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Super 60’s Weekend NJ – Happy Birthday Micky Dolenz – Nez Rays-3

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Davy Jones Lashes Out
Heather Adler
Friday, June 23, 2006

Who was more influential: Jimi Hendrix or the Monkees, a faux-boy band who didn’t actually play their instruments but became heartthrobs after they launched a silly, slap-stick sitcom that featured corny adventures and goofy outfits? Apparently, Monkee frontman Davy Jones thinks he some kind of authority on dead rockers like Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin. He says he doesn’t respect them.

“I don’t have a lot of respect for people like Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain or Janis Joplin or Elvis Presley because they all killed themselves in one way or another,” Jones told the Winnipeg Sun. “Although I often wonder what they’d be doing now if they were still alive. Would they be these crumbling look-alikes of the same people, greeting people at the entrance of Caesar’s Palace?”

Jones went on to take credit for washed up Guns N� Roses frontman Alx Roses’s dance moves.

“I was watching videos with my kids about 20 years ago, and one of my daughters said, ‘Dad, why are you dancing like Axl Rose?’ ” he says. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Did your mother tell you to say that?’ “

You know, Jones, sometimes it really is better than to burn out than fade away. What have you been up to lately? You know, besides inspiring a hard-rock dinosaur to move his hips?


from: ben

The #2 Monkeemobile owned by George Barris is being restored/updated. Advanced Restoration of Sacramento is doing a frame off restoration and update to the 40 year old car. More information can be found at The Monkeemobile website also a video of George Barris talking about the project can be seen here


Crozet’s Braeburn entries hopeful in weekend races
By Nick Hahn / Daily Progress correspondent
June 30, 2006

Crozet�s Braeburn Farm has an entry in both of Colonial Downs� weekend stakes races.


Former Monkees lead singer Davey Jones returns to Colonial on Sunday entering his 7-year-old gelding Indiantown Jones in a $20,000 allowance optional claiming race run prior to the Van Clief.!sports


From: “bobirene13”

Andrew has been busy today! Over at Steve Hoffman forum,he has
posted some “hints” as what is on the 1st 2 releases:

The great thing about the new reissues is you get to hear all of
this music together – in one place. The bonus material is filled
with surprises (different vocals, mixes and studio chat). As for “So
Goes Love” it will appear for the first time at the original
recorded speed (it is sped up on Missing Links) and with a
previously unheard double tracked vocal.
Virtually every bonus track has some extra element to it – studio
chat, different mix – something unheard. We’ve been working up to
the last minute to have these be filled with good sound and great

And someone asked about what all the designations on the MOTM
reissue meant:
the designations don’t mean anything – all will be revealed soon….

We are getting close to getting the whole picture!

Stay tuned!

Bob T


From: Ed Olsen

Hi Group,
Just saw the first 2 Monkees Albums, The Monkees and More of the Monkees Deluxe 2 CD editions from Rhino listed on Amazon UK with a release date of August 6, and on Amazon USA as imports with a release date of August 10. The countdown has begun!



From: “bobirene13”

Here we go! Someone over at the Steve Hoffman TV website found the
tracklistings for the 1st 2 reissues. The links for the listings:
The Monkees
More Of The Monkees

And here they are…
MONKEES – The Monkees (2CD Remastered Deluxe Edition)
CD 1:
(Theme From) The Monkees (Original Stereo Version)
Saturday’s Child (Original Stereo Version)
I Wanna Be Free (Original Stereo Version)
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day (Original Stereo Version)
Papa Gene’s Blues (Original Stereo Version)
Take A Giant Step (Original Stereo Version)
Last Train To Clarksville (Original Stereo Version)
This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day (Original Stereo Version)
Let’s Dance On (Original Stereo Version)
I’ll Be True To You (Original Stereo Version)
Sweet Young Thing (Original Stereo Version)
Gonna Buy Me A Dog (Original Stereo Version)
The Kind Of Girl I Could Love (Alternate Mix)
I Don’t Think You Know Me (Micky’s Vocal)
Theme From) The Monkees (Second Recorded Version)
So Goes Love (LP Version)
Papa Gene’s Blues (Alternate Mix)
I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind (LP Previously Unissue Early Version)
Of You (Previously Unissued Mix)
(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love (Alternate Mix)
Gonna Buy Me A Dog (Backing Track)
CD 2:
(Theme From) The Monkees (Original Mono Version)
Saturday’s Child (Original Mono Version)
I Wanna Be Free (Original Mono Version)
Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day (Original Mono Version)
Papa Gene’s Blues (Original Mono Version)
Take A Giant Step (Original Mono Version)
Last Train To Clarksville (Original Mono Version)
This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My Day (Original Mono Version)
Let’s Dance On (Original Mono Version)
I’ll Be True To You (Original Mono Version)
Sweet Young Thing (Original Mono Version)
Gonna Buy Me A Dog (Original Mono Version)
(Theme From) The Monkees (Third Recorded Version)
Kellogg’s Jingle
All The King’s Horses (Originally Unissued, Album Version)
You Just May Be The One (T.V. Version)
I Wanna Be Free (Fast Version)
I Don’t Think You Know Me (Mike’s Vocal)
Propinquity (I’ve Just Begun to Care) (Demo Version)
It Won’t Be The Same Without Her (Original Mono Mix)[/font]

