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Special Update: Peter Tork FIRED from Monkees remaining tour (2001)

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03 Sep 2001

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

From: “maggie mcmanus”

Announcement: Peter Tork will NOT be appearing at the Monkees’ September 7
& 8 shows in Bensenville & Grand Prairie.

Here’s why:

It’s 10 pm Sunday night, September 2, and I just got off the phone with
Peter Tork. He phoned me, sounding very very very upset. He’d just
received a call from David Fishof saying that Micky and Davy did not want
him showing up at the two September dates, in Bensenville and Grand Prairie.
In fact, they were insistent on it, saying that if Peter showed up for those
two gigs,THEY WOULD NOT!!!! “I guess I’d be on stage by myself, playing
‘Last Train To Clarksville’ in another key and saying, ‘Now this is where
Micky usually sings ‘I’m A Believer’,” Peter said.

Lots of fans had asked over the last week if Peter would be at the September
7 & 8 shows, and Peter had told me to reassure everyone that he would be,
but this is a dramatic new turn of events. Peter wanted everyone who
expected to see him at those shows to be warned in advance that he would not

The worst most horrible part of all this is that it’s obvious that Micky,
Davy, and Fishof had it all planned out in advance, Peter said. After the
most recent show in Anaheim, Davy shook hands with him and said, “See you
around,” and Peter said, “Wait a minute, I’m not done, I’ll see you guys in
Bensenville and Dallas.” But THEY knew already. Fishof told him that he
hurt Micky and Davy so badly that they don’t want him at the other dates.
But they sure kept him around long enough to do the taping (at the Anaheim
show) for the upcoming live audio/video releases and made sure he signed all
the contracts for those releases ahead of time.

Asked how the West Coast shows went, Peter said that he’d thought everything
was just great, couldn’t have been better. In fact, he said “7th Heaven”
star Stephen Collins was at Anaheim and was “effusive” in his praise of the
guys’ concert. Collins’ wife, actress Faye Grant, was so thrilled with the
show that she asked to have her picture taken with the guys
backstage—-Stephen told Peter that she’s NEVER asked anyone that in the 18
years they’d been together, so from her that was very high praise.

Welllllll, for all the people who theorized in the last week that the guys
were pulling our leg about an internal conflict…….guess not! This
time, the fans—who’d hoped to see Peter one last time—are suffering
because of it.


Maggie McManus

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2 Responses to “Special Update: Peter Tork FIRED from Monkees remaining tour (2001)”
  1. luvdavy says:

    Why are you posting this now? This is from the last concert tour. This will be confusing for less knowledgeable fans…should be removed.

  2. brad says:

    thanks for the tip – i have adjusted this historical article to better reflect the date.

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