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New Monkees Tour Dates!

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From: Brad Waddell
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Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

From: “Estrella Lee” has released new dates for the Stars of The Monkees
(Dolenz and Jones) concerts in the U.S. on 2001 and 2002:

December 1, 2001: Bentonville, AR – No Venue Stated
April 10, 2002: Scottsdale, AZ – Fairmount Princess Hotel
April 13, 2002: Oneonta, NY – No Venue Stated
April 14, 2002: Boston, MA – Weston Copley Plaza Hotel

Things seem to be picking up again.



From: “Lora Keyes”

Attention all Canadian fans that get Prime channel (sorry the Canadian
Prime is different than the US one). At 9:00am EST for the next couple of
days Micky Dolenz will be on a show called Acting Crazy. This show was
originally recorded and aired in the early 1990’s. (Micky has got
hair!) I believe there was 8 episodes but I’m not sure how many have aired
already. It’s a great show and Micky is very good the game, definatley
worth seeing.
Keep Monkeeing Around!


From: “Anthony Bauer”


Had our cruise booked since last March. Our travel agent called us
today (10-16-01) to inform us that Costa Victoria will not be running this
winter because it will be staying in Europe. We will be transferred to the
Costa Atlantica for the same week and doing the Eastern Carib. instead of
the West. We asked if Micky will also be transferred to Costa Atlantica
along with the other groups. She has no idea. Can you or someone else
please help us find out. The only reason we booked this cruise was because
of Micky performing on it. Time is running out if we need to cancel and/or
rebook. Thank you very much!!!

Need to know- Megan

(ed: can anyone help us on this info?)


From Sue Waller at Band 6:

Following on from BBs posting about the re-scheduled Monkees UK tour dates –
all UK-based Band 6 members should already know from me by now that the
tickets for all October dates, venues and seats are valid on the appropriate
new date in March, as is usual policy in the UK when a concert date is

This information was given to the members and anyone else who asked, as soon
as possible after consultation with the promoter’s agent and the Monkees’

I spoke to the promoter in the week and he confirmed that tickets are still
selling for the new dates, through the same outlets as before. If anyone
has any queries they can contact the agent/venue they bought their tickets
from, who will be more than happy to help.

Thanks Brad

All the best



From: Nez4Ever1230

On Sunday evening October 14, 2001 CBS television aired a documentary movie
of the classic comedy series Gilligan’s Island entitled Surviving Gilligan’s
Island. The movie reunited cast members Bob Denver, Dawn Wells and Russell
Johnson. Toward the conclusion of the movie, Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells
were discussing how the series was cancelled right before production was
scheduled to begin for the fourth season. During this discussion, Dawn
mentioned that at the conclusion of the third season the series had beaten
The Monkees in the ratings but the powers that be had decided to cancel the
Thank you,


From: Vic Pratt

Hi Brad

This might be relevant to the list: Wembley tickets
are still valid for the revised dates, but the box
office there are still claiming not to know anything
about Tork’s departure.




From: river pearl

I thought I would forward a copy of this review of the Monkees’ show (which
I attented and thoroughly enjoyed) in Wallingford, Connecticut from last
March to counter the Live Daily review. Feel free to post it on the Monkees
website. River