More Of The Monkees (2CD Remastered Deluxe Edition)
CD 1:
She (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
When Love Comes Knockin’ (At Your Door) (2006 Remastered Original
Stereo Version)
Mary, Mary (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
Hold On Girl (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
Your Auntie Grizelda (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (2006 Remastered Original Stereo
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (2006 Remastered Original Stereo
The Kind Of Girl I Could Love (2006 Remastered Original Stereo
The Day We Fall In Love (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
Sometime In The Morning (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
Laugh (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
I’m A Believer (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears (2006 Remastered LP Version)
Ladies Aid Society (2006 Remastered Original Mono Mix)
I’ll Spend My Life With You (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
I Don’t Think You Know Me (2006 Remastered Second Recorded Version)
Through The Looking Glass (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
Don’t Listen To Linda (First Recorded Version)
Kicking Stones (2006 Remastered Version)
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (2006 Remastered Version With Peter’s
I’m A Believer (2006 Remastered Alternate Mix)
Mr. Webster (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
CD 2:
She (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
When Love Comes Knockin’ (At Your Door) (2006 Remastered Original
Mono Version)
Mary, Mary (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
Hold On Girl (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
Your Auntie Grizelda (2006 Remasteed Original Mono Version)
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (2006 Remastered Original Mono
The Kind Of Girl I Could Love (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
The Day We Fall In Love (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
Sometime In The Morning (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
Laugh (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
I’m A Believer (2006 Remastered Original Mono Version)
Valleri (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
Words (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (2006 Remastered TV Version)
I’ll Be Back Up On My Feet (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
Tear Drop City (2006 Remastered Alternate Mix)
Of You (2006 Remastered Mono Mix)
Hold On Girl (2006 Remastered First Recorded Version)
(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love (2006 Remastered Version)

So- With a release date sometime in August ( I have heard anywhere
from August 7th through August 21st), we now know what is coming!

I wonder why the MOTM list has 2006 remastered original versions,
while the 1st album just says Original versions?
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Bob T
My trade list site:



Today we reran the chapter on the history of THE MONKEES’ song VALLERI … it comes from our THE SONGS OF TOMMY BOYCE AND BOBBY HART Series that we published a couple of years ago in FORGOTTEN HITS.

Since you were so helpful in promoting this piece in the past, I’m sending it to you again in its entirety in the hopes that other MONKEES / BOYCE AND HART Fans (and ’60’s Music Fans) may want to look it over and check out our FORGOTTEN HITS Music Service. (We’ve got three great new series coming up that may be of interest: THE TOP 200 BIGGEST TWO-SIDED HITS OF ALL-TIME followed by an exclusive interview with PETER NOONE of HERMAN’S HERMITS … and then a VERY lengthy feature spotlighting some of the great, FAVORITE, FORGOTTEN B-SIDES as nominated by our readers.

Interested parties should contact Thanks, Brad!

By popular request today, we’re going to rerun (’60’s FLASHBACK Style) one of the most popular chapters from our TOMMY BOYCE AND BOBBY HART Series.

About two years ago, we ran a three week series spotlighting the songs written by TOMMY BOYCE AND BOBBY HART … naturally, the hits they wrote for THE MONKEES became a big part of that feature.

The story behind the song VALLERI seemed to most capture the interest of our FORGOTTEN HITS readers … in fact, it was THIS particular chapter that the online MONKEES fanzine FLEXQUARTERS ran an excerpt from which resulted in several new readers joining the FORGOTTEN HITS Mailing List.

Today, by popular demand, we’re going to rerun this special VALLERI chapter.


Today we’re going to examine the FACTS and FABLES concerning another one of THE MONKEES’ biggest hits.

In his book HOW TO WRITE A HIT SONG…AND SELL IT, TOMMY BOYCE tells a funny, interesting story revolving around one of THE MONKEES’ last big hits.

THE MONKEES were always being supplied new musical material from a virtual who’s who of songwriters: NEIL DIAMOND, GERRY GOFFIN and CAROLE KING, NILSSON, NEIL SEDAKA and DAVID GATES (later of BREAD) all had their songs recorded by the band in the first couple of years. In addition, MICKY DOLENZ, DAVY JONES, PETER TORK and, most frequently, MIKE NESMITH were submitting their OWN compositions for consideration. Therefore, as time wore on, when BOYCE AND HART were called upon to supply a song, they pretty much needed to have one “at the ready.”

