Mary Mary and when it was on T.V. it was For Pete’s
Sake. I thought that was kind of cool! Anywho, if you haven’t gotten
the box set I highly recommend it! It’s awesome!!

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