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Nesmith News – Rays soon to come!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Randi Waddell

New post on the FAQ at Videoranch:

Q: Is Nez working on a new album?

A: As you may know from reading the previous FAQ here, Nez had anticipated
releasing an album in 2003 titled “Rays.” All that has changed. Here’s the
latest from Nez himself. “After thinking hard about the right way to go
about making new music, and all the intellectual property issues the net
raises, I have slowly come to the idea that I should release my music one
song at a time here on Videoranch. I’ll start with the song “Rays” and see
how it goes. With file sharing and all that implies, it is really a new
dawn for people like me who are working in the media arts. The traditional
rules of distribution obviously don’t apply anymore, and that affects
everything from my side, including how I conceive a musical project. It
used to be simple. A CD of fourteen or fifteen songs, bought at a store,
take it home, play it, and there you are. But now, the whole notion of a CD
is tossed into a different frame, and the idea of a group of songs seems
kind of odd in the new context of downloadable songs and file sharing. So
it seems to me that going one song at a time, a little here, and a little
there, makes more sense. I don’t know where this will all go from here, but
that’s a different bridge, so to speak.

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