According to BOYCE’s account (as published in his book), back in the day when DON KIRSHNER oversaw those musical selections, he called BOYCE AND HART one morning and told TOMMY (who just happened to answer the phone … BOBBY was still sound asleep) that he had a dream last night that the title of THE MONKEES’ next #1 Record should be a girl’s name. Spontaneously, TOMMY BOYCE replied, “Donnie, you won’t believe this!!! But, last night while you were having that dream, BOBBY and I wrote an unbelievably great song for THE MONKEES … and, are you ready for this? … it has a girl’s name in the title!”
KIRSHNER was flabbergasted! “Tell me the title, quick! I want to hear it! What’s her name?”
Of course, TOMMY couldn’t comply … the song hadn’t been written yet! “Donnie, her name is so beautiful and so exciting that I couldn’t possibly tell it to you over the phone. But I’ll tell you what … you’re going to love it when you hear it tomorrow.” Despite KIRSHNER’s insistence that TOMMY come over now and play him the song … or, better yet, that KIRSHNER drop by THEIR place to hear the tune (that hadn’t yet been written!), TOMMY finally stalled him with the excuse that BOBBY was still sleeping. (Of course, HART didn’t know ANY of this as he really WAS still asleep … and had no idea what TOMMY had just committed them to!)
KIRSHNER was adamant … “How about noon TODAY at my place?!?!” BOYCE says it was more of a command than a question. “Okay,” he said, giving in, “but do me a favor. Please have everyone there who’s connected with the television show.” KIRSHNER agreed to assemble producers BERT SCHNEIDER and BOB RAPHELSON, vice president LESTER SILL, and chairman-of-the-board JACKIE COOPER. (Nothing like putting a little more pressure on the situation!!!)
At 10:00 BOYCE decided to wake BOBBY and tell him the news … after all, having just committed to writing the next #1 song in America was a pretty big deal!!! Realizing the pressure they were under, both songwriters quickly began making a list of girls’ names but none particularly struck their fancy. TOMMY had the beginnings of a melody but they just weren’t able to put it together with any of the names on the list. They decided to take a drive, hoping for inspiration (or divine intervention). At 11:00, while driving along Mulholland Drive, TOMMY finally asked BOBBY to “reach deep into your past for a recollection of one girl in your life, or even in your dreams, that you had never told anybody about.” HART gave it some thought and then replied that there WAS a girl in High School that he liked a lot but she never returned the favor. He would think about her every once in a while over the years and once had even written a song about her. “I was never too hot on the song,” he said, “but what I liked about it was the name, which was hers.”
“Come on, BOBBY,” TOMMY exclaimed, “tell me her name and my melody will flow right out to meet her.” And, of course, BOBBY then replied, “And her name was VALLERI” … which INSTANTLY fit the melody that TOMMY had been working on! Now fifteen minutes away from their meeting at KIRSHNER’s house, that left them all of twelve minutes to complete the song!!! They got as far as “There’s a girl I know who makes me feel so good” which, along with the chorus, “and her name is Valleri … I love you, Valleri” was all they had when they pulled into the driveway.
BOYCE was banking on the fact that KIRSHNER had wanted a song with a girl’s name in the title SO badly … and the fact that he had already told him about the GREAT song they had written “the night before” … that the conditions were, in effect, pre-programmed for them to present THE MONKEES’ next big smash hit single. (With all those executives sitting in the room waiting for the debut, the anticipation was exceptionally high … TOMMY believed that ANY song they would have played based around a girl’s name would have qualified as “exactly what they were looking for.”) They sang the chorus line in two-part harmony and then the first two lines of the verse … which was all they had. They then explained that the song still needed a little work but there was nothing to worry about … they’d have it completed by tomorrow. They then “did a reprise on the part we had written, singing it with the all gusto one reserves for GOD BLESS AMERICA.” For the grand-finale, BOYCE hit a big final chord, tossed his guitar over his shoulder and went down on one knee in his “best ELVIS fashion.” The room fell silent as they waited for KIRSHNER’s reaction. Finally, KIRSHNER jumped to his feet and shouted “It’s a smash … Number One!!!” All the other execs in the room agreed. They had pulled it off!
According to TOMMY, they completed the first verse later that day and then booked studio time for the following afternoon. Then they went to a movie!!! THE MONKEES were told to report to the studio the following day at five o’clock and between two and five, the basic musical backing tracks were recorded. In twenty minutes, BOYCE AND HART wrote a second verse and between five and six o’clock THE MONKEES’ vocals were added. The whole process took all of FOUR HOURS!!! It was quickly mixed and put into the television show the following week!!!
BOYCE then goes on to say that “Just as soon as the television show was aired, two disc-jockeys, one from Florida and the other from Chicago, decided on their own to make a tape of VALLERI and pipe it out from their radio stations. On each of those two stations, before it had even sold a single record, the song became Number One on the request list. RCA called Donnie Kirshner and told him that if he released it as a single, they would pre-ship two million records and guarantee that it would be the Number One Record. Good to their word, they released VALLERI the following week and within three weeks it was Number One in both Cash Box and Billboard. Two weeks later, it was Number One in almost every country in the world with sales of close to three million records.”

