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New Tour Dates – National Enquirer Photo

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From: Brad Waddell

We at Monkees.Net have re-launched our discussion board, with a new
improved design which is much easier to use. Please check it out and let me=

know what you think. It’s the best place to setup meetings before Monkees s=

Speaking of show dates…


Monkee Business Fanzine Monkees News Update
updated June 12, 2001

The Monkees (Micky, Davy & Peter) have resumed
their 2001 reunion tour for the summer months. Below
is the concert schedule as we now know it. DATES ARE
SUBJECT TO CHANGE—please confirm with the individual
venue and please contact the venue for ticket information.
MBF will issue further updates as we receive them from
David Fishof Presents. In between, you can check,, and www.ticket- for updates.

The Monkees’ May 31 appearance at CBS’s “The Early
Show” will air June 18th.

June 12, House of Blues, Chicago, IL, 312-923-2000
June 13, Embassy Centre, Fort Wayne, IN, 219-424-5665,
June 15, Red River Valley Fair, Fargo, ND, 701-282-2200
or 800-456-6408,
June 16, **CANCELLED**, Midwest Wireless Civic Center,
Nankato, MN
June 17, Steamboat Days, Burlington, IA, 319-754-4334,
June 18, Nebraskaland Days, North Platte, NE,
302-532-7939, 888-313-5606,
June 20, Coronado Theatre, Rockford, IL, 815-968-5222
June 22, Country Jam USA, Grand Junction, CO, 800-
June 23, Greeley Independence Stampede, Greeley, CO,
June 24, Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs, CO,
June 28, Kewadin Casino, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, 906-632-0530,
June 29, Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, Sterling Heights, MI,
810-268-5100, 810-979-7010
June 30, Allegheny Fair, South Park, PA, 412-243-FAIR
July 1, Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA, 800-863-3336,
July 3, The Bay Center, Dewey Beach, DE, 302-227-3888
July 5, House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC, 843-272-3000
July 6, Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN, 865-522-1194
July 7, Harbor Center, Portsmouth, VA, 757-393-5327
July 10, Portland Exposition Building, Portland, ME,
July 12, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, 732-335-8698,
July 13, Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, MA, 508-775-9100,
July 14, Hatch Shell, The Esplanade, Boston, MA (free)
July 15, Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY, 631-888-9000,
July 16, Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY, 631-888-9000,
July 19, Pines Theatre, Florence, MA, 413-584-5457
July 20, Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center, Gilford, NH.
July 21 (afternoon), Buffalo Bisons Park, Buffalo, NY,
July 21 (evening), Trump Marina, Atlantic City, NJ, 609-441-2000,
July 22, Wolf Trap Filene Center, Vienna, VA, 703-218-6500,
July 26, King Center, Melbourne, FL, 321-242-2219,
July 27, Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL,
941-481-4849, 800-440-7469,
July 28, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL,
941-953-3368, 800-826-9303,
August 3, **CANCELLED** Johnny Mercer Theatre,
Savannah, GA

An August leg of the tour is being put together for the West Coast.

Natural has rejoined the tour as the Monkees’ “guest band”. Their
new website is Natural already has
an exclusive promotional deal with Claire’s, the national chain of
accessories stores, Claire’s is selling their
new CD single, and Natural is making personal appearances at
Claire’s stores nationwide during the tour. Look for the July 2001
issue of “Pop Star!” magazine, which features Natural and include=
a one-page article on Natural’s experiences on the Monkees tour.

