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The South will Rise to Monkee Walk again! – DVD Box Set??

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Brad Waddell

Thanks everyone for all of the updates – keep them coming! Concert reviews
needed – let us know what you thought of the show you saw so others can
enjoy it!



From: Kim

new concert dates from pollstar

7/6/01 Friday
Knoxville Tenn. the Tennessee Theatre
604 South Gay St.
Knoxville, TN 37902
Boxoffice Line: 865-522-1174 (this is just a recording)
Ticket Vendor: Tickets Unlimited
all seats reserved at $35.50
tickets go on sale June 9th at 9am EDT

7/10/01 Tuesday
Portland, ME Portland Exposition Building

7/21/01 Saturday
Atlantic City, NJ Trump Marina
looks like tickets are through Ticketmaster

but there is also a same date show for
Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Bisons Park
on 7/21/01
don’t know if this a conflict or not

7/26/01 Thursday
(change of date from 7/29)
Melbourne, FL
Maxwell C. King Center
3865 North Wickham Rd.
Melbourne, FL
Tickets (On Sale June 8)


From: FlamingFrodisPie

hey Brad:

Just wanted to drop you a line saying that I heard from a friend of mine in
the music business (and this is still in early, early rumour stages) that
Rhino is thinking of releasing a DVD box set with everything the VHS had
and more, like commercials, commentary, and interviews. No info on price,
release date, nothing. But I guess the DVDs are selling well.

— val


From: EvilChewbacca

_In “ShreK” the donkey sings “I’m a believer’
_The Monkees had a few minuets in Jimi Hendirx’s “Legends” on VH1
_Davy was on the radio on 94.1 KJOY here in San Diego and he said “This is
Davy Jones, listen in and win thunderbirds and big bucks on 94.1 kjoy.”
_On the season finale of Dawson’s Creek the played “Daydream Believer” and
Dido made a different version of it at the end.
_On “Spounge Bob’s square pants” they made a paordy of Davy, all of Spounge
Bob’s friends and himself dressed like Davy for a rock n’ roll icon party.
“And the names just keep on coming, Davy Jones, Davy Jones, Davy
Jones!”-Spounge Bob.


From: “Cindy Large”

Hey all!

Checked at TV Guide’s website and the guys are scheduled to be on the
Early Show Monday June 18 — their interview and performance will be
aired then. The Early Show is on CBS from 7-9am EST, so check your
local listings.



From: Judy Reboy

Odds are you will have heard about this by the time you read this but…

Tickets went on sale today for the Monkees’ July 21st appearance at Dunn Tire
Park in Buffalo, New York. They are scheduled to appear following the
Buffalo Bisons’ 2:05 baseball game.

Concert information and online ticket sales can be found at

Judy Reboy


From: Carissa Couture

I would just like to let people know that the Monkees will be performing at
the Pine’s Theater at Northampton’s Look Park in Massachusetts. Tickets go
on sale Saturday, June 9th at 10:00. You can purchase tickets at the
Northampton Box Office or by calling (413) 586-8686


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