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From: Brad Waddell

From: Mary

Sorry, that is July 28 in Sarasota, NOT July 8!



From: Susan W Chambless

Just to let you know…
This year’s Grammy program has an article about music video celebrating
it’s twentieth year. Mike Nesmith is quoted in the article and there is
a black and white photo.
He talks a little about the Monkees. Then mostly about video. He was
interviewed since he was the first winner of the Grammy for video of the
year in 1981.

Susan Chambless


From: ” Sally Carpenter”

Today I was reading the Los Angeles Daily News and came across the four
page pull-out section “Kid’s Daily News.” On the back of that section was=

this advertisement under “acting classes”:

by Ami Dolenz
Ages 7-16
“Discovering creativity through imagination theatre
and art”
(818) 501-1014
(Private Lessons Available)

I’m sure this is a coinkydink, but in the same section was a children’s
story called “The Monkey King.”


From: Tom Fuschetto

HEAD will be shown on the big screen by WILD (Writers In Literary
Discussion) on
Thursday, May 3 at the Pecan Campus Auditorium at South Texas Community Col=
in McAllen, Texas, which is seven miles away from Reynosa, Mexico.
The screening is free. For more information, contact Tom Fuschetto at
956/072-0276 or The WILD homepage address is


From: “Linc Mann”

Does anyone have any information about a reissue of Tropical Campfires on
spinART records in June as listed in the current issue of ICE?

Linc Mann


From: Nez4Ever1230

I wanted to share the news that the April 23, 2001 issue of People Magazine
features an article on former heart throb actor Michael Gray. In the articl=
the guys are mentioned as one of the groups that were the most popular in
that era. The article is on pages 113 and 114. In my opinion, David, Michae=
Micky and Peter are #1!!
Thank you,


From: Kim

Please note that all times listed are for the East Coast, so check your
local listings.


Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story
Type: TV Movie / Drama (2000)
Duration: 2 hr
Description: The story of the hit ’60s TV series and the problems that
arose during its
Director: Neill Fearnley
Performers: Colin Ferguson, L.B. Fisher, Jeff Geddis, Wallace Langham,
Aaron Lohr, George Stanchev

Further Information:
For further cast information
(The Internet Movie Database)

Airing: Tue 5/1/01 4:30pm EDT VH1


Band on the Run
30 min.
Cory and Shawn form a bogus band to impress some girls. Norm: Micky Dolenz.=

Larry: Billy
Vera. Gordy: Rick Nielsen.

Cast: Jhoanna Trias, Jewelie Hull, Micky Dolenz, Billy Vera, Rick Nielsen,=

Betsy Randle, William Russ, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Ben Savage, Rider Strong,=

William Daniels
Category: Comedy

Show times
Date Thursday, 26
Time 6:30 PM EDT
Channel DISNEY

From my friend Katie:

I was watching Fox Family and they did an All
Access 24/7 on 7th Heaven. One of the main characters
has a video camera and he takes you behind the scenes
of the 100th episode. He interviews Peter and gets
him to sing a little “Hey Hey we’re the Monkees.”

I couldn’t find any specifics about reruns or air
dates. This may not be much help but All Access
24/7 comes on Fox Family Friday at 5 &
5:30 and Saturday at 10:30 am.


From: “Lorelle Hyland”

Australian listers may be interested to know that Davy Jones will be
appearing on Entertainment Tonight Weekend Edition this Sunday at 7.30pm on=

Pay TV’s Fox8. Includes other heartthrobs like David Cassidy, Scott Baio
and others.



From: Brad Senora

Howdy Everybody:

Thanks to Brad and Everyone for all your VIP news and info!
Special thanks to Shane for the news about The Monkees in Wolf Trap in
Vienna, VA. Here’s some more info: Tickets go on sale this Sunday, April
22nd at Noon. Some tickets have already been purchased by Donors, or
members. I couldn’t find out more details about what tickets were still
available, but a Box Office Rep claimed that Wolf Trap has “impeccable”
views, even from the lawn seats. Wasn’t the Spring Tour the Best?! I
can’t wait for the Summer Tour! Happy Tours to All!