Tentative U.K. dates:
Oct. 20, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Oct. 21, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Oct. 22, Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, ENGLAND
Oct. 23, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, ENGLAND
Oct. 24, Telewest Arena, Newcastle, ENGLAND
Oct. 25, NEC, Birmingham, ENGLAND
Oct. 26, Wembley Arena, London, ENGLAND

Micky has several irons in the fire this year professionally—he directed =
movie in January and will be directing a pilot for the Disney Channel
later this year—but he still finds time to tour with the Monkees and
in his own solo rock’n’roll show of Monkees hits and rock classics, backed
by his band and his sister Coco on vocals:
August 25, Lincoln Park (Greyhound Dog Track), Lincoln, RI, free concert,
800-720-PARK, with Bobby Sherman & Peter Noone
Nov. 21-28, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, sailing Nov. 18 and Nov. 25
Jan. 13-20, Costa Victoria cruise ship, sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL,
with Peter Noone and Paul Revere & The Raiders

Peter Tork and his Shoe Suede Blues band will play the following dates:
August 9, Skagit County Fair, Mount Vernon, WA, 360-336-9453
August 10, Issaquah Full Scale Festival, Issaquah, WA, 425-392-6342
August 11, Centennial Theatre at McCosh Park, Moses Lake summer
concert series, Moses Lake, WA, 509-766-9240 or
August 12, Nisqually Red Wind Casino, Olympia, WA, 360-412-5000

Michael Nesmith is working on his movie, “Fried Pies”, a second novel, The
America Gene, and he has just moved his company Videoranch to Monterey,
Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing some of Nez’s films on DVD for the
first time—“Tapeheads” and his concert video “Live at the Britt” are alre=
available, and “Timerider” is expected in 2002.
Nez’s company Videoranch has reissued his “Live at the Palais” concert albu=
on CD, complete with bonus tracks.
Check out for details and updates.

Rhino Handmade’s newest project, released May 9 by mail order only, is a
collection of live concert recordings from the Monkees’ 1967 tour—
check it out now at
Last year, Rhino Handmade released a 3-CD set, “Headquarters Sessions”,
chronicling the making of the Monkees’ album “Headquarters”.
The compilation makes use of unreleased demos, backing tracks, studio chatt=
song fragments, and early versions of tracks.
On Feb. 13, 2001, Rhino retired the “Listen To The Band” Monkees 4-CD
boxed set and replaced it with “The Monkees Music Box”, an updated 4-CD
set which includes some unreleased alternate versions of Monkees
tunes from tapes which have surfaced since the release of the previous box
set. See for a detailed track listing.

Maggie McManus (
2770 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08610-3622
Four issues per year, $14 per year.
Make check/money order payable to Maggie McManus.
Want to try an issue first before subscribing?
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The June 19 National Enquirer magazine features a large color photo of the=

Monkees backstage at a Broadway show about Janis Joplin. They spelled Micky=

correctly, but flubbed Davy’s name! This will go off stands in a day or
two, so grab it while you can!


From: Raena Aura

Hey! I was watching TV a little while ago, and on Screengems Network next
week they’re going to have “Before They Were Stars” episodes, and then they
showed which shows would be on. Well, I’m not sure who’s the “Star Before
They Were A Star,” but I guess someone’s in the Monkees, because that was o=
of the shows that’s going to be on. It should be on around 8 or 8:30 (that=
Central time) in the morning, but I’m not sure what day.
God bless and Peace!
Raena Aura


From: “Kristi”

According to the VH1 website, there will be a “Behind the Music”
episode featuring the Monkees on June 26th at 8pm EST. Let’s keep
that train movin’!!!



From: “Grant Taylor”

On 2nd July, 2001 IMC Video in the U.K. are scheduled to release the “Hey
Hey We’re The Monkees” documentary on PAL VHS VIDEO. This will be its
first release outside of the U.S.A. and will retail for 9.99pounds.

You can order at:



From: Tiffany Spiecker

There was a local program on earlier tonight called “Dateline Jacksonville”=

where Jacksonville, Florida’s main news show presented a special about the=

city in Dateline format. They aired parts of an interview with NSync since=

they kicked off their world tour here a couple weeks ago, and the guys from=

NSync were discussing their celebrity status. Chris Kirkpatrick commented
that none of the guys really considered themselves to be the biggest boy
band since the Beatles. He said it’s “like the whole Davy Jones thing,”
that 30 or so years from now, they’ll all be on Geritol and the girls will=

still go crazy. The anchorperson said she really liked Davy Jones and hopes=

he’s not on Geritol.



