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From: Brad Waddell

new tour dates:

Sun 06/02/02 Kings Mills, OH Paramount King’s Island
Fri 06/07/02 Rochester, NY Blue Cross Arena
Sat 06/08/02 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Casino
Sat 06/29/02 Aurora, IL Hollywood Casino
Sat 08/17/02 Beverly, MA North Shore Music Theatre


From: “Randi L. Waddell”

‘Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour’ To Rerun


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Walking through the Country Music Television
offices, Brian Philips came upon some young staffers around a TV. A
30-year-old variety show with hideous 1970s fashions, deadpan comic Pat
Paulsen – and terrific music – had them spellbound.
It was “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.”
“We were editing a biography show about Glen, and they’d never seen
anything like ‘The Goodtime Hour,'” said Philips, senior vice
president/general manager at the cable network. “That style of television
is like a lost art.”
Philips recognized an opportunity.
Starting 10 p.m. EST Tuesday (April 2), “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour”
will be rerun weekly on CMT, with new introductions by country singer keith
“We’re finding that the things that the marketing world would imagine would
attract a large audience for CMT are not necessarily the things that are
working,” Philips said.
“Bluegrass is working for us, attracting young and old. Our Bill Monroe
biography show did Garth Brooks numbers. A show pairing Kid Rock and Hank
Williams Jr. got our best ratings ever.”
A recent show on Campbell’s life pulled in strong ratings from the coveted
18-to-49 demographic, Philips said. He’s hoping the “Goodtime Hour” reruns
continue that trend.
Many may not remember just how big a star Campbell was at his peak. He
scored dozens of pop and country hits (“Gentle on My Mind” and “Rhinestone
Cowboy” among them), co-starred with John Wayne in “True Grit” and had a
weekly audience of about 50 million people for the “Goodtime Hour” from
1969 to ’72.
“My career exploded all over the world from that show,” said Campbell, now
65. “It was shown all over the world on the BBC. It ran in Australia, New
Zealand, Singapore, Japan. I sold more records than ever when that hit.”
Campbell was ideally suited to host a wide-ranging music program. Before
scoring his own hits, he was a respected recording session guitarist in
California, playing on records by Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, Elvis
Presley and many others. He was also a genuine country boy from Delight,
Ark., who grew up revering country music legends like Hank Williams.
As a result, he was comfortable sitting in with a stodgy pop vocal quartet
like the Vogues, singing and picking a bluegrass number like “Rocky Top,”
or performing songs by the Beatles. He did all of that on the “Goodtime Hour.”
“Glen really pushed to have country music on the show,” urban said. “The
network wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. Merle Haggard and Buck Owens and
Johnny Cash – many people didn’t know about them before that.”
Indeed, the “Goodtime Hour” was a rare national forum for country music
that didn’t pander to hick stereotypes (like “Hee Haw”).
Campbell got his own show after successfully hosting a summer replacement
show for the Smothers Brothers during the summer of 1968. He purposely
avoided the political humor that had gotten the brothers’ show canceled.
“I just wanted to do a music show, with the whole realm of music from Ella
Fitzgerald to rock bands like Cream to Kenny Rogers,” Campbell said. “We
had a lot of country, but we did every kind of music. The Monkees were on,
and so was Johnny Cash.”
There was also a hint of the surreal, from garish sets to bizarre comedy
pieces. In one episode, Campbell sings “Rocky Raccoon” while a troupe acts
out the song’s plot and Flip Wilson, in a ludicrous pink and white cowboy
getup, mugs through the sketch as the title character.
“You see Glen in powder blue suits with his hair frozen in place and huge
lambchop sideburns,” Philips said. “There’s just a little waft of
psychedelia wafting through this innocent show that happened during a
tumultuous time in America.”
“This show is such a milestone in pop culture and country music history,”
said urban, who grew up in Australia as a Campbell fan. “The diversity is
just amazing. Liberace, Neil Diamond and Linda Ronstadt are on one show.
Then there’s another with Stevie Wonder and Roger Miller. It’s so cool.”

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From: Sarah

On Sunday, March 13th, the Monkees logo appeared in the “Helen,
Sweetheart of the Internet” comic. See the comic here:



From: Nez4Ever1230

In the March 26, 2002 issue of Star Magazine there is an article in which 4
celebrities discuss their childhood crushes. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt
mentions her crush on David. The article is at the top of page 26.
Unfortunately, a photo of
David is not shown. In my opinion, David, Michael, Micky & Peter are # 1
Thank you,



Have you guys checked out the Videoranch website lately? They have added a
really cool little movie/intro. There are also a couple of neat extras you
got to check out.



