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Tork’s Through Monkeeing Around
Monday, June 05, 2000

TV reruns of The Monkees and an upcoming made-for-TV movie based on the 1960s
pop phenom are about as close as we’ll ever get to seeing the band perform
together again, according to original Monkee Peter Tork.

Tork tells TV Guide Online that he’s still hopping mad at former bandmate
Michael Nesmith for suddenly dropping out of the band’s last U.S. reunion
tour back in March 1997. Tork, who stays in touch with former Monkees Davy
Jones and Micky Dolenz, says he hasn’t spoken with Nesmith since the snub and
says that the odds of another reunion are “very slim.”

“Michael’s in a force field of his own and not much gets in there,” says
Tork. “I think everybody’s good and angry at Michael and I think justifiably.
All he did was inform the manager, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna make it.’ Yeah,
right. Well, suit yourself, pal, nobody can force you.”

Tensions between the band members come as the Monkees are enjoying yet
another resurgence in popularity. VH1 is preparing a Monkees Behind the Music
(June 11) and TV-movie (June 28), and TV reruns of The Monkees are now airing
in syndication as part of the Screen Gems Network (check local listings).

“If you had told me back then that the show would be in reruns and people
would be calling me for interviews on the matter almost 35 years later, I
would have gone, ‘Oh yeah? That’s kind of interesting,’ ” says Tork, 58, who
today tours with musician James Lee Stanley and with the group Shoe Suede
Blues (see

“There is no more personal satisfaction in playing for 5,000 or 20,000 or
100,000 than there is in playing for 20 or 30 or 100 or 150,” he says. “I get
off as a musician playing in the blues band, which is not the case with the
Monkees. I would do the Monkees if the money was right, but for the same
money I would do the Shoe Suede Blues every time.”

Rich Brown


Davy mention in a story about infomercials:

Mr. Somach was one of the early pioneers in the development and production
of so-called long form music infomercials. He worked with Wolfman Jack on
the first ever 30-minute music infomercial promoting Solid Gold Rock `n
Roll, which sold in excess of $15 million. He followed up with Sixty
Greatest Hits of the Sixties with Davy Jones of the Monkees.


From: “Amy Bell”

From: “The Learning Kingdom”
To: “Cool Word of the Day List”
Subject: Cool Word: Davy Jones

The Learning Kingdom’s Cool Word of the Day for May 31, 2000
Davy Jones [n. DAY-vee JONZ]


Sailors call the spirit of the sea Davy Jones. This personification
of the bottom of the sea was often considered malicious, a sea devil.

The most common usage of this noun is in the expression Davy Jones’
Locker. Someone who is thrown overboard or buried at the bottom of
the ocean is said to have gone to Davy Jones’ Locker.

While there are some who may have wished this fate on Davy Jones of
the Monkees, there is no connection between the television star and
sailor lore.

One suggestion is that there was a pirate named Davy Jones who made
his many victims walk the plank. Another suggests that a barkeep
named Davy Jones kept a drugged rum in his locker that he would serve
to unsuspecting customers who would find themselves enlisted in a
marine venture when they woke up.

The most likely explanation is that Davy is from St. David, a patron
saint called upon by Welsh sailors, and that Jones was inspired by
Jonah (the biblical figure swallowed by a whale).



(Video clips of the new Monkees movie for PC users:)

I was one of the biggest skeptics, but judging from the clips I just saw, I
am SOOOOOO looking forward to this movie! Nothing we haven’t heard before,
really, but seems to be done very well. Heavy on the drugs and girls

My favorite line from the clips: During Davy’s audition, one guy says “Think
of how many teen magazines that face will sell.” The other guy says “Think of
how many teen magazines he’ll have to stand on to be seen.”




From: Robbie White

The new issue of Goldmine Record Collecting has a short (3/4 page)
interview with Davy Jones.

Robbie White


From: “Band 6”

This sad news is just in from Ellie Sumiyoshi in Japan:

Just want to let you know the news.
Unfortunately it isn’t a good one though.

Mr. Daisuke(Akio) Inoue, a songwriter of “Dance Gypsy” committed suicide on
30th May.
Ms. Reiko Yukawa who wrote a lyrics of the song had worked together with him
for many years.
He was a great, talented songwriter who wrote more than 1,000 top hits
includes numerous CM songs and Japanese pops.

He’d taken care of his wife who has neurosis for over twenty years.
But, tragically had he also been suffered from detachment of the retina and
could scarcely see music these days.

In Japan, we say that it rains when a man of virtue died.
Literally it’s raining now and so was the day the former prime Minister, Mr.
Keizo Obuchi passed away.

I sincerely pray his soul may rest in peace.

Ellie Sumiyoshi

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