From: “Cindy Large”

I went and saw Mark Lindsay — formerly of Paul Revere and the Raiders —
at the 4th Annual Miller Lite Pizza Challenge here in Toledo on Fri. night=

(June 8th). He put on a very entertaining show, and the very last song he
did was “Steppin’ Stone.” He talked about how everyone thinks that the
Monkees did the song first but really it was the Raiders — the Raiders’
version was released in Jan. ’66. Mark talked for a bit about Boyce and
Hart, then said that Micky “copied” the vocal ad-libs he did on the
original and used them on the Monkees’ version. (IMO, I must disagree —
I’d heard the Raiders’ version and I think Micky does a superior job

Anyway, after the show Mark signed autograps so I stood in line — when he=

signed my CD I told him that I had really enjoyed his show and thought he’d=

done a good job of entertaining everyone. He made a comment that I was too=

young to be a Raiders fan — to which I responded “I’m not, I’m a Monkees
fan” and walked away. 🙂



In Playboy magazine July 2001 page 38 describes Micky Dolenz leading the
loudest drumroll at the Hard Rock in Florida.


From: Kim

Monkees’ mention in “Rolling Stone”

On page 55 of the June 21, 2001 issue (Summer Concert Guide is at the top
of the cover), the Monkees rate the following mention:

“The Monkees are returning to the road this summer, staging a sixty-date
North American tour from June through August.” This sentence is to be found=

in the upper left corner of the page in the yellow box titled “Tour News”.


From: “Bandsix”

Just heard this – good news for UK fans!

Hey Hey We’re The Monkees” is being released by IMC Distribution (Cat#
IMC335) on July 2 (RRP =A310.99). This is the Rhino documentary getting a
belated UK release, to coincide with the tour presumably.

Sue Waller
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: Lonestranger~0

monkees parady musical

Hi again-

Well, I got my “Monkee friend” to go see The Pennies with 2 non-Monkee
friends and they all LOVED it. I convinced my hubby to stop working on h=
Mini Cooper in the garage long enough check it out for the Saturday
matinee(he knows enough about the Monkees but there’s not too much love)…=
loved it SO much he said he couldn’t stop smiling and I heard him laughing
aloud throughout. I had a Tammy-Faye eyemakeup run from laughing so hard
even the second time. He said he would go again, but alas, it’s done for
it’s local run. I asked the woman who was selling CDs if the production ha=
plans to move to other venues. She said there was talk of NYC and
California….but nothing concrete. If I hear anything I’ll pass it along.
I bought a CD and it is cute. Not something I’d play a lot, but it’s anoth=
neat related thing to have.

Enjoy the day!

Show Reviews

From: Susan Diers

To The Monkees:

I was lucky enough to see your the Lincoln, Nebr. concert last night at the=

Lied Center.
My friend and I had so much fun seeing The Monkees in person! The music was=


We also liked the opening act. Those young men are very talented and had
wonderful voices.

The whole concert was very moving and kept people of all ages hopping and
swaying to the music.

My only suggestion is (and remember this is coming from a 51 year old baby=

boomer who watched all the TV shows the Monkees made while in high school)=

is to tone down the bass beat. I think as I get older it is harder to hear=

different levels of music and they all blend together or get covered by one=

particular sound. In this case the drummer who looked like “Potsy” of Happy=

Days fame kind of had a heavy foot. Maybe it was where we were sitting —
on first floor under the balcony — right in front of the sound and light
machine with the technician or maybe the microphone by the drum was turned=

up too loud. But it sounded like a cannon firing with each beat, it was so=

overwhelming I could feel it in my chest — kind of like when one of those=

loud cars comes up behind you in traffic. I am sure the young listeners
loved it…but it made it hard for us baby boomers to hear the singing and=

words which are so important to us in a concert like this.

I loved the jazz song Micky sang. It started out so bluesy and then that
beat came in and overpowered the words.

David had unending energy as he bounced and sang and danced around the
stage. Peter was funny as ever.

