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No Broadway For Micky? Davy Concert Review!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List=97

**More Royals**
According to the producer of “Meet the Royals,” Davy is expected to
come back to film additional episodes on top of the 10 they filmed
this past summer.

**Micky On Broadway???**
I have just gotten some possible bad news directly from Disney’s
theatrical department. They say that, as far as they know, Micky
Dolenz is not expected to play the role of Zoser in “Aida” on
Broadway next year like originally planned. Of course, nothing is
final, so if things do change in the future, they will make an
official announcement.

**Nez Update**
Recently, Videoranch let word out that Mike Nesmith’s “Television
Parts Home Companion” will make it to DVD soon. They also said that
Artist Pro Magazine is working on a Nez songbook that will
tentatively feature 20 of his tunes.

**On TV**
The Monkees will be included in “Popular Song: Soundtrack of the
Century,” a special focusing on pop music throughout the years,
which airs on Bravo on November 19 at 6am EST. For all upcoming
airings of Davy hosting “Meet The Royals” and additional showings of
Micky on “Rock Gardens,” click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances”
link on the news page.

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From: James Lee Stanley

Russ & Julie’s House Concerts is proud to present:

An evening of original acoustic music


Saturday, October 25, 8:00pm

Oak Park, California – $15 per person
(45 miles northwest of Los Angeles near Thousand Oaks)

COSY SHERIDAN has garnered top honors from the country’s most
prestigious songwriting contests: The Kerrville Folk Festival’s
NewFolk Award, The Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s Troubadour Award,
and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Songwriting Showcase Award, to
name just a few. She has five CDs on the Waterbug and
WindRiver/Folk Era record labels. Her song, “Too Much Time”, was
included on the critically acclaimed Putamayo compilation CD,
Shelter in 1994. She has taught songwriting at The Swannanoa
Gathering in Asheville, North Carolina for the past three summers.
Two of her articles for Acoustic Guitar Magazine were recently
included in the instructional book, Performing Acoustic Music,
published by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Cosy also has two brand new CDs out! The first is called Botox Tango
and is a collection of Cosy Sheridan’s noted satirical songwriting,
new and old. These are songs that have been heard on The Dr Demento
Show, NPR’s famed Car Talk, and in Cosy’s infamous Chronicles of Our
Heroine, Chlamydia. Cosy’s second new release is called The
Pomegranate Seed. It’s an exploration of appetite, body-image and
myth in modern culture. The Pomegranate Seed is a one-woman show of
songs and vignettes. The Boston Globe has called Cosy Sheridan “A
wonderfully lively, very funny and enormously amiable entertainer,
with a keen and wicked eye for the excesses of our fast-food, tv-
happy and noisome culture.”

JAMES LEE STANLEY is one of the few undisputed geniuses among singer-
songwriters, landing his first recording contract by the age of 14.
By the time he landed his second recording contract, he was
performing 300 dates a year with such diverse acts as Bonnie Raitt,
Robin Williams, Chick Corea and Bill Cosby. He unites unpredictable
creativity and numerous eclectic elements with his remarkable
ability as a vocalist and composer. This coupled with his
outrageously hilarious repartee makes every performance an event.

Among James Lee Stanley’s 17 album releases, his Freelance Human
Being CD has been called one of the finest recordings of 1998 and
one of the Top 200 Recordings of all time. He also scored the Emmy
winning Cathy specials (from the comic strip) for prime time TV!
James Lee Stanley’s newest CD, Traces of the Old Road (officially
released October 21st), is one of his very best; we believe that
it’s destined to be classic. (It’s been getting lots of play in our
home.) It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years
since James Lee Stanley performed here last and he is certainly back
by popular demand!

ATTENTION MUSICIANS!! We will be having a song circle starting
shortly after the performance ends. So please bring your guitar and
plan to stick around after the concert. We’ll keep the coffee

This is going to be another entertaining evening featuring two
wonderful singer-songwriters. If you plan to attend, be sure to
RSVP today to Russ & Julie at

We hope to see you then!

