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Osmonds off Monkees Tour

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Erin Pidgeon

I just saw on the Osmond Brothers’ website that they will not be touring
with Micky and Davy this summer. Here’s the web address:

-Erin Pidgeon


From: Jeff Gehringer

This is directly from the Osmonds web site.

Osmond Brothers Wayne, Merrill and Jay were slotted to be the special guest
stars of the Monkeemania Tour with Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz, under the
promotion of David Fishof Presents, Inc. This event was to take place
beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day, 2002. Both groups are currently
on tours of their own, however, due to scheduling conflicts, the Osmond
Brothers and The Monkees will be unable to tour together.

The Osmond Brothers will be continuing their “Back On The Road Again” Tour,
with new dates being added in cities across the U.S. and into Canada

Jeff Gehringer


From: Jeff Gehringer

You can now access the 60’s record collection Davy advertises on television
via their web site. They also have an exclusive interview with Davy that
you can see. Go to, and then click “As seen on TV”.
Click on “60’s gold” and you’ll see the page dedicated to the collection.

Jeff Gehringer


From: Ellen Barnhart

I don’t think it was mentioned in the last Monkees
Alert with all the other listings, but the E! True
Hollywood Story for the Monkees is showing on Tuesday,
February 26.

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK

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