The very best part was when just the three of you sat on the stage, center=

stage and just did your thing that you do so well. It was just perfect. You=

were most generous to the audience, which sometimes entertainers are not.

Thank you for what you do. You are truly talented performers!

Susan Diers


From: “Denise McCabe”

Just a quick note about the St. Louis show.

I got to hear a couple minutes of the sound check because I had to run to
the restroom (you had to go through the theatre to get to the
restroom). Peter was running down Higher & Higher. He did it on banjo
this time! (He played guitar in Lexington.)

Micky, Davy, and Peter were very solid and pumped–as were the rest of the=

band! The house looked packed from our seats (third row left) and full of=

energetic concert goers. They did their usual numbers and routines and all=

the usual jokes (with one extra that got a big laugh–I’ll get to that in a=

bit). Davy stopped the music a couple of times when some people in the
first few rows were getting up to leave while he was singing. After he
humiliated them he took back up (leaving everybody in their seats until
Natural came on—which, unfortunately for Natural became a bathroom
break/drink run for many people).

Natural had a LOT of problems–they didn’t have their own instruments
(ironic, eh?) and/or equipment so we got a special version of their songs
(acoustic). They said nobody else had ever heard it like that and nobody
else would–which reminds me…did anybody get any audio of the concert?
;o) Their mics weren’t working and they were trying so hard to please and=

make jokes. They seemed a little nervous because of the situation, but
came through it ok. After about ten minutes everybody’s mics were working=

and they did a few songs. I must say my husband and I were pleasantly
surprised! They did a couple of their own songs with their (borrowed?)
instruments which the audience received rather well. Then they did an a
capella medley of Billy Joel songs and several people were up and dancing
and singing along. I must say, I hope these guys make it—besides the
other obvious Monkees similarities, these guys have musical talent (not
just singing and dancing like N’Sync and Backstreet Boys).

When the Monkees came back on-stage Davy’s mic wasn’t working, so he
switched with Micky. He went to the middle of the stage and said “I’m
ready. Let’s do some more songs.” Eventually they all ended up on Micky’s=

side of the stage talking about mics. Micky says “Talking about
Mike.” Peter goes “Where is Mike?” In unison all three say “He’s
GONE!” (Think the bedroom scene from the beginning of Mijacogeo). That
got a HUGE laugh from the audience.

Unfortunately, Micky, Davy, and Peter did not do the acoustic set like they=

did in Lexington, but it was all good anyway! The Fox Theatre was
absolutely gorgeous and the terrific venue combined with the super crowd
helped to kick off the official summer tour of 2001. After the concert I
got another set list (Peter’s from his keyboard this time). About 100
people gathered outside to see the Monkees off. Peter was the only one who=

acknowledged the fans–he came out and waved and posed for pictures, Micky=

and Davy went straight into the bus. I can’t wait for the show tonight in=

Kansas City :o)



From: “Kenneth Slone”

I grew up watching the Monkees in the mid sixties and when I heard they
were coming to Lexington, KY I had to see them. After all these years I
didn’t think I would ever have the opportunity. We were right in front of
the stage, second row. They were awesome. The biggest surprise was
Davy. He is really short, much more than I ever imagined, but his voice is=

better now than it was when he was nineteen. Peter has matured a lot but
has this crazy haircut that sticks straight up. He was quite funny. Micky=

was very funny and did most of the singing for their hit songs. He only
played drums on one song the rest of the time he played a Taylor
guitar. If you liked the Monkees growing up you need to see this show.



From: Robin

I got to go to the Monkees concert here in St. Louis last night and it was
great. I had terrific seats, and the guys were as good as I remembered fro=
other concerts. The only thing that I didn’t like was that they did so man=
independent songs rather than Monkee’s songs. I mean I understand a few, b=
they didn’t even sing Last Train To Clarksville. Overall I had a wonderful
time, but it was suprising.


