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Peter in People – New Tour Date in Texas

April 3, 2011 by  
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Latest 2002 Tour Dates:

18 Jul Thu Civic Center Auditorium Amarillo, TX
20 Jul Sat Billy Bob’s Texas Ft. Worth, TX
21 Jul Sun Canyon Amph Lubbock, TX
17 Aug Sat North Shore Music Theatre North Shore, MA
21 Aug Wed Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
22 Aug Thu Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
23 Aug Fri Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
30 Aug Fri Sam’s Town Live Las Vegas, NV


From: “Amanda Marcus”

I don’t know if anyone has said anything yet, but there is a small article
in Peoples Magazine about Peter in it. Its really neat and Peter looks
good! LoL!


From: Nez4Ever1230

In the latest issue of People Magazine (the July 22, 2002 issue) there is
an article entitled Rock Of Aging in which several artists that are
celebrating their 60th birthday this year are featured. Peter is featured
at the end of the article on page 49. There is a great photo of him today
on a bicycle and there is also a great photo of him along with David,
Michael and Micky from 1967. His portion of the article discusses his past
after The Monkees, his kids, his band Shoe Suede Blues and what he is doing
today. Other artists featured in the article include Carole King, Brian
Wilson and Clarence Clemons. The article begins on page 46 and runs through
page 49. In my opinion, David, Michael, Micky and Peter are # 1 always!
Thank you,


From: “Bea Arreola-Owen”

Just found out yesterday that Davy and Micky are going to be performing in
Amarillo Texas at the Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium on Thursday, July 18
at 7:30. Tickets are currently on sale at the Civic Center Box Office at
806-378-3096 or
Bea Owen


From: “‘Manda”

Biloxi, MS show July 5th!!


Just had to tell you all about the Monkees show last Friday in Biloxi,

We got to Biloxi around lunch time, and went straight to the ticket booth
to exchange our tickets (there had been a problem with them and the ticket
manager was letting us exchange them). When we got there, we talked to
Rhea (the tk. manager) and she was soooooo nice and helpful. She even took
us into the theater to show us where our seats were. Only the stage crew
was in there at that point.

She then went on to tell us that the guys had been hanging around the
casino and had gone to the Tiki lounge party the night before and were also
spending a lot of time at the pool. She said the big thing on Friday
nights is at the Brewery bar thingie where they brew their own beer. We
asked if the guys would be there and she just smiled really big and said
“I’m tellin ya!”

We decided to check out the pool just in case, but before we even made it
to the elevators, we saw Micky in the lobby!! He was wearing a blue shirt
and khaki pants. Then we ran into Vickie and Robin who had just finished
talking to Sandy G. (drummer)! Our little group got together and stood
near some elevators between the hotel lobby and the casino and it wasn’t
long before Micky walked by us again and got onto the VIP elevator. 🙂

The show was wonderful!! There was no Barry Williams….and I’ve been
hearing rumors that he’s off the tour except for one more date. Davy
showed the audience some toys people had given him for his grandson ,
including a stuffed monkey that sings the theme song. He held his mic up
for us to hear. Davy was really bubbling and beaming with excitement. He
also said the baby was named Harrison, after Davy’s dad Harry. There were
some new jokes….no tarzan joke or hendrix. They did the All In The
Family skit. I must say Micky looks like he has lost lots of weight and he
was much more active than last year when we saw him.

After the concert, we went to the brewery and got a table near the
entrance(it was the only one left as they were very crowded) We hadn’t
been there 5 min. when Micky walked in!!! We saw various band members and
Micky walk by us a million times that night. I finally decided to politely
ask Micky for an autograph, which he signed with a smile. (my #1 monkees
comic that davy had signed last year) I asked him about the person who
videotaped the whole concert, if they’d be making a video or anything, and
he smiled and shook his head no.

We sat down for a little more, and then saw Micky headed out to the
bathrooms again. We were getting ready to go anyway, so we hung outside
the brewery just to see if he’d come back. He did and I asked if he minded
a pic. He said sure! We took the pic, and before he left i said “Thanks
and have a nice day!” LOL!! You can tell I was tired at this point. LOL It
was about 1:30AM Anyway, it made me feel better when Micky said “Thanks,
you too” and stuck out his hand for me to shake.

Wow this got long!! I guess I’m still excited. I must say, if you get a
chance to see them this tour, you will be VERY pleased!!

Have a nice day!! lol

‘Manda *monkeedoodle* Rhodus


From: HazzardGal

concert at Colonial Downs

I had a blast at the concert at Colonial Downs last night! I got there in
time to watch the races. I got a couple of pics of Micky and Davy with
Indiantown Jones, who didn’t place in the race but is definitely a lovely
horse! After the race that Indiantown was in, we went over to the stage and
pulled up chairs. We managed to get in the 5th row from the stage! We sat
there for about 2 and 1/2 hours, but there were lots of really nice Monkees
fans around. I felt a bit out of place at first, since I’m 18 and everyone
else was in their 40-50s, but kids started filling in after a while. Hey, I
might not have been the youngest one at the concert, but I may have been
the youngest one who drove myself there specifically for the concert!
The concert finally started around 8:45, and it was amazing! They played
like 21 songs, and the list seemed a little different from some of the ones
people have sent from other concerts on the tour. The only part of the
concert that was kind of questionable was Davy’s constant plugs for
Colonial Downs- “It’s a great place to come” and “Make sure you come out
for the Derby tomorrow”, etc etc. Of course, he is the track spokesman, so
I guess he’s obligated to do that. My friend that went with me had never
heard of the Monkees and only knew “I’m a Believer” (thanks to the Shrek
soundtrack), but by the end of the concert she was dancing and clapping and
screaming with everyone else. At the end of the concert they threw out a
couple of drumsticks and the play list, but Davy and Micky never came out
to sign autographs or anything, which left a lot of ladies very
disappointed. Still, for $2 (cost of admission to the track) it was a great



From: Catcollect

Colonial Downs – almost a downer (Not due to the Monkees)

Hello Brad and everyone.