Now that’s a pretty amazing and fascinating little story … but a little bit of research indicates that TOMMY may have “stretched the truth” just a little bit here and there.
What first tipped me off was the end bit regarding VALLERI’s astounding chart life. Now PART of this story is true. After VALLERI aired on an episode of the television series, WCFL, right here in Chicago, started playing the heck out of it from a tape they had made from the broadcast. Every night it came in at #1 on the Top Five Most Requested Songs Of The Day … and this went on for weeks and weeks and weeks. (From what I understand, some folks believe that WCFL then sent out copies of their “bootleg” version of VALLERI to other stations around the country to air … however, I am more inclined to believe that they kept it to themselves as a “SUPER ‘CFL Exclusive.” However, a radio station in Florida DID get the same results when THEY played a taped copy on the air … the request lines lit up like a Christmas tree and Florida fans couldn’t get enough of the song.) Growing up here at the time, I clearly remember ALL of these events as I, too, thought VALLERI was a great song and listened to WCFL’s Top Requests Countdown every night! I remember my frustration at not being able to BUY the song because it was only available on tape at the radio station.
However, THIS is where BOYCE’s story falls apart. VALLERI first aired on the CAPTAIN CROCODILE episode of the television series on February 20, 1967, five months after the series premiered on NBC. It was not released as a single until March of 1968 … a full THIRTEEN MONTHS later!!! (An RCA / COLGEMS recording log that I found shows that THE MONKEES first laid down this track on August 6, 1966 … HARDLY the week before it aired! In fact, this was before a single episode of the TV series had ever been shown … so, if ANY of that conversation between KIRSHNER and BOYCE AND HART ever really happened, they wouldn’t have referred to VALLERI as THE MONKEES’ “NEXT Number One Hit … it would have been their very FIRST Number One Hit!!! They had not yet released a single recording!!!)
When VALLERI WAS finally released as a single a year later, it was a completely re-recorded version, which DID go to #1 in Cash Box but stopped at #3 in Billboard. THE MONKEES recorded a completely new version of this song in December of 1967 (sessions were held on the 26th and the 28th), which ultimately became the hit single release. (Being a HUGE MONKEES fan at the time, I remember personally being VERY surprised to see this single finally being released after all that time.) Songwriting partner BOBBY HART explains that after wrestling control away from KIRSHNER regarding the selection of the material THE MONKEES would record … and then winning the rights to play their own instruments on those records … by the end of 1967 they also had it written into their contracts that ALL future recordings would show “Produced by THE MONKEES” on the label. (By this time, each member of the band was generally recording their new tracks individually anyway, so when a new album was completed, they simply went with the group production credit.)
As such, the 1966 track (which was produced by BOYCE AND HART) had to be scrapped because the Musicians Union contracts had already been filed with BOYCE AND HART’s names on them as producers. This meant that when THE MONKEES decided to release VALLERI as a single, a whole new track needed to be created. BOYCE AND HART (who, by this time, had been dismissed as producers) were approached about coming back and, according to HART, “making it sound as close to the original as possible.” Contrary to TOMMY’s account, BOBBY says “VALLERI was specifically written for them. Over a year after we cut the song, LESTER SILL came back to us and said, ‘They want you to recut VALLERI. You can’t have producers credit, but we want you to go back in and do it again, making it sound as close to the original as possible.’ So that’s what we did.”
During the re-recording process, yet ANOTHER mix was created … and this is the one that seems to have found its way to oldies radio … in fact, the “cold ending” version is now more likely to be heard than the original hit single version! Today, we give you all THREE versions in FORGOTTEN HITS … the very rare TV-version mix (VALLERI-1), the hit single version (VALLERI-2, which is the re-recording from 1968 that fades out at the end) and the other now-more-popular “cold ending” version (VALLERI-3). Hopefully, along the way we’ve also shared a fascinating look at the song’s origins! (Unfortunately, this seems to be yet another case of 30-year hindsight propaganda making for a better story than the truth … with so many erroneous “facts” stated in BOYCE’s account of the song’s success, one cannot help but wonder what other “mistruths” might exist in his account of the events of the day … writing the song in an hour and a half, selling it to a room full of executives with two lines of verse and two lines of chorus and then recording the whole thing with THE MONKEES in one hour … now knowing that at LEAST three complete takes exist!) However, the “embellished” account sure does make for a fascinating story!!!


From: Jane Turner


Thank you so much for all your hard work in keeping us all informed as to the acivities of the Monkees, I was able to see Day Jones in concert at Freedomfest in Wheeling IL.

It was a cool sunny day, traffic wasn’t bad and our Monkee CD sounded great, for the 2 hour ride, on the 4th of July. The festaval was easy to find and easy to enjoy the activites they had in the afternoon. We set our chairs up two rows behind a VIP fence to save our spot and enjoyed a crowded and long parade, had not seen so many people watching a parade in a long time. We journeyed back to our seats to watch the concert, as the croud grew very large to see Davy. A lady in the row in front of us was putting her chairs over the VIP fence and for some reason my daughter followed behind. Then this lady didn’t know what to do and how we would get in, because she was able to say ??. Meanwhile people moved up behind use so we lost our spot. I told security and he let us in the VIP area. (Thank You). My girls were thrilled to be on the other side of the fence.