From: dawn gray

I went to the Monkees concert last night 06/09 here in
Kansas City.What can I say it was EXCELLENT! They are
true performers and their camaraderie and love for each
other and for their fans is just amazing! They played
for over 2 hours! It was just so wonderful! I was a
fan before (of course) but this was just, well it was
a dream come true for me!They played all of the
oldies, Davy sang songs from Oliver, Mickey sang jazz,
Peter played the organ,they talked about their
families and told stories.My mother (who is 61) just
had a ball!They had an excellent opening band
(Natural) and a great back up band including 3 guys
who were the horn section who danced and did crazy
things! It was a night I will never forget! Dawn Gray


From: “Joseph Ferguson”

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time at the June 8th show=

here in St. Louis! It was quite unbelievable actually. My friend and I got=

to hang out with Micky all night long after the show ended. A dream come
true. He is a great guy. They always put on the best show! Good luck on
the rest of the tour.


From: John Bordeau

I saw the St Louis show and the Kansas City show this weekend. I had seen
them in CT back in March and they have improved. Sound quality and balance
were better. They were much more relaxed and enjoying themselves. Micky has
really loosened up. And looks like he lost 15 lbs. David has a haircut that
looks good an is a vast improvement over that silly mullet he started the
tour with. I wanna be free and Its Nice to be with you have been added to
the set. But unfortunately, What am I doin hangin round was removed from th=
acoustic set. They were in top form. A live CD of the Vegas show is now
avail at the concerts for $20. I have listened to it and its just OK. The
shows I saw were better than the CD. They were excellent!


From: David White

Hey Brad:

I saw the Monkees last night (Sunday, June 10th) at the Lied Center in
Lincoln, Nebraska. The first 2 rock and roll bands that I was turned on to=

as a kid were the Beatles and the Monkees. I’m 35 so I never got to see the=

Beatles, however I saw Paul McCartney in concert 11 years ago. I never saw=

the Monkees in concert until last night. It was well worth the wait.

The concert started with the back-up musicians playing an instrumental
medley of Monkees tunes. Then Peter, Davy, and Mickey came out doing the
“famous” Monkee-walk and opened the 2-hour show with “Last Train To
Clarksville.” Afterwards, they did a string of their big hits. Peter,
Davy, and Mickey took time to do their own thing. Davy did his Monkee
ballads like “I Wanna Be Free” & “It’s Nice To Be With You.” Plus, Davy
did his big solo hit “Girl” (that he performed on an episode of “The Brady=

Bunch” in 1972), “You’re My Forever” which had the girls screaming & a
medley of songs from the musical “Oliver” that Davy starred in in England
before the Monkees. Peter did the Monkees songs that he sang lead on like=

“Your Auntie Grizelda” and “Long Title” (from the Monkees’ 1968 movie
“Head”) Peter also sang the Little Richard classic “Lucille”, played some=

Bach on the piano/Korg synthesizer and broke out his banjo to do a great
Monkees’ version of Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher.” Mickey also sang=

lead on his Monkee songs like “Mary, Mary” & “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” as=

well as doing a short version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” where the
back-up musicians booed and shouted “We Want Davy” (to help Mickey tell the=

story of how Jimi Hendrix was booed off-stage when he opened up for the
Monkees in 1967.) Mickey also sang his version of Lenny Welch’s “Since I
Fell For You.” The 3 Monkees did an acoustic set of “Papa Gene Blues” (a
Michael Nesmith song that they did in his absence), “Take A Giant Step” &
“You and I” (from the Monkees’ 1996 CD “Justus.”) The Monkees brought the=

packed-house to their feet with “Daydream Believer” in which the members of=

the rock group Natural (the opening act for the Monkees) came on stage to
join the Monkees. They ended the set with “That Was Then, This Is Now”,
“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” & “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

It was a “Pleasant Valley Sunday” indeed on a hot 90 degree summer day in
Lincoln, Nebraska. After 35 years, the Monkees still have it. A GREAT

Here is the list of songs the Monkees did last night in order
June 10, 2001
Lincoln, Nebraska
Lied Center for Performing Arts

