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Tork & Dolenz on the road

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From: John or Bonnie Verrico

If you are in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton,
or Austin areas… or know someone who is,
you might want to tune in to either MTV or
VH1 between 7 and 8pm. All this week and
next, the two cable channels will be showing
local ads for the Shoe Suede Blues’ upcoming
Texas Weekend Tour! The ads are 60 second
spots, highlighting some scenes from the band’s
YBlueK Tour and their “Thank You Lovers of
the Opera” video. There is also an over-dub
of “Blues Suede Blues” from the Shoe Suede Blues
LIVE CD. Again, these ads will only be showing
in Texas.

Also, starting Monday, April 10th, Merge 93.3 FM
in Dallas will be playing tracks from Shoe Suede
Blues LIVE and Peter’s Stranger Things Have Happened
CD on their station to promote the Texas Tour.
So, again… if you are in the area, listen up & enjoy!


“You only have one time to be now”
-Stevie Gurr, Shoe Suede Blues LIVE!
available @,
AND on the Texas Weekend Tour, April 14-16, 2000!



I found another article on Micky about the festival through our newspaper.
It’s on the front page of the section called Life Style. Here’s the article:

Back when we heard Micky Dolenz was coming to the 3 Rivers Music Festival,
our first thought was this:
Hey, just what Columbia needs, another festival.

No, hang on, that’s a different column. This one’s about Dolenz, the former
Monkee drummer, and his brothers-in-arms in the ranks of teen idolatry.

It’s been more than 30 years since the Monkees’ heyday, but here’s our man
Micky still riding the wave of nostalgia onto the 3 Rivers shoreline. (No
wonder he’s a believer.) Now, we know Dolenz has branched out as a director
and children’s performer since his days as an integral part of a
pop-music phenomenon. For instance, he’s performing on the kids’ stage this
weekend. But he forever remains a Monkee in most people’s minds.

On a side note, we would like to set the record straight here before moving
on. Despite what the Breakfast Bunch morning crew at Oldies 103 says, we do
not have some sort of weird obsession with Dolenz or any of the other Monkees.

Sure, we thought he was pretty groovy when we were 10. But as regular
readers can attest, we’re much more mature and far hipper these days.

We can’t help if the Oldies 103 continues to dedicate tunes like “Pleasant
Valley Sunday” to us. And we didn’t ask for The Monkees poster they sent us.
Heck, Jay Phillips even tracked us down and gave us a copy of The Monkees’
“Anthology” CD. Sounds like those guys are more obsessed with us than we are
with Micky.

However, you can bet there are those folks out there who are still a little
wacky over The Monkees. Come on – you don’t believe there’s still interested
in former teen idols? Music channel VHl is doing “Behind the Music” specials
on former teenyboppper like Leif Garrett and the Bay City Rollers. (Ok, as
embarrassing as it is, we’ll admit that we watched parts of both specials.)

Not that we’re making fun of Leif Garrett or the Bay City Rollers. No sir,
we don’t want a backlash from their fans. We found that out about a month
ago when we made a joking reference to another former teen idol, Bobby
Sherman. All we wrote was that we had heard, on the heels of the Dolenz
announcement, the 3 Rivers folks were trying to book Sherman, too (Ha, ha)

Well, judging by the indignant responses we received, you would have thought
we wrote something really controversial – that USC should change its fight
song. Why would have believed there were that many Bobby Sherman fans still
out there? Who would have thought not one of them would have the slightest
sense of humor about it?

Just check out this actual e-mail: “The 700 members of the Bobby Sherman fan
club fall to see the humor in your comments and do not appreciate the unfair
and unkind remark against Mr. Sherman.”

Or this one:

“No more jokes about appearances by Bobby Sherman, please, because you’ll
have the 150 fans who follow him to every concert on your doorstep, asking
for a reimbursement for AIRFARE for a bogus concert announcement.”

Or this one:

“You can never get much bigger or wonderful of a celebrity than Bobby
Sherman. He is the best, the cutest and the most talented guy out there.”

You get the drift. We certainly did. In fact, the newspaper had to hire
extra security to get us to our car each night. Just the thought of roving
bands of fortysomething women waiting for us in the parking lot so they could
pummel us with rolled-up copies of old Tiger Beat magazines sent a chill
down our spine.

So let us say right here and now that we love Bobby Sherman. He is the best
and the cutest. And his big hit “Julie, Do ya Love Me?” was far superior to
anything Dylan, the Beatles and the Stones ever recorded.

And we just love him in the show “Here Come The Brides.” (In case your
memory of the show has fades, Bobby was the cute one.) Furthermore, we can’t
begin to fully express our disappointment that he will not – repeat, will not
– be making an appearance at the 3 Rivers Music Festival. Maybe they can
book him next year.

As long as we’re in full apology mode, let us also say how sorry we are about
any jokes we may have previously made about Herman’s Hermits, Paul Revere and
the Raiders or the Partridge Family. (Did we leave anyone out?) We’d truly
love to see any of them come to a future 3 Rivers Music Festival.

In the mean time, we’ll just give a big Talk About Town salute to Micky
Dolenz. Rock on, Mick.

Play “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” for us.
They have a really nice picture to go with the article as well. If anyone
wants to see it, please let me know and I’ll scan it for you.


It’s Micky Dolenz!

Apr. 8-9, 3 Rivers Music Festival, Columbia, SC, 803-401-8990 or

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