Russ & Julie
Russ & Julie’s House Concerts

James Lee Stanley Official Website:


From: “The Monkeegirl”

According to,
Don’t Knock the Rock Film and Music Festival, founded by filmmaker
and professor, Allison Anders (“Grace of My Heart,” “Gas Food
Lodging”), and two governing forces in independent film, The
American Film Institute (AFI) and will host a
retrospective of their best films at the New Orleans Media
Experience (“The Experience”). The Experience is the first-of-its-
kind convergence festival celebrating the best of film, music,
advertising and videogames to take place from October 26th through
November 1st in New Orleans.

Don’t Knock the Rock will screen three feature films: “Down and Out
with the Dolls” directed by Kurt Voss ; “Head,” co-written by actor
Jack Nicholson and Monkees’ creator Bob Rafelson; and “Performance”
directed by Donald Cammell and Nicholas Roeg, and starring James Fox
and Mick Jagger. The films will be screened at the State Theater.

The Monkeegirl


From: “Julie”

Davy at the Tulsa State Fair Oct. 4th was a dream come true!!
And sharing it with my friend Vickie/Mississippi Queen, whom I met
on Davy’s message board a few years back, made it a cherished
memory!! Since seating was General Admission for the outdoor stage,
and we were determined to get the best, we arrived at 11 a.m. on
that cloudy Saturday morning for front row-center!! Things got a
little more exciting when the band showed up to do the sound check.
Loved seeing Sandy, Dave and Aviva again. Must have missed, (or
forgotten), seeing Mark and Eric back in Fayetteville, AR Dec.
2001!! Man, as soon as I spotted Eric, first thing I blurted out
was “OMG, he looks just like Davy at that age!!” (Davy made a
similar comment during the show!!) Greg looks great, and was nice
enough to approach and say HI to those of us seated. Can’t help but
notice how much he looks like a young Tom Hanks!! I enjoyed watching
Mark work. He’s all business!! Cracked up when MQ and I over heard a
woman on her cell phone, telling that “Davy was just on stage for
the sound check, and the concert will start in an hour”!! It was
Mark on stage!! LOL! We looked at each other and giggled!!But let me
tell you. When our much loved David Jones took the stage at 8 p.m.,
he was breathtaking! He was wearing a white shirt with a black,
tuxedo style suit, his hair was natural and just the right length.
He was a vision of perfection! And his voice, his
performance…flawless. This man has still “got it goin’ on”!!
Mercy!! Davy’s interaction with the crowd is brave, enjoyable, and
very special! He strolled the crowd with microphone in hand, and
invited audience members to sing “The Brady Bunch” theme!! My voice
was still shot from the Trace Adkins concert we attended a few
nights before, and I’m afraid my vocals weren’t exactly…ready for
public personification!! Hubby confirmed this after the show!! LOL!
At one point, when Davy spoke of being the “Manchester Cowboy” I
held up my sign which read “Manchester Cowboy…Just Me”. HE READ IT
ALOUD!! I flipped it over, and he also read “Welcome to
Oklahoma…Davy’s Okie Dancer” Then he asked “are you a dancer?” I
totally became weak kneed (and apparently hearing impaired), and
missed the musical accompaniment, (ala strip tease style), and could
only mumble “umm….no”!! Man, I wish I coulda kept it together and
invited him to some Okie style 2-steppin!! ROTFLOL!! Davy was then
gracious enough to greet fans and sign autographs after the show.I
want to add how embarrassed I was about the stage production crew
who was hired for the fair this year, and have since e-mailed the
fair board to report their incompetence during both concerts we
attended. Wondering if Davy has ever descended into a crowd
previously, on a set of steps that included a bale of HAY!!! OMG, I
wanted to crawl under my chair!! And Mark’s reaction, when at one
point, after the lengthy sound check, he stated “this d*#n amp
sounds like s#*t!!” I wanted to rise to my feet and applaud him!!
THANKS to Davy and the band, again, for such an awesome experience.
Sandy, thanks for the set list. You’re a sweetheart! MQ….your
….Davy’sOkieDancer/Julie/in OKLA.

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