Last Train to Clarksville
Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow
For Pete’s Sake
Randy Scouse Git
Mary, Mary
Your Auntie Grizelda
It’s Nice To Be With You
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
She Hangs Out
Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
Circle Sky
I Wanna Be Free
You’re My Forever
Goin’ Down
Higher & Higher
Purple Haze
Since I Don’t Have You
“Oliver” Medley–Consider Yourself/I’ll Do Anything
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Shades of Gray
Bach piano
Papa Gene Blues
Take A Giant Step
You and I
I’m A Believer
Can You Dig It?
Porpoise Song (theme from “Head”)
Listen To The Band
Daydream Believer
That Was Then, This Is Now
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
Pleasant Valley Sunday

“The Whitester” Dave White
Omaha, Nebraska

P.S. Thanks for your newsletter. I would not have even heard about the
Monkees coming to Lincoln without it.

(ed: thats why we do it – thanks!!)


From: “Denise McCabe”

Brad: Here’s a review about the Kansas City show. However, there’s a lot=

about after the show. Feel free to edit, cut, or completely throw out at w=

Having just been to the St. Louis show the night before, we didn’t get much=

sleep, but that was ok—we were
going to be staying in KC in a nice hotel after the concert. The venue was=

very similar to the Fox theatre–very ornate. I didn’t like the stage
setup, though. At first I didn’t think we were going to be able to see
Peter at all–there were lots of speakers on the edges of the stage and we=

had 11th row FAR left seats–thank you ticketmaster.

This night started off with Natural. Actually I liked their acoustic set
better from the night before (even though there were several technical
problems at St. Louis), but they were received well by the crowd
(especially for being “unknown”). I liked the songs they played as well as=

sang the best (low point was the song and dance routine that sounded and
looked TOO much like N’Sync’s Bye, Bye, Bye). The high point was
definitely the a capella medley of Billy Joel songs. After Natural was
done we asked a security guard if he would get their autographs on a poster=

we had gotten from Popstar magazine (I bought it at Claire’s with the CD
single so we could hear what they were like). He brought it back to
me—signed—I hope their first single is a number one hit—I could use a=

little extra cash from Ebay. ;o)

After Natural left it took a while to get set back up for the Monkees, but=

finally they started! I didn’t think the crowd was as “into” it as the St.=

Louis crowd had been, but my husband disagrees. There were some seats in
the back of the auditorium unfilled and that might have made me think there=

was less volume and energy. The setlist was basically the same–with
basically the same jokes–however, Micky did the joke about selling his
towel on Ebay (which I had only seen at his solo sets before then). During=

Auntie Grizelda Peter got up on the speakers on the right side of the stage=

to dance. The acoustic set was put back in for KC and when the Monkees did=

Daydream Believer, Natural came back out on stage. At that point the
audience was on their feet and stayed there for the encore. The Monkees
Monkee-Walked off the stage and Peter came back out to bask in the glow of=

the standing ovation. Davy came back after him, put him over his shoulder=

and carried him off the stage–Davy’s a lot stronger than you would think
somebody that small would be! :o)

It looked like Micky, Peter and Davy were having more fun than the night
before—probably because there weren’t so many technical
difficulties. After the concert we went to be with the crowd who was
waiting for the band to get on the bus. Peter and Davy just went straight=

into the bus, but after Micky put his stuff on the bus, he came back
outside and signed a bunch of autographs (including our Live 2001 CD we had=

bought in St. Louis). Finally the bus left and it was all over. :o) Sort=


Turns out we had reservations at the same hotel that the Monkees and
Natural were staying at. Before I got back from parking the car, Natural
had checked in and Micky greeted each member. Rob was sitting in the lobby=

and overheard Micky talking with Marc saying he had never seen that much of=

a crowd reaction for someone who was essentially an unknown act opening for=

someone established. Marc from Natural later came up to Rob (my husband)
and said hello–Rob has no clue why Marc came up to him–he wasn’t wearing=

a Monkees shirt or anything–but he said hello back and complimented
Natural on their sound. Marc was very gracious and
appreciative—hopefully success won’t turn them into jerks! He sounds
like a sweet guy–I wish I would have been there too. ;o)