From: Pamiluvstom

I haven’t seen anyone metion this so I thought I’d put my two cents in. Peter
will be at the Meadowlands Expo in Secaucus N.J. for the 2002 Super Mega show
on April 6th and 7th. For info call the Meadowlands at 201-223-1000.
(a day dream believer)


From: EJ

Last summer, as reported in MBF, the Alert List and elsewhere, Peter Tork
had a featured role in a small short film called MIXED SIGNALS. It’s a
short film, meant for the festival market, and so will not ever be in
commercial release.

The producer has decided to offer the film for sale in VHS format to those
who are interested in owning a copy.

For pictures from the film, a review and order information you can check out





From: Jenny8755

Micky and Davy in Glasgow!!

Hi Brad,

I’m not going to go on about every detail of the concert but I thought I
should say something since it was their first concert in the UK tour 2002.
It was absolutely amazing I loved every minute of it!! The guys were
fantastic and once every so often Micky would call for a nurse and Davy would
joke is he going out with a nurse or what? Hehe which was fun.

They looked
amazing and their outfits were fab. I must admit though that the Glasgow
audience where really quiet and I thought that if they were more into the
concert then the guys would of enjoyed the experience more. But saying that
they were having loads of fun you could tell. Me and my mum and sisters were
up on our feet and dancing so we had a great time.

I luckily managed to ask
for a set list and the one I got was from the floor and it has a foot print
on it and I’m sure it’s Micky’s hehe. The list was as follows:

Lookout Here
Girl I Knew
Little Bit Me
Randy Scouse
Mary Mary
Nice To Be With
Goin’ Down
That Was Then
Is You Is
No Time
Circle Sky
Pete’s Sake
Since I Fell
She Hangs Out
Steppin’ Stone
I’m A Believer

I still can’t get over that I was actually there but I do have the pics to
prove it but I don’t have a scanner 🙁 . The souveniers where the same
baseball caps, keyrings, programmes with Peter they were labelled 2001 so I’m
guessing that they were using the ones that they would of used in October,
Cd’s from 2001 (Las Vegas) and 2002 (Toronto) which are great and of course
lots of T-Shirts. The warm up group where the ones being co run by Davy’s
Daughter and… she was standing in the isles watching them. Unfortunately
though the audience didn’t like them and made loads of comments through their
piece and hardly clapped which was a shame. I personally didn’t like them
that much the group looked great and the tunes were brill but the lyrics need
work!! For example some titles were I love My Lava Lamp, Lollipop where he
sang about eating one and they also sang about fluffy bunny’s. Although over
all the concert was amazing and I hope to be going to the Manchester one in a
couple of days to see Davy in his home town!!!!

Loadsa Luv Jennyxxxx


From: “MacKay, Euan”

Glasgow 21st March

Hi there

We made the mistake of purchasing 15 tickets (7 months ago) for the Monkees
gig at the Glasgow SECC – here is our feedback:

We did not expect Davy Jones to break into ‘Oliver’ numbers or
Here about the ills of smoking
Hear about his family
Hear about his luck with women (when younger)
Him to wear leather trousers
Sing songs that we had never heard before (bad, bad songs)
Bore the audience with dull, drivelling, bilge (audience participation)
People to walk out

Please pass my comments on to the ‘boys’.


Euan Mackay


From: Alan Jarvie

The Monkees in Glasgow

Dear Brad,

I’ve just been to see Davy and Micky at their Glasgow concert and a good
time was had by all!

Obviously it was a disappointing that there was no Peter or Mike but the
two guys more than made up for this by introducing their own solo spots
incorporating some of their favourite oldies and songs from their early
careers. The guys really demonstrated their professionalism by overcoming a
few technical hitches (faulty ear pieces and mikes as well as a string
breaking on Davy’s guitar!).

The only downside was the heckling of one moron but he was put in his place
by a couple of well chosen ad-libs by Davy and Mickey. I only hope this
doesn’t put Davy and Mickey coming back sometime in the future.

Thanks guys and keep on Monkee-ing around!


Alan Jarvie

PS: Do you know if there are any plans for the tv series to be released on
DVD in the UK?


From: BabyMonkee

I’ve just came from the concert they did in Newcastle!!! It was AMAZING, im excited as ever!

At first the crowd here kinda just sat there, me and my friends had enough
of getting told to sit down when we stood up, so we ran to the front of the
stage, and satyed there for the rest of the night. When they sang “Im a
Believer” Micky pointed to me!!! lol….sounds a lil crazy and i bet you’re
all think yeh yeh yeh sure he did. But seriously when they sang “Then i saw
her face, and im a believer” Micky pointed to me and Davy looked down too!
I was SOOO happy at that, then i got to touch their hands, some of you
might be thinkin so what i touched their hand millions of times, but this
was my first Monkee concert, im only 17 so i never got to see them when
they first toured, and since becoming a fan when i was younger i’ve always
dreamt of seeing them in concert and i never thought i would and, i just
went crazy when i did. Anyways!

