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Peter pulls out of Monkees UK tour dates

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From: Brad Waddell

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This news has just come in over the past 24 hours. I have no idea why Peter=

is not doing the UK dates, hopefully more information will be forthcoming,=

we will bring it to you when available.

Thursday August 16, 01:17 PM=09

Half of The Monkees plan UK comeback tour

Half of Sixties quartet The Monkees are set to tour the UK in October.
Original band members Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones will play the gigs but=

Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith will be absent.
The dates will take in Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle,
Birmingham and Wembley.
The Monkees are planning the UK tour on the back of a sell out 60-date US
tour, reports The Daily Express.


From: “M”

There is a piece in tonight’s Manchester Evening News paper claiming
that, due to “contractual” reasons, Peter has pulled out of the UK

M, Uk.


From: “Steven Bradley”

from the ‘Manchester Evening News’ Friday August 17th 2001



It appears sixties pop idol Davy Jones will be returning to his native
Manchester with just half a band, when The Monkees arrive for the
forthcoming UK tour. The group, who recently completed a string of sell-out
dates in the US, are set to play Britain, including a concert at the
‘Manchester Evening News Arena’, this Autumn.
However, while original member Mike Nesmith had already chosen not to
participate in the American shows, it’s now been confirmed that fellow star
Peter Tork has also pulled out of the scheduled appearances in the UK. Whil=
Tork has recently been performing on the US dates, a tour spokeswoman
revealed he hadn’t agreed to be involved on this side of the Atlantic.

This leaves frontman Jones and Mickey Dolenz as the only two original
members taking part in the British tour. “It’s purely contractual, Peter
Tork is not involved in the tour” says a spokeswoman. “We’re making sure
that everyone knows it’s just the two of them. If anyone wants money back,
that’s not a problem”

Jones, who hails from Gorton, will return to his home city on October 22.
The group’s frontman originally found fame in the first episode of TV’s
‘Z-Cars’, before going on to appear as Ena Sharples grandson in ‘Coronation

In the mid-sixties, he landed a part in the Monkees hit TV show in the US,
before going on to achieve major chart success with the group. Among those
who originally auditioned to be in the band, was infamous mass murderer,
Charles Manson

( article ends)

note; i have e-mailed the writer of this article to thank him for giving us
the news, and to correct him for the error – Charlie Manson did not auditio=
to be a Monkee.


From: Classicstephanie


Due to an accident in Finland, Walter Trout will not be opening for the
Monkees at the August 19, 2001 performance in Bakersfield, California.

Replacing him will be Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, from Los Angeles.

We want to thank Big Sandy for helping us with this last-minute change and
want to wish Walter Trout a speedy and healthy recovery.

Thank you,
Stephanie Anne


From: Jenny8755

Hey Brad,
I don’t know if you want to put this into the alert e-mail b=
I thought i’d let you know about this anyway. I rang up a model shop today
as in model cars not modelling, anyhow I was asking for information on The
Monkee Mobile. He said that I will be able to get it in November because
they are re-issuing them!!!!! They had the model car out in the 60’s and i=
is the same one except does not have the model guys to go with it as it did
back then. So you can order your Monkee mobile’s now from any model shop
that sell Corgi cars! I just found this out today and have already placed =
order. Oh they cost =A38.99 I am not sure how much that would be in Dollar=

Bye luv Jennifer


From: “Jackie Girard”

Aug 16, Boise Idaho concert


I just wanted to say that my friend Sandy and I enjoyed the concert. We
were even lucky enough to run into Micky after the concert and he was nice=

enough to autograph our ticket stubs. Tell him THANK YOU!!



From: Judy Pittman

I was lucky enough to be at the Boise concert of the Monkees last night.
Front row, thank you very much.

I had seen them the last time they played Boise, and I must say they are as
fresh and fun as ever. There was nothing stale about this show and the
guys looked great. I found myself reverting back to a screaming teenagers
and flocked to the stage with everybody else to get a touch from one of

Anybody who has seen them in recent years and is thinking, well, heck, I
just saw them awhile back so I don’t need to go again, should reconsider.
These guys are funny, bright and alive with their music. An excellent
concert and I’m so glad I was there!

Judy Pittman
Financial Services
“I’ve worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.”
Groucho Marx
Visit Judy’s home page at
Or the webpage of the Boise Highlanders at

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