We hadn’t eaten supper yet, so once we got settled in our room I went to
the front desk to ask where we could get a bite to eat. Micky was having a=

drink by the counter–I guess he was waiting for someone–and when I walked=

by he said hi to me and I responded hello and that we really enjoyed the
show. I was surprised that Micky was being so public, because there were
probably a dozen or more people sitting outside of the hotel. I don’t know=

if the hotel’s security was keeping them out or if they were just keeping
their distance because when we came in the doorman hadn’t even asked if we=

had reservations. It was the most relaxed I had ever seen any of the
Monkees (which was soon to be replaced with my encounter with Davy the next=


Apparently the desk clerk had told us to go to the same place as she told
Micky, because when we got there–Micky was there with a couple of
people. We almost didn’t go in, because we didn’t want Micky to think we
were following him! But we decided to go ahead and go in and just stay in=

a corner so we wouldn’t starve. After a while they left (but not until
after somebody went up to Micky and asked for his autograph). After we
finished eating we decided to go to the bar next door (we heard music
coming from it and we weren’t quite ready to call it a night), but when we=

walked past the window we saw Micky inside and decided to not go in (lest=

he think we really were stalking him ;o). So we just went back to the
hotel room to go to bed.

In the morning we went to breakfast and after we had been there for about
ten minutes in came Davy–he sat a couple of tables away from us. He got
the buffet and when he went to the line Rob was getting something from the=

buffet. He commented on the nice shirt Rob was wearing (one of the blue
tie-dyed concert shirts), and Rob said we had really enjoyed the show. As=

Davy walked by our table he said hi to me (he kind of had a puzzled look)
and I said hi back. His second trip to the buffet line he stopped at our
table and said “I’ve met you before, haven’t I?” (I couldn’t believe he
had remembered us!! But butterflies were in my stomach because he had!
:o) “You were the ones I had breakfast with in Chicago?” To which we
replied, actually it was Columbia, Missouri and yes that was us. He told
us that he had the stuffed horse in his house (the day we had breakfast
with him (April 22, 2000) we had given him a stuffed animal horse after
the concert that night). He shook our hands and said it was good to see us=

again and that he was glad we enjoyed the show. After we were done eating=

and were leaving he said good bye to us. He was so sweet and so
real. There were no cameras or radio personalities close by for him to be=

playing the part of super nice celebrity “Davy Jones with the stars in his=

eyes”–I truly feel he was being genuine and sincere. In fact there were
maybe six people in the restaurant besides us (and they were on the other
side of the room–and were probably oblivious to who Davy was), so there
was no “audience” like there was when we had breakfast with him the year

We checked out pretty late and were about to leave when Peter came down
right at the stroke of noon–(checkout time–nothing like
procrastinating). The bus was already gone so we figured everybody had
already left, so we were caught off guard when we saw him. We did have our=

camera and our copy of the 2001 Live in Las Vegas CD in our bag. We
approached him and apologized for bugging him as we said hi. We said we
had never met him before and told him it was a great concert. He said
that it was all right (that we had come up to him). We asked if we could
get an autograph and a picture and he said sure. So we asked Peter’s
traveling companion (his brother?) to take the picture of the three of
us. We said good bye and thank you, but not before we asked if he was
going to be bringing Shoe Suede Blues to Missouri–he responded they would=

be in Washington state in August (I wonder if his geography teacher is
proud ;o). It was really nice that he did that without complaining on his=

down time–it probably helped that there was no welcoming committee (after=

we were finished with breakfast there was a family in the lobby with
Monkees records and cameras–they were gone by the time we checked out).

So goes the story of our experiences in Kansas City. It was a great
concert and all three of the Monkees were friendly (especially Davy). I
almost forgot. I also had a chance to talk with Dave Alexander (the
keyboard player) and he was ALSO really sweet. You couldn’t find a nicer
guy :o)


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