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March 27, 2011 by  
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News from Michael Nesmith’s Official web site:

From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Hi there,

As you all know by now, the Timerider soundtrack is being released for the
first time ever! We should receive the cd’s by Monday, August 7th. This
means that you have until Sunday night to take advantage of our pre-order
special. You won’t want to miss this chance to get the Timerider Soundtrack
on CD for only $9.95 (plus shipping and handling of course). Just go to
to place your order. On Monday the 7th the price will go up to $11.95. For
those of you who have already pre-ordered you should look for your new CD
in the mail starting Wednesday.

The Repo Man DVD is also close to being ready. Only a few weeks away. We
will have a limited amount of the Special Edition. This will include the
Repo Man DVD, soundtrack on CD, and the whole thing comes in a numbered
container made out of a California license plate. A cool collectors item
for $49.99, first come, first serve. We will also have plenty of the
regular DVD of Repo Man at $24.99 available.

There is a chance Nez will be stopping by VR3D on August 15th, late morning
or early afternoon, so you may want to stop by. He will be doing a dry run
for a longer KPIG interview which should take place in late September. If
you are on a pc and haven’t yet downloaded VR3D just go to and download the browser there.

Asst. to Bubba Crutch, Videoranch Foreman
1807 2nd Street, Unit #22
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 988-3034


From: Bink the Monkeemaniac

I looked it up on ClickTV, and here’s what they say..

Monday 8/14/00
9:00 PM VH1 Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story
11:00 PM VH1 Behind The Music: The Monkees

Bink the Monkeemaniac
Monkee lyric of the week: “..watching your feet or you’ll die in a
Thunderbird light..”
Can you guess what song it’s from?


From: Mischele

in McCall’s magazine of all places. September issue, page PT18

Includes the infamous four shot of the guys in the chairs with their names
on the back (Micky’s is misspelled)

“Among the 437 ‘folk and roll’ singers who answered the 1965 audition call
for be Monkee were Stephen Stills (who was rejected because he had bad
teeth and a receding hairline), Harry Nilsson and Paul Williams.”

If memory serves me right… the error in the previous sentence.


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