Hartford Courant 3/12/01
Long Show Lets Monkees Rekindle 1960s Memories
The Hartford Courant
March 12, 2001
Today’s boy bands may command stadium-sized audiences, but how many of them
will be playing to audiences 35 years from now with as much style and grace
as the Monkees?
Out on their first tour in four years, three-fourths of the band created
for TV in 1966 checked in with a cheery, well-rounded show at the
Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford Saturday.
If anything, at three hours and nearly three dozen songs plus an
intermission, it was too much Monkees. And though parents with toddlers may
have checked out at the halfway mark, most fans stayed to the closing
strains of “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”
It’s the strong singles of the Monkees, written by some of the best writers
in pop, that help keep their memory alive, and Saturday’s show was full of
them, from the opening “Last Train to Clarksville” and “A Little Bit Me, A
Little Bit You” to “Valleri” and “I’m a Believer” at the midway point and
“Daydream Believer” and “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” to close.
But there was a lot of time to concentrate on their lesser known, but still
strong, material in between. Songs from the band’s failed 1968 film “Head”
played a surprisingly dominant role, with Peter Tork’s “Long Title: Do I
Have To Do This All Over Again” in the first set and “Can You Dig It,”
“Circle Sky” and “Porpoise Song” back to back to form the heart of the
second set.
They could have filled out the show with similar strong but unheralded
songs. Instead, there was time for members of the eight-member backing band
to come up and do superfluous impressions, and there was a chance for each
Monkee to do cover songs. When both Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones did songs
that were favorites of their mothers, you knew someone was giving them too
much rope.
All three, in their mid- to late 50s, are in pretty good shape and voice.
Though Dolenz took to the drum set for two songs, he mostly stayed out
front with a guitar, though he was given timpani to do his oddball “Randy
Scouse Git.” Jones, too, is a natural showman, who couldn’t help but do a
little bit of dancing and a whole medley from “Oliver.”
Tork recorded fewer lead vocals, but performed a lot of them, including
“Your Auntie Grizelda.” The most versatile musician of the three, he also
put together a winning version of the Jackie Wilson hit “Higher and Higher”
led by banjo.
Goofy humor was always part of their appeal, so they left in a lot of
joking around. But they are serious when it comes to the stewardship of
their catalog, so perfect singles like “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” had the
echo of the original 45s. In an acoustic segment, in which they seemed to
be changing songs nightly, they threw in “Take a Giant Step,” and a couple
of songs associated with the fourth Monkee, who has sat out most of the
reunion tours, Mike Nesmith.
The tour plays the Mohegan Sun Casino March 18.


From: Mickyrobindolenz

had a great time at the concert i as down in front, by micky as always. he
looked fantastic, must be doing something right, lost so much weight since
summer time.
davy was great too, infact, didn’t miss Peter at all. they did all the hits.
a half hours worth, wished it were more but it was outside and i think micky
was getting allergic to the nighttime air. But ever the professional he went
Some people got the show on video and I left mine in the car, thinking it
would not be allowed in.

Ps, I liked the Vegas CD. Although I wish the concerts I were at were
yes, Peter is laughing on it, but micky is laughing right along with him, so
something funny must have been happening.



From: “Dan Curtis”

What fun your Melbourne, Florida concert was this evening. Thanks for the
awesome entertainment! What fun it would be if there were sixties dancers
in the background, ie…go go or cage dancers.


From: Kristie Hubler

Philadelphia show

Thanks, Brad. I went yesterday. It was great! I
wished that they could’ve played more. I was
surprised that so many “non-devout” fans, ie. football
fans, stayed. We had probably at least 4-5 sections
behind us. I got up to the area reserved for season
ticket holders, you know the “elite” seats bought up
by companies. That whole area was reserved for us, in
a sense. I thought that that was really nice of the
organization. I was about, I would say, at least 4-5
rows from the stage. Very cool, especially for $23!

NOW, if the game didn’t go on forever- 3 hours! I’m
glad I didn’t go to Rutgers-their football team sucks!
They took all these time outs. I’m not a football
fan. Come to think of it I ‘m not a sports fan. Ido
have to say I love hockey, though, so I can’t lie
there. I took at least 18 pics. So I’ll send some
when I get them developed. I saw one girl I met down
in Epcot in May but couldn’t reach her. Every time I
went to go walk towards her, of course I had to climb
around barriers, I’d look up and she wasn’t in the
same spot. She is Mary- I forget her last name, but I
know she is pictured on Mary Pruitt’s site, Dedicated
To Davy. She listed as “the other Mary”. She has
dark hair. She’s a die-hard Davy fan, but VERY nice.

Email me- take care!


From: “Theresa Clayton”

Peter and JLS Tanglewood Review

Tanglewood Blues & Folk Festival ~ LAAC
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley
September 8, 2001 Clemmons, NC
September 9, 2001, Winson-Salem, NC

