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From: A.S.

There is a quote from Michael Nesmith in the book “Model Patient: My
Life as an Incurable Wise-Ass” by Karen Duffy. Karen Duffy was an MTV VJ
and a model (if you don’t know who she is). She contracted a horrible
illness called sarcoidosis in which she has lesions formed inside her
body causing her to be in a great deal of pain. The quote can be found
on pg. 205: “Michael Nesmith once said to me, ‘Some people are insecure,
some people have a big butt, some people wet the bed until age
twenty-five. You have a lump in your head. Big deal.’ ”



From: “Anna …”

I just went to, a site for tour dates, and there is a picture
of the Monkees in concert in Atlanta on the main page.


(ed: it’s not there anymore – sorry!)


From: “Samantha”

Hey Brad! I just found this. there was a *very* small Monkee mention, but I
thought you would like to send it to your alert list!

‘Pop Pap’ May Enrage Stars But Sets Tills Ringing

Reuters Photo

By Paul Majendie

LONDON (Reuters) – From The Monkees to the Spice Girls (news – web sites),
manufactured pop bands have made a mint for the music industry. Now it is
the turn of Hear’Say.

George Michael and Bono may rail against the endless stream of plastic boy
and girl bands dominating the charts but tweenies — the eight to
16-year-olds who buy records by the fistful — love the instant pop

The Monkees had the mighty power of U.S. television behind them when they
tried to recreate the zany allure of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” —
and it worked in the hit parade.

The Spice Girls were created from an advertisement in a trade magazine
seeking singers. They have sold more than 38 million albums around the

A fifth of Australia tuned in to watch five girls being chosen in television
auditions for an instant pop group ”Bardot” whose first single soared
straight to the top of the charts.

Now history is repeating itself in Britain where hype reigns supreme — in
the playground at least.

Hear’Say were picked from 3,000 hopefuls in “Pop Stars,” a compulsively
watchable television series that stripped bare the naked ambition of pop
wannabes desperate to fulfil their fantasies with a record contract.

Since forming on the TV show, Hear’Say have become an overnight sensation in
British music, smashing Britney Spears’ record for the fasting-selling debut

Their song, “Pure and Simple,” is expected to shoot straight to number one
on Sunday.

So is this the death knell for gritty rock ‘n’ roll?

George Michael certainly thinks so. He complained that everyone over the age
of six in Britain is bored to death with the record industry’s clumsy,
cynical attempts to make money.

Bono from the Irish supergroup U2 agreed: “People are sick to the teeth of
processed and hyped pop bands. It is crap.”

But others argued this was just a classic case of “oldies” looking
nostalgically through rose-tinted spectacles.

“When it comes to rubbish, every generation has its fair share,” argued
commentator Cosmo Landesman in the Sunday Times.

“We know that looking back to a golden age of pop is the first sign that we
are turning into our parents,” he said.

Dr. Martin Cloonan, lecturer in pop music culture at Glasgoww University,
agreed: “This dip in interest is not new. It is cyclical. If you look at
the years before punk arrived, then the same lethargy was setting in then.”

“The UK music business earns around 600 million pounds a year and worldwide
the industry is making 40 billion pounds. It is hardly a crisis we are
talking about.”





From: “Katie =-*”