The show started and Davy looked great, a little out of breath, his jokes didn’t go well, always checking to see if the mic was on and there was a heckler in the audience too. We heard all the classics and a few new ones (to us). It was great. At past concerts I’ve been to, we were usually standing most of time, but this one was like a sitting dinner show untill the encore. I kinda felt bad, I know performers feed off the audience, and he has said that too. Well during the encore, my kids want to move to the side of the stage, and you know possibly meet him, I didn’t want to, but I’m a mom, and I know it’s impossible anyway, but we moved, giving my girls the thrill. And it turned out to be thrilling! I instantly got grabed by the lady whom got us on the other side, going crazy, yelling and screaming at us, escorting us back to our seats, yelling at us more which I couldn’t hear much over the loud music. But I did hear the part where she was going to have us arrested! ARRESTED! Looking at my husband, giving me the look, we haphaserdly picked up all our things and left the VIP section. Now on the outside, not beleiving what just happened, checking to see we got everything and putting our stuff together, we listend to the last song, God Bless America. And blessed we were, for not being arressted at a Davy Jones concert!!!

We skipped the fireworks to get back on the road for our 2 hour journey home. Talking about what happened, what could have happened (the girls were a little scared, they are 10 and 13) and a whole bunch of other sinarios of the event that took place. We came to the conclusion that they will have a great story to tell when they get back to school, when they have to write about “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. Well lets see, I ‘almost’ got arrested at a Davy Jones concert on the 4th of July!!!!!

To me I have come full circle, growing up in Milwaukee and seeing the guys many different times, living in up state New York and going to a concert in Boston, Living in West Virginia and going to Columbus and Pittsburg and now with so many years that have gone by, being back in Wisconsin and still seeing Davy Jone, live and in concert.
Thank You so much for still touring and saring the love of music and entertainment with all of us, generations of fans!!!! We love you!!.

** We Love Wisconsin, Sheboygan Falls **


From: “Morgen .”

Peter & SSB – Micky in Akron

The concert was great!!! He didn’t play Randy Scouse Git, I was very disappointed. It’s HIS song, after all. You’d think he would sing a song that he wrote!! He didn’t do “Goin’ Down” either, which is one of my very favorites. Well, I guess he had his reasons. He did do a lot of classic Monkee songs, and he put on a GREAT show, even if it was just too short!!! I think he played for more than an hour, but it felt like 10 minutes. Probably because I wanted more, more, more….
He signed my daughters Gakky Two Feet book, and she was ecstatic. She keeps telling me how Micky signed her book and smiled at her, and how she said thank you. She really enjoyed the concert, too, and sang along to every song!
I didn’t get a photo because my camera was going dead. I have a little digital that you have to choose photo or record on, and the battery was so low it was shutting off almost as soon as I turned it on. I just had to push the “go” button on it, and it recorded briefly, so I got him signing Rachel’s book, then it shut off! I met a really nice girl there named Tiffany who had “I Love Micky Dolenz” on the back of her t-shirt, and she took a pic with her camera and is going to email it to me. Ironically, my husband tried once more to get a shot with our dead camera, and he managed to get a shot of Tiffany’s mom with Micky! During the concert she handed him her hat, and he wore it for the rest of the concert. He probably would have kept it, but Coco took it off his head and gave it back. I’m sure he would have given it back to her at the autograph table. Anyway, so the little clip that’s on my camera is of her standing with him, and she’s wearing her hat again. So I’ll have something to send to Tiffany, too!
There were a LOT of people there, and the autograph line was really long, but Micky stuck around even after signing and let people take photos with him. He was great, and he’s tops in my little girls book, still, and I’m so glad that he was so nice even though I know he must have been wiped out. (It was hot and humid).
Great show, great day. THANK YOU MICKY !!!

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Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 15:43:15 -0700
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees back on TV – Special Screening of Head

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

Please support our FREE fan newsletter.

The all new biography of Michael Nesmith of The Monkees is out, with 75 new photos and 2 new chapters, with details on the 1997 reunion, ABC special and the only known photo of Michael with his father. Buy it online and get free gifts and free shipping!


From: Andrew Sandoval

Andrew will host a screening of the Monkees’ Head at West Los Angeles’
Nuart theatre on Friday September 8th at Midnight! This will be from a
newly struck 35mm print! Rhino will also be doing some Monkees give
aways at the event.

You can win tickets for Head by tuning into the final two shows of
KLSX’s Breakfast With The Beatles (97.1 FM) on either Sunday August
26th or September 3rd. Rhino will likely also give away sets of the new
Monkees CDs on this program.

BBC Radio 2 will air an hour long documentary on the Monkees (September
16th). The show features comments from all four Monkees + Andrew and
many other guests. You can likely tune into this via the internet.

Another Monkees update will be coming soon.

