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New tour dates, radio interview

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From: Brad Waddell

I’m traveling, but the Monkees tour news never stops. It looks like this
tour is longer and in bigger venues than the spring tour. Enjoy the shows!


From: “Anthony Forier”

These dates are for The Monkees from

Date City Venue
Fri 05/11/01 Indianapolis, IN Convention Center
Sat 05/26/01 Cleveland, OH Burke Lakefront Airport
Sun 05/27/01 Lexington, KY Applebees Park
Fri 06/29/01 Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill
Thu 07/12/01 Holmdel, NJ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
Sun 07/22/01 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap Filene Ctr.

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From: Kim

Hal Blaine will be the guest on Tuesday’s Fresh Air program. Check your
local public radio station for the time. Otherwise, you can listen to it as
soon as it is webbed on the site:

That is the link that you can use tomorrow.

(he was a drummer for The Monkees and Michael Nesmith)


From: MTreppiedi

Of course I cannot confirm this yet by looking at either or (I didn’t really expect to find it there so soon anyway!), but
I just got this e-mail this afternoon from a friend. See my note after her
e-mail as well.

Although you probably know this already, the PNC Bank Arts Center released
the show dates for this summer
and the Monkees will be at there on July 12th, but the
tickets aren’t going on sale this weekend and the
prices haven’t been released yet. Just a heads-up so
you can be on the lookout for it.

Other than this e-mail from her, THIS IS ALL I KNOW. 🙂 It IS on the PNC
Bank Arts Center schedule page:

Just a little something for those close enough (or able to travel!) to
Holmdel, NJ to look forward to!

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs


From: “Conni Hilscher”

Ticketmaster has announced a Monkees concert at Freedom Hall Amphitheatre
in Sterling Heights, MI on 6/29 (Friday) at 7:30 pm. Tix go on sale on
4/23 (Monday) at 10 am.

Peace –


From: “Conni Hilscher”

Ticketmaster has announced 2 new concert dates:

Sat., 5/26 9PM
Cleveland, OH
Burke Lakefront Airport

TIX ON SALE FRI., 4/27 at 10 AM

Sun., 5/28 7:30PM
Lexington, KY
Applebees Park




From: “r_carbone”

I very good friend of mine is such a conasouir of rock bands from the 50’s
thru the 80’s that he picked up on an error in the “MONKEES MUSIC BOX four
CD boxset. On page 55, the photo is actually BOB SHANE instead of JOHN
STEWART. He even went as far as to check his LP collection of ” THE KINGSTON
TRIO “and found the album ” HERE WE GO AGAIN”. made in 1959. The same
setting in the studio is from the album cover is it not? My friend says
he’s so upset.
hope to here from you.


From: Ellen Barnhart

“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” (as performed by the
Monkees) is featured in a new Miller Genuine Draft
commercial. I spotted it during last night (4/26)’s
episode of ER, about ten minutes or so into the

A sunbathing woman can’t get the bottle open, so a man
comes up, opens it, and walks away with the bottle. I
have to say, the song fits.

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK

And don’t forget: Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!


From: “Colleen Koskinen”

This might be old news, but in case it isn’t – High school pictures of
Mickey and Mike are on They have a celebrity section with
pictures of famous people way back when. It is in alphabetical order (so
look under D and N).

The pictures of the guys from high school are very cute!




From: DrewThomas

The Lexington May 27th concert is confirmed. Clear Channel & SFX is
handling the show and we have the Monkees confirmed to play at the Lexington
Legends Ball Park. If you have any questions, please give me a call!



From: “Davy’s Dream Web”


Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Davy’s long
awaited album “Just Me’ will be released this week. This album
is a compilation of songs written and produced by Davy himself.
It will be available through Davy Direct (or mail order) and I will
be sending out an update later this week to let you know when it
is included at Davy Direct for online purchase.

Have a wonderful week,


From: EvilChewbacca

I’ve heard about this Monkees
convention it LA september 9-10th, at a Garland Hall. Do you have more
information about that?

(ed: no, but maybe somebody reading this does?)


From: “Estrella Lee”

It was reported on a.m.m. that The Monkees will play in North Platte,
Nebraska for the state’s formerly-primarly country Nebraskaland Days
festival on Monday, June 18. I checked out the NLD website and they
have TBA on it, so I guess it hasn’t been confirmed with the venue
(or perhaps the webmaster/mistress).

If anyone is interested at this time (tickets will not be mailed
after June 5th, so you have some time to wait and see if this gig is
confirmed), they have a web site w/ a mail order form you can print
out at:

and a contact e-mail for more information:



From: Melhi

>I just read that the monkees are coming to colorado to
>play at the greeley stampede in greeley co on june 23

For tickets or more information:

970-356-BULL or 800-982-BULL Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

The website is still under construction, but you can keep checking back for
it to be up:


Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in it

Melhi 101:


From: “Samantha Tully”

I don’t know if this is true Monkee news or not, but I just saw Jeff Geddis
on TV!

It was a show called “Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science”, a show that
is only shown in Canada I think. Jeff played a killer. The episode name was
“Double Jeopardy”. I have it on tape and if I get around to it, I’ll try to
capture some parts on my computer.



From: Phillymood

Hi – I came online searching for what other shows might be around in July. I
just heard the Monkees will be at a free show in Boston on July 14th ( I’m
pretty sure it was the 14th anyway…it all happened so quick!) Anyway, I
only have found a date for the 13th so far, so just in case you didn’t know
about this one I thought I’d send it along. I think it was sponsered by
Oldies 103.3 in Boston.

Thanks for all the info on the site…I’m going back to read more now!

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