Last night I went to the concert at Colonial Downs Racetrack. (The concert
itself was great! They sang wonderfully and seemed in really good spirits.
More about that later.)
We got there several hours early (almost 3) and went to claim a space for the
concert (it was in front of a tent – you brought your own chairs and set them
where ever you wanted.) There were about 100 people already there when we got
there – most in the center of the stage. The right side and center of the
front had chairs all the way to the roped off area. But there was an area
about 5-6 feet deep and 8 foot wide, right in front on the left side of the
stage. No chairs were there, so we put ours there, figuring the people
already there had the spots they wanted, and no one wanted to sit right in
front of the wall of speakers. Suddenly this lady starts SCREAMING at me
about how rude we were, and that we had moved other peoples chairs (which we
didn’t) and had sat in front of someone (someone who had sat their chairs
about 8 feet from the front and weren’t there – who we later met and talked
to quite a bit – very nice people they were.) Anyway I just looked at the
lady and asked her to calm down and talk (of course – all the other people
there are listening in.) I told her if it really offended her, we’d over
over, and she still kept screaming at us – then her husband joined in. Well,
we moved back and left some space. I thought I’d go over and apologize if we
offended her in any way – and she started screaming at me for that! Can you
believe it? She was telling me how rude I was and to get out of her face.
Then this girl behind her proceeds to tell me I was rude for trying to talk
to this woman. I went and talked to her, and several others who had been
listening, and explained that we assumed no one had wanted to sit there (they
had already chosen their spots and left this one, so I still can’t figure out
what the problem was) and that I was trying to smooth things over with this
lady, but she was just getting nastier. So much for trying to be nice to some
In the meantime, several other people tried to sit in that same spot and we
just kept warning them about this lady and her husband. All these people
thanked us for not allowing them to get into the same situation we had been
in. After a while, one family came (for those of you who were there – this
group included “Debbie” who Davy dedicated the song to!) Debbie and her
family come to the track quite a bit, and have met Davy before. Her 12 year
old son pretty much has the run of the place – a really nice kid – and he
went and found Davy before the concert and asked him to dedicate one to his
mom -how sweet! Anyway, the son set his chair down as I was explaining the
problem to her about the rude people, when one of the other people with this
rude couple starts yelling at her son! He wasn’t going to sit there – it was
obvious he was just waiting for people to move out of his way so he could
move (his mother had already told him not to sit there anyway.) Well, Debbie
got mad and was ready to have track security throw these rude people out (and
they were older – like 50-60 retired type people – just plain self-righteous
nasty people.)
The payback of the evening was that because we left that open space, a bunch
of people came down to get pictures, and never left. They stood in front of
us the whole concert. Because they were standing, we had to stand – but hey –
no problem, we wanted to be able to dance anyway! And I understand people
wanting to get pictures. Everyone was having a good time. But because these
people were so nasty and territorial, they ended up with 3 or 4 rows of
people standing in front of them the whole concert. If they had left us alone
in the first place, they wouldn’t have had that as there wouldn’t have been
any room for people to get in there.
Sorry this is so long, but I needed to vent. In all the Monkees concerts I’ve
gone to over the last 15 years – I’ve NEVER run into people like that! We
ended up talking to about 5 groups of people around us and “bonding” with
them (we had 3 hours before the show started.) It’s just too bad these other
people had to be so mean – especially when I tried to make amends for
something I really didn’t need to.
The concert was really good – it was being filmed by the racetrack, and we
were right beside the cameraman, so Micky and Davy were “playing” to the
camera quite a lot. I’ve sat up close before, but this was really close!
Micky made so many funny faces, it was a hoot. They did the regular order of
pieces, and used the same lines and jokes. Most of us could repeat the
concert word for word. (Come on guys! Get some new lines!) Davy’s horse came
in third in its race by the way – so he was pretty happy.
It was a lot of fun, marred by the nasty people, but we met more nice people
to counteract it.
Thanks for listening!


From: “Charlotte”

Hi! I’m a new member . This is so great! I attended a concert in Fort Erie
Ontario Canada on Tuesday July 9th and it was fantastic! Sold out ! They
were so good! What kills me is when people laugh at me for being a
Monkee’s fan. I don’t care! I was in heaven while they performed and I’ll
never stray. So good to hear other stories!


From: “danielle251”

– I just saw the Monkees in Windsor, Ontario!! The concert was sold
out, but I was determined, so I went anyway, and was rewarded with a
ticket someone had turned in, AND, given a backstage VIP pass, so I
got a photo with them and autographs!! How exciting – I have been
crazy about Davy since I was a little girl! They looked good, oh
yes, and sounded good too. So, if they say sold out, give it a try
anyway. Is Davy married?


From: Krista Wakefield

Hi Brad,
Just wanted to know if anyone else knew that the
July 11th show at Windsor Raceway, Ontario, Canada,
was an adults only show. It wasn’t posted on the
raceway or windsor city websites. Unfortunately,
after driving for 1 1/2 hrs my son (5) and I arrived
to pickup our prepaid tickets and they wouldn’t let
him in; they said we could listen from the parking
lot. We finally got a refund but it would have been
nice to know ahead of time especially since he was
really disappointed. Hope it was a good
show…….Disappointed in Michigan

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