Andrew’s brand new “best of” album can be ordered directly from


From: Robyn Apelt

just letting you know that micky along with other stars will be at rock n roll legends on sept 16th 2006 $15.00 at 6 pm see in news

also ami dolenz and jerry trimble have done a public service announcement for artors for autism a video of it is on just put dolenz in search box click onto the word video above search box and up it will come after the micky one . 2 in all .

its 50 years of australian television on the 17th of september 2006 1956 to 2006 they are playing small bits of tv shows for the 5oth birthday of tv hear and yes they are showing bits of the monkee tv show every now and again.


From: Duane Dimock

New Monkees page at Rhino Records with a huge new photo gallery:


From: rrfingerhead

Daydream Believers Special Edition DVD

Set to be released in Oct. No word on extras or any different
features. Does have a different cover.


From: Janice A. Jennings

Robert Cornthwaite passed away at the age of 89. He played the character
of Druvanian Ambassador Nyetovich is Card Carrying Red Shoes. He
appeared in over 250 television shows and over 50 films.


From: Judy Lee Spira

Friday, July 7th Jeopardy!
Double Jeopardy category: “The Oafish” (all the categories were based on
current TV series — Gray’s Anatomy, American Idle, etc.)
$2000 clue:
A contestant correctly questioned “Who is Peter Tork?”

Judy Lee Spira


From: Laura

Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp Newsletter


This Wednesday, In Touch will be doing a story on Karen Gresham from our past New York Camp!

On Sunday, September 10th in Columbus, Ohio the One Day Only Rock �n Roll Fantasy Camp will take place, where campers will be the opening act for Journey and Def Leppard! It promises to be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and we�ll see you in Columbus! David Fishof

phone: 888 762 2263
Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp | 424 West End Avenue | New York | NY | 10024


From: Paul

Yup, it’s true!

The i Network has made a change to their schedule for the end of September!

They will be adding The Monkees and The Partridge Family on Friday evenings at 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. starting Friday, September 15!



From: Pat

Many many thanks to Teresa Gibson for this info that she posted:

“Peter Tork will appear in Dallas on July 12 at Poor David’s Pub, south of
the downtown area. Show is scheduled to start at 8:00, and tickets are $20.
Tickets can be purchased in advance from More
information will be forthcoming at Poor David’s website: “

I went to the show and had such a wonderful time!!! I had a seat right up front to watch Peter and his band put on a great show. They played several original songs, a couple Monkee’s songs in a slightly different version and some good classic blues songs. What a thrill to finally see him, hear him, and even meet him after all these years.

I got some good pics that night, too. I have some of them here:

Thanks for this list!!!



From: DDDAllen123

Micky Dolenz concert July 4, 2006 Akron Ohio

Hey all I am the Crazed Love struck Fan of Micky’s lol like whom is not right? anyways I had one of my best days ever in my life on this day Us Micky/Monkee fans TOOK over the Front CENTER STAGE within touchable view of Micky wooooo hoooo….I was trying to catch the Towel Micky threw out in the crowd and I missed it so after he went up and got on the DRUMS to Play 3 songs “She””,Mary Mary”,and “Circle Sky” which I thought was the best part of the actual concert what a real TREAT to see Micky Jamming on the drums I THREW MY BLACK RHINESTONE HAT up on stage and yelled Micky put the hat on and he DID OMG I WANTED TO DIE he looked so sexy and handsome I got camera happy from the moment he came out till AFTER the show when we got a lot of things autographed and Pictures hugging him etc….A TOTAL of 266 pictures up close of Micky I have these pictures for anyone who wants some and I personally ENJOY the ones with Micky wearing MY HAT and I will treasure it Forever and he wore it for the rest of the concert.And when we went to go meet him afterwards,Micky said to me ” I really liked the hat I thought you gave it to me , I said “Oh Noooooo It is Sentimental to me now you wore it” and he asked me where I got it I said K-Mart he was like Wow K-Mart? he said I need to get me one like that ” and when we got auto graphs Micky told my Daughter Tiffany ” I tried throwing the towel to you but the lady behind you caught it, Unfortunately I threw it to far ” and then Micky gave Tiffany a free 8 x 10 picture of him that he autographed I love Micky Dolenz forever , he is awesome . I met him a couple times before in the past but I have got to say this was the best experience I ever had. Thanks Cathy and Tiffany…. Monkees rule !!!!

To purchase Monkees CD’s, Videos and Collectable rare items, visit

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Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 05:39:36 -0800
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Micky and Davy at Fan Convention – UK Documentary

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

>>>>>> This newsletter is being sent again with revisions.

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From: Scott Catton

BOTH Davy Jones & Peter Tork will be featured guests at UNITED FAN CON November 10-12 in Springfield MA.

There also will be a film crew there doing a Monkees documentary.

More info at (781) 986-TREK.


Scott Catton



Hi, Brad. Our convention, United Fan con, will be held from November
10-12 at the Springfield Marriott in Springfield, Massachusetts. For
complete convention details, log onto our website,
Our convention hotline for information is (781)986-TREK.

In addition to Peter Tork and Davy Jones, the convention features
actors, artists, and writers, such as William Shatner, Grace Park, and
Linda Blair, to name but a few.