Karen Senora


From: “Davy’s Dream Web”

Hi Everyone,

I received this interesting information from Davy’s Daydream Believers and
I thought I would pass it along!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

From Davy’s Daydream Believers:

NEWSFLASH!!! No grandchild for Davy…YET!

Sarah Jones McFadden, Davy’s daughter, spoke with Davy’s Daydream
Believers yesterday. She was quite surprised to learn of the news
circulating about her being pregnant. “No!”, she emphatically told Davy’s
Daydream Believers. She also added, “I am NOT pregnant, but if and when it
does happen, I’ll certainly let you know.” So for those of you who have
heard these rumors, her response should set the record straight.

There has also been some discussion about the forwarding of mail that is
sent to Davy at his Beavertown address. Davy has not been home to
Pennsylvania for any length of time since before Christmas. Because of
this fact, he has arranged for his mail to be forwarded. He has done this
so that the mail can be sorted for pieces which require his immediate
attention such as bills, contracts and other business mail. ALL of his
other mail, including letters from fans, is being stored and will be sent
to him when he returns home to Pennsylvania. Davy has ALWAYS handled his
own fan mail, unlike many celebrities who use mail services. The sheer
volume of fan mail he receives makes it impossible for him to answer
everyone individually, however, Davy is well known for surprising fans
with a personal reply (as many of you can attest to). P.O. Box 400,
Beavertown, PA 17813 is STILL the best address to reach Davy and we
encourage everyone to continue to write!! Just remember, you may be next
person to receive a personal letter from Davy!!


From: “Conni Hilscher”

Ticketmaster has announced a Monkees concert at Freedom Hall Amphitheatre
in Sterling Heights, MI on 6/29 (Friday) at 7:30 pm. Tix go on sale on
4/23 (Monday) at 10 am.

Peace –


From: Meacham652

This article was on the home page of compuserv this morning.

TV-Made Pop Stars
by Stephen Peters

When the Monkees made their TV premiere in the 1960s, critics generally
scoffed at the idea of a band being created on television.

In the 1990s and 2000s, things are different. TV has proven to be a breedin=
ground for some of the biggest names in the music business, from hitmakers
like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to new hotshots such as O-Town a=
Eden’s Crush.

Before blasting her way to the top of the pop charts with hits like “Oops!=
Did It Again,” a pre-teen Britney Spears made her TV debut on “Star Search.=

By the time she’d turned 11, Britney had landed a plum role as a Mouseketee=
on “The New Mickey Mouse Club,” where she shared the spotlight with
boyfriend-to-be and future ‘NSYNC heartthrob Justin Timberlake as well as
future pop competitor Christina Aguilera.

But while these stars showed up on the tube years before taking on the role=
they would become most famous for, many of today’s hopefuls have had their
climb to the top with millions of people watching their every move.

In the last two years, the new reality TV craze has spawned a number of
series meant to develop new hit acts. The first of these, “Making the Band,=

followed the stories of five young men whose dreams of being members of a n=
pop boy band led to the creation of O-Town. Another popular series,
“Popstars,” has followed a similar formula to create the all-girl band Eden=
Crush. Both groups have enjoyed Top 10 success.

With music channel VH1 now pursuing its own take on the idea by following t=
exploits of four hungry rock groups on “Bands on the Run,” it looks like th=
idea of made-for-TV bands will be around for some time to come. Whether
they’ll be remembered like the Monkees in 30 years remains to be seen, but
for now they couldn’t be hotter.


From: “Robert P. Scaglione”

Hey everyone!

I sent an email to the people at the Van Wezel Hall in Sarasota, FL,
inquiring about the rumored Monkee concert that is supposed to be there.
They replied telling me to ask the people at Oldies 108 Radio, the sponsor
of the show, for more info. I did, and here is what they sent back:

Yep, Monkees at the Van Wezel. But I don’t think it’s July 1st, seems to
like it’s October. I’ll keep your e-mail and let you know when the
are going to go on sale.
Thanks for writing.
Jim Davis
Market Manager

So it seems that the “summer” tour will go on for a while?!?!?!? Till
October! Well, I’ll let you know if I hear anything else!

Laura Scaglione

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