They were SO funny all throughout the show, and Davy & Micky got many
girlie screams from me! They did some solo stuff, and when Davy sang his
(im sorry i forgot what it was called) i was crying….it was so beautiful.
After the show we tried to get back stage but…supposedly Davy & Mickey
touching your hand isn’t a backstage pass! heehee, so we ran to the back of
the arena to wait for them to come out. Micky wasn’t feeling to well and so
lay at the back of the tour bus, but Davy came out, he signed my bear, and
my Programme, and you don’t know how happy that made me!

There were some guys with camcorders filming us all singing and
screaming….hey if they bring out a video, im the blonde haired girl with
the pink off the shoulder top! heehee

And now… still…….AHHHH! heehee
Thought i’d post my antics at the conert
So there ya go!
Muchos Monkee Hugs
Baby Monkee


From: Erica

ssb peter tork

hi brad
i was lucky enough to see a shoe suede blues concert in phila. i was not
prepared when Peter sang “last train to Clarksville” ” a little bit me a
little bit you” and “I’m a believer”, i thought that if he did monkees songs,
it would have been the ones he sang.

i did get to meet him at the end of the show, and he was very nice, i did not
question him on the monkees tunes he chose, but i did ask about the song
“milk shake” and merry go round” he said when he gets up a rock and roll band
he can do those songs, but this is strictly blues songs only, and once again,
i did not question the monkees rock tunes he sang that were not blues.
after fixing a guitar string, he came back on stage wearing his glasses, he
must have realized and removed them, however i really liked him with them, he
is very sexy and very fit. and had a lot of fun on stage. There was some
lady in the
audience yelling at him about davy Jones and to sing day dream believer, but
he just let her ramble.

I got a PIC taken with him, I would have like 2 or 3 but the line had to keep

I had a great time and wanted to let you know.



From: PJ Harding


Wow I saw Micky and Davy last night at Newcastle Telewest Arena!!!!

They were brilliant- I was 8 rows from the front YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Anyways I eventually moved to the stage where everyone else was and Davy
Jones grabbed my hand- EEK! I came so close to grabbing Micky’s but then
he had to finish the song!! HE IS SO FUNNY he has a great sense of humour!!!

After the concert, seeing as how I was dead excited, I ran round the back
of the arena to try and get autographs!! It took them half an hour to get
out and we were singing and everything, then we all went quiet and I stood
there going “hey is that.. it is… hey that’s Micky!” and then everyone
started shouting and screaming, but he sneaked onto the bus and didn’t come
out sniff sniff, about quarter of an hour later Davy walked out and I
shouted- it’s Davy and then he dumped stuff on the bus and he came out and
there were loadsa people filming us and all. Davy signed my programme and
I shook him by the hand and said thanx and he did a cheesey grin when I
took of photo of him!!!


Luv PJ


From: “dave”

Suede Shoe Cool

Hi everyone-
I wanted to say that I saw Peter’s band Shoe Suede Blues for the
first time on Friday March 22,2002. It was a great show! I loved
it! If anyone gets a chance to see Peter and his new band–do it!
It is well worth it. I also picked up a copy of his new CD “Saved by
the Blues” which I have listen to three times. Peter and his band
signed autographs after the show and they all took time to chat.
GREAT GUYS. If anyone has pictures from the show in Plains, at the
Riverside Jazz Cafe, PLEASE contact me. Thanks


From: “Gerri Foster”

SECC, Glasgow – Thursday, 22nd March

I was bitterly disappointed, having previously seen the band play, some 5
years ago, that there was no indication that the much touted ‘Reunion Tour’
would consist of only two band members. From the play list, of that night, I
can only assume that the intention was to play for themselves rather than
their fans. In short, it smacked of the self gratifying and self obsessed
sounds of the Davy Jones Show. e.g. the bizarre Oliver set.

My overall disappointment was only further enhanced due to the fantastic
experience of their previous Glasgow performance, which, I might add, the
band seemed to have forgotten. I would rate myself as a keen admirer both
of the band and their music, but I feel badly let down by this recent gross
non display.

The night was saved mainly due to the fantastic performance of The Murmurs
of Urma, and that of Mickey Dolenz.

Yours, in disappointment rather than anger,

John Foster


From: “Gillian Brown”


Just to say that I was at the Newcastle, UK, gig on Saturday night.
IT WAS FANTASTIC!! First time I’ve seen them live, great music, great
entertainment – I loved it….and I got to shake Mickey’s hand!!!

Thanks, guys!


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