Davy will be appearing in concert on Friday night at 8PM. Prices are
$45 for regular tickets, and $75 for front of room tickets. Davy may
or may not sign autographs following his performance. He is not
contracted to sign, therefore the decision to sign will be his. Peter
Tork will be appearing as one of our featured guests on Saturday and
Sunday. He will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans both
days. In addition, he will be doing a Q&A on Saturday, as well as
attending our banquet Saturday night, and performing an acoustic
mini-set in our cabaret that same evening. On Sunday, Peter is
expected to attend our breakfast with the fans, and close out the
convention with a full concert with his current touring band, Peter
Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues. Admission to Peter’s concert is
included in advance ticket purchases, or you can buy concert only
tickets, which include basic admission to the event on Sunday, for
$30. Peter’s concert will begin at 5PM on Sunday. In addition to all
these activities, a Northern Ireland film group called DoubleBand
Films will be filming Peter Tork during the course of the weekend for
a 40th anniversary Monkees documentary which will be shown on the BBC
in the UK next spring. There are several different ticket options
depending on what people would like to see at the show, including
all-inclusive Monkees packages.

Please do whatever you can to help promote our event. We are a fan
run, non-profit event that raises money for charities. This year we
will be raising money for Linda Blair’s World Heart Foundation and the
American Diabetes Association.


Paul Scott Aldred
President, United Fan Con, Inc


A company in UK is making a TV documentary about The Monkees and their fans and they want YOU to be in it – so UK fans – especially if you have a memorabilia collection on the Monkees – write to them at this address:

Ronan Feely

DoubleBand Films,
3 Crescent Gardens,
Northern Ireland

t. 028 9024 3331
f. 028 9023 6980


From: Rachael

Micky Dolenz in Pippin is on tour ending up on Jan 15.

The link to the dates, tickets, etc., is:

There are also a couple of videos you can see, one has Micky singing in it. Hope you can get to go!


From: “Aaron Handy III”

And yet another important connection to The Monkees television series
passes from this life.

Writer Stanley Zachary (?) “Zack” Cherry, who, with the late Joel Kane,
composed the script to Episode No. 56 of The Monkees, “Some Like It
Lukewarm” (a.k.a. “The Band Contest”), succumbed to cancer on September
27, 2006 at the age of 74. In addition to The Monkees, Cherry produced,
directed and/or wrote episodes for a variety of series, including The
Dick Van Dyke Show, The Kids from C.A.P.E.R., The Addams Family,
Gilligan’s Island and The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis (his first venture
with Joel Kane). He wrote the 1971 film Bunny O’Hare with Monkee
writing alumnus Coslough Johnson. Variety has an obituary.

To absent friends…


From: MTreppiedi

I checked the archives first and didn’t see anything about this… although
there’s a blurb on the home page of Davy’s site ( –
scroll down).

My husband, who’s a newspaper copy editor, is getting our three-year-old
daughter hooked up with various kiddie CDs, DVDs and books from a woman at his
paper who reviews such things and therefore gets them FREE. Her kids, however are
too old for a lot of it, so she’s giving them to Tom when she’s done with
them. Tonight he came home with a Sandra Boynton board book, “Your Personal
Penguin,” and included with it was a promotional CD – Davy singing a musical
arrangement of the book’s words. (My husband feels very triumphant that he has not
only brought home something to make Marni smile, but Mommy as well!) The song
is TOO CUTE and I think Marni will bug me to play it endlessly… She’s sound
asleep when hubby comes home from work, so this will wait until tomorrow.

So now I have this, plus Micky’s “Gakky Two-Feet” book (by the way, Marni now
refers to her khaki shorts – that she still wears around the house now that
it’s too cold to wear them outside – as her “Khaki Two-Shorts” – HA!). Still
missing Micky’s “…Puts You To Sleep” CD, and yes, I’ve seen it on eBay, but
yikes, that fetched a big bid last time I saw it there!

The writing on the CD says it’s just a promo copy, and that the song will be
available to consumers as an MP3 download only… but I’m guessing you need to
buy the book first
or, as it says on Davy’s site, purchase $100 worth of
merchandise from, to get a promo CD of the song…

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs
“Music is religion; Karaoke is a cult.”


From: “Caroline Boyce”

To All My Music Friends,

I have good news � Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart have been nominated to be inducted into the Songwriter�s Hall of Fame 2007 in the Non Performing Songwriter category.

It reads:

�The songwriting team of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart were responsible for such classic hits by the Monkees as their TV theme song �Hey Hey We�re the Monkees,� �Last Train to Clarksville� and �(I�m Not Your) Steppin� Stone,� which was also a hit for Paul Revere and the Raiders. The duo�s first hit came in 1964 when Jay and the Americans reached No. 3 with �Come a Little Bit Closer.� Boyce & Hart eventually signed with A&M Records, where they recorded such hits as �I Wonder What She�s Doing Tonight� and �Alice Long (You�re Still My Favorite Girlfriend)� and toured with the Monkees.

