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New Hits CD Reviews! Concert On PPV!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

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**Monkees Live On PPV / On TV**
Finally! Monkee fans have made their voices heard and are at last
getting the extended and uncut version of the “Live Summer Tour”
DVD, in the form of a Pay-Per-View broadcast on July 18! No word yet
on if it will make its way to DVD. The Monkees’ 1968 film, Head, has
been scheduled for additional showings on May 14 at 8:40am EST on
STZCe and at 11:40am EST on STZCw. Micky’s “Mom, Can I Keep Her?”
will air on May 16 at 6:30am EST on SHOFe. VH1’s “Bubblegum Babylon”
will re-air on May 15 at 5pm EST. The 1989 film, “Tapeheads,” which
features a Nez cameo, will be showing on TMCXe on May 11 at 1pm EST
& on May 12 5:30am EST.

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From: “Cecilia Goodbody”

Just wanted to let you know the following information.
Civic Theater, San Diego, CA
July 15th (unknown time)
Prices $60, $45, and $25

Address 3rd and B street. in Downtown. See you all there. Tickets
go on sale May 30th.


From: “Frev”

Hi there,

Just picked up the Best of the Monkees cd at Best Buy. It’s a very
attractive package in it’s white slip cover, and the cover photo of
the Monkees from the ’33 & 1/3′ special is particularly nice. The
booklet layout is really well done with some great photos and info.

The cd is obviously modeled after the successful Beatles 1
collection, but it’s only natural that Rhino would release another
Monkees collection, since there are now similar hits collections out
by folks like Elvis, Elton John, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones

Hopefully, this new Monkees collection will be a hit with fans and
the public alike.


From: “Jeff Gehringer”

Here is a brief review of the latest Rhino “greatest hits
collection”. The cover is all white, with the Monkees guitar logo.
The CD comes in a cardboard slipcover, with the standard jewel case

The actual cover of the CD features a great group shot that I
believe is from “33 & 1/3rd”. A big thanks to Andrew Sandoval for
his work as producer on this project. Everything he does on the
guys is first class. (Hope his book is released soon!)

The two disc set features the guitar logo with the cartoon
characters of the guys created for the board game from the 60’s.
The Karaoke CD does play in a normal CD player, in case you don’t
own a Karaoke player. The Karaoke CD features five tracks. Back in
the 90’s, Rhino released an original karaoke in Japan and featured
four of the same tracks For the US release; they featured “Steppin
stone” instead of the Japan version that featured “I wanna be free”.

The book features a brief capsule of the guys career, with comments
from director James Frawley & Nesmith. Mike says nothing new, but I
think Andrew had a fresh interview with Nez for these comments.
(they might have come from the DVD commentary, ..Maybe Andrew could
shed some light for us?) It’s still great to see Nez commenting on
the group. The photos in the booklet are great. Rhino keeps giving
us different shots of some classic sessions. Henry Diltz has a
great shot from the “Rainbow” backdrop TV videos on the back cover.

The actual CD is the standard Rhino versions. My ear did not pick
up anything different from the “Monkees Anthology” release in 2001.
The cuts they use are the single versions, with the exception of the
full version of “Porpoise song”. The quality is excellent. If
anyone notices a different mix on this collection, please post the

As I started to open this collection, my wife mockingly said “And
this is different from your other 20 greatest hits CD’s how?” My
answer is great packaging, new photos I’ve never seen, and the extra
Karaoke disc. I am one of the people who really appreciate what
Rhino has done. Since their first Monkees release in the early
80’s, they have been terrific. I can’t wait for the DVD’s!


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