Hard to believe the LAAC, Lewisville Area Arts Council can turn out such an
incredible weekend-long party ~ the entire council consists of six members
at best!
Tanglewood is a huge, beautiful outdoor amphitheatre with an enormous stage.
First up: Ogburn Station Blues Band. Great rock blues band! Got a free
demo tape! Incredible talent. Very unassuming. Just milling about
helping with any and all.
Second up: Ladies Auxiliary ~ All Ladies Blues Band. Why are we always so
amazed that ladies can play the blues! Beyond impressive!
Third up: Aura (last known as Dodi & Co.) Lovely! Hard to “pidgeon-hole”
this band. Originals, southen blues, Celtic ~ you name it, they can do it
all, in their own unique style. Beautiful in sights and sounds of their
Fourth up: James Lee Stanley. James gives a great introduction of
himself! “PLEASE WELCOME ME ~ I’M JAMES LEE STANLEY! Performed many of
our favorites, add to that, incredibly funny stories that told how and why
each song came to be, even if it wasn’t always flattering to himself.
Then for some unexplained reason, James launches into a story about being a
cast member of “Star Trek Deep Space Nine”. Was it about Clingons,
monsters from outer space? No, it was about the mysterious and binding
undergarmets worn under the costumes. This came complete with
demonstrations and an inside Capt. Kirk joke.
James has also added a new guitar and echo box. These have provided a huge
wall of sound and he was having a fine time! Simultaneously there was a
major golf tournament happening. James had a running commentary going on
with a few “well-attired” golfers that happened upon the scene. They never
knew they were the object of Jame’s affections. We were all in hysterics!
James then introduces, “My best friend in the entire world ~ Peter Tork!”
Peter took the stage, smiles and says, “Some of you might know me, I used
to be in a band?”
Lovely acoustic performance. This was classic Peter.
Side note–Peter graciously flew in a full day before he was scheduled to
James makes note of Peter’s stately attire, “Where’s the red coat?!”
James joins Peter onstage and starts throwing out songs. “How about
“Hmm, don’t think I know that,” replies Peter. “Ah c’mom, you can do your
blues licks!,” replies James. “Okay, let’s do it!”
Consummate professionals ~ improteau peformances!
Many numbers from the latest CD, “Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley ~ Once
Break for autographs. James invites everyone to “Step up and meet the
band. ‘Hi, I’m with the band, come meet the rest of the members!” A local
florist had provided free flowers for everyone. Peter started to eat one,
“Oh no, not again!” Instead, James and Peter wore the flowers, in every
way shape and form. Flowers out of ears, out of necks, Carmen Miranda
style. If a camera didn’t work, James would step up, take the helm, and
snap off a few pictures of everyone in the crowd as well. Special
attention was always given to the little ones.
Next up: Acoustic Syndicate. The theatre starts to fill up with even more
folks. It ain’t over with yet! I must admit, this band is beyond and it’s
easy to see why they have such a large following. Peter is strolling
around, just enjoying the music, James is spotted helping a vendor take
down their tent.
September 9, 2001
Brew-Ha-Ha’s, Winston~Salem, NC
James Lee takes the stage ~ with new guitar and echo box which have taken
on a life of their own now that we’re in a club. James calls for
requests. Each is responded to. Aura takes the stage and sings backup as
the newly~titled, “James Lee~ettes.” More stories, more jokes behind the
music. The sound is getting larger by the moment.
Again, James’ best friend is introduced, “Peter Tork!”
Peter takes the stage and with a smile says, “I used to be in a band?”
Now the roof is torn off the joint! Just Peter, tears it up. Does Elvis,
his brother Nicks’ tunes, slow, fast, jumping, keyboards pounding, even
some Monkees, blues, rock, and all the while, dancing. James is standing
in the doorway grinning, gets the feeling and jumps onstage for a bar,
Marilyn & Aura takes several refrains, James starts dancing with everybody,
oh yes, and that banjo!
“Born in East Virginia” is dedicated to Marilyn, the special lady that
makes this whole party possible.
Dinner break. Peter invites everybody to have a chicken. Starts to rain,
James yells out, “My chicken’s gettin’ wet!”
Big Bump & The Stun Gunz takes stage with Peter. Shoe Suede Blues is
blasting for hours! “Even White Boys Get The Blues” is a special hit.
Peter shook hands all around and thanked the band. An obvious enjoyment
for him.
Goodbyes and many thanks all around in the parking lot.
Side note~on the road home……..
If you are ever in the vicinity of Gaffney, SC, there is classic chrome
diner by the name of Mel’s and it is completely decorated with classic
memorabilia. It has a gold record on the wall of Headquarters. The
gracious proprietor, Babe Rollins let me take it off the wall and pose for
all sorts of wacky photos. In fact, when he learned we had just returned
from seeing Peter and James, he abandoned his diner, ran across the street
and bought discs so he too could have pictures!
Mel’s Diner
121 Nancy Creek Road
Gaffney, SC 29341
(864) 489-7585

Theresa Clayton…..

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