Key songs in the Boyce & Hart catalog include �Come A Little Bit Closer,� �Hey Hey We�re The Monkees,� �I Wonder What She�s Doing Tonight?,� �Last Train to Clarksville � and �Valleri.�

2007 marks the 40th Anniversary of Boyce & Hart � we have some projects in the works and Tommy & Bobby receiving this honor would be so wonderful!

If you�re a member of the Songwriter�s Hall of Fame or know someone who is � I ask that you please vote for Tommy & Bobby � The SHOF requests that the ballot be received by Tuesday, November 14 th, 2006.

Bobby and I thank you for your support � Have a great day!

Caroline Boyce
Magic Dolphin Music, Inc.
p. 615.269.8567
c. 615.473.8567
f. 615.469.4806


From: Laura

This interview with Michael Nesmith is long, but well worth reading. I’m a big fan of his latest CD, “Rays”, so I really enjoyed reading about how it came together. I love that he doesn’t rule out performing live!!

Peace, Love & JOY, Laura “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”-Mahatma Gandhi


From: Bill Groves

Thought I’d give you a heads up. I recently revived Television Chronicles in online form, and am recycling, revising and updating a number of articles from our print incarnation.

For September, I’ve done an all rock & roll edition, the centerpiece of which is an enhanced update of the Monkees piece I did in our second issue way back when.

The feature is up.

To get to the main Monkees feature, just go to the Program Selector page. There’s another supplementary
feature, as well as the episode guide, that links from the main Monkees page.




From: “Debbie”

Hi Brad ~

Peter Tork made an appearance at the recent Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp.
He appeared as part of the Counselor/Special Guest Jam. Besides Peter,
other jam members included: Spencer Davis, Kelly Keagy, Kip Winger,
Barry Goudreau, Mark Slaughter, Dickey Betts, Michael Lardie, Skunk
Baxter, Sandy Gennaro, Simon Kirke, Jerry Renino and Mark Farner. The
jam was described as “awesome!”

You can check out the entire story at

~Debbie Taylor


Pop guitarist Casey dies

Larry Rodgers
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 21, 2006 12:00 AM

Phoenix-bred guitarist Al Casey, who died this week at age 69, helped put the city on the pop-music map.

Casey left his mark on recordings by fellow Arizonan Duane Eddy, the Beach Boys, Monkees, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Ella Fitzgerald and scores of other stars.

He teamed with Eddy to create the twangy, echoing guitar sound that would evolve into surf music in the late ’50s. advertisement


From: Rachael

Hi everybody! Just thought I’d say that I went to MI thi past wknd to see the play Pippin, and I got to meet Micky, omg! Has anyone here gone to see it yet? Such a talented cast, and Micky as King Charlemagne is to die for, lol. Here’s a link to an article about him/it, with a short video, in which he talks about the fans who have gone to see it.

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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 16:17:01 -0800
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees qualify for Social Security!

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

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Happy Birthday to Mike and Davy!

Age before beauty : )

Singer Mike Nesmith of The Monkees, 64
December 30, 1942
Singer Davy Jones of the Monkees, 61
December 30, 1945

From: “Julie McArthur”

Davy will be performing at Stevenson High School Performing Arts Center in Lincoinshire, Illinois. He will be there on January 20, 2007 at 7:30 pm.



From: “Aaron Handy III”

according to the News Blog
i Network will remove The Monkees (along with The
Partridge Family and Welcome Back Kotter) from its Friday schedule in
favor of ION Health Episodes and Growing Pains, as of January. It’s
unknown when these sitcoms will return.

So break out your copies of The Monkees Season 1 and 2 on DVD!


From: Laura

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues just finished the public dates for November. The organization is now getting back to the other work…the EP and “Cambria Hotel” the full length CD…and possibly some other new merchandise.

Peter and Richard just finished mixing the EP for UK release only. It will be used as promo for the UK shows and some will be available for sale during the first UK Tour.

The final master and artwork for “Cambria Hotel” should be done in the near future.

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues will be in California for a bit in January and then we go immediately to the UK at the end of January until mid February. There might be one date in MA prior to our leaving for the UK.

There should also be a CD release event – not sure where or when yet – on both coasts.

As soon as the CD is mastered and back from the replicators with the boxes of finished product in hand – expect a large campaign for the record…and possibly before they are back. You will know exactly where to get it and where you can hear it. This is THE one. All of the fans are going to be amazed…

for Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues


From: “Aaron Handy III”

Today we celebrate the life of one of the most celebrated of The
Monkees TV series’ crewmembers.

Irivng I. Lippman, cinematographer for such gems as Circus Boy, The
Monkees, The Love Boat, and 20 Million Miles To Earth, has recently
passed away, not long after having celebrated his 100th birthday. Read
more on him via Fishbowl LA’s obituary @ .

Once more, to absent friends… <:-/>

From: snardvark

Videoranch 3D is now back online, request info for innvite and free
30day try out, at

To purchase Monkees CD’s, Videos and Collectable rare items, visit

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