Hi! I went to the Kahuna Pavilion Monkee Concert on March 15th, Thursday!
It was the best! I have never heard such great music live before! They
made the cutest jokes too! I was so excited when they came out! I was
shaking and taking pictures of whatever I saw! After the concert people
were waiting for autographs but about half just figured that they
weren’t… in the end there were about 20 or 30 of us left, including
me! We all wanted to go backstage but they said you couldn’t go unless you
had a pass!
I was so pi**ed but waited anyway! One of the security guards was getting
pretty mad and he goes “Okay! I’ll give out a backstage pass! Everybody
guess a number 1 through… 1 through 50!” Everyone started screaming out
numbers. I said numbers like 3 and 28 and stuff and then I finally
screamed, “13!” and he goes, “You got it!” and I screamed and crawled under
the little police thingy. And then I jumped on him and gave him a hug and
screamed, “Thank you! I love you so much! You’re my best friend
now!” and he goes, “Okay girl! Okay! Now go!” and he gave me a
sticker. I ran back and waited in a line to go see the guys! We walked
through all these psycadelic lighted hallways and finally stopped in a
hallway where the guys signed autographs. Unfortunately, Davy left right
after the concert due to bronkitis (I’m not sure how to say it). I felt so
bad and sad for him! I got a picure with Micky and his autograph. He was
drinking beer and his breath kinda smelled but I was too excited to
care! Then I got Peters autograph but there was no more film left in my
camera! I already have a picture with him but I was real mad with myself
afterward! It was so much fun! Ahhh!!!!!! hehe=-) Well I just figured I
Love Always To All!


From: Julia

Hi my name is Julia and I am 15 years old. I absolutely love the Monkees and
last night (March 16), I went and saw them at the Xanadu Theatre in Atlantic
City. I just wanted to comment on how spectacular the show was. I don’t
know if anyone will ever read this, but I just really wanted to let whoever
know that the show was incredible. It definitely was one of the best nights
of my life and well, honestly I just wanted to say thank you for bringing so
much into my life with such a great show.

Your truly,


From: Carroll Kruger

I have to agree that this current Monkees tour is the
best I’ve ever seen, too!! I saw 2 shows: one in
Easton, PA and again in Westbury, NY. The guys exuded
confidence and musicality but most of all, they seemed
relaxed, at peace with themselves, and like they were
having a good time. One of the high points was seeing
Davy do the medley from “Oliver!”; it was easy to
imagine him as the Artful Dodger and his Tony
nomination was well-deserved if this little peek into
the past was any indication. Also loved seeing Micky
man the tympani for “Randy Scouse Git” and his bluesy
rendition of “Since I Fell For You” amply demonstrated
the range of his vocal skills. I think Peter blew
everyone away when he flawlessly played the Bach piece
and it’s always great to hear his version of “Higher &
Higher”. He has definitely taken a pop/soul standard
and made it his own. I have seen the guys throughout
many incarnations in the 80s and 90s (and once even in
1967!!) – this show was amazing. I hope they don’t
wait so long in-between tours again. Perhaps if we
all flood David Fishof with letters and e-mails saying
how great the shows were, we’ll see them again soon
and for a more extensive tour.


From: tony

hello my name is tony nemati from new jersey..
last night i saw the monkees perform in xanadu theater in atlantic city and
let me tell you these guys can really put on a show.. they played for 3 hours
and they pretty much played every monkees song i can think of.. everyone of
them still got it.. the show was great music was great and i can honestly say
it was the best show i ever went to .. i am 19 years old and i listen to hard
rock and i still thought the monkees were the best.. i would like to thank
the monkees for such a great time..
i will be so upset when the tour is over..its a crime to see such a great
band stop performing when they still have the talent and the heart..
fan forever,


From: ~Bethany


Yes, that Micky, last night. For those of you at the Taj concert last night
you may recognize this story — I was the girl onstage that Micky hugged
during “Steppin’ Stone.”

Here’s the story: it’s a long, but interesting, one. My friends and I
accidentally ended up parking at the Showboat casino at around 7 o’clock.
We wandered into the gift shop while my mom was gambling and they had those
b’day keychains, the ones with famous people’s b’days on ’em. Turns out
Micky was on one.. but for March 9 (for those who don’t know, his b’day’s
the 8th!). We thought this was hilarious so we bought it.

During dinner at the Taj buffet, we got the bright idea to put a note on it
and try to take it up to Micky during the concert. We found a receipt in my
friend Aidan’s pocket and wrote a lil’ note on it: “Dear Mick & friends, we
found this keychain hilarious and we think you will too. LUV YA! Bink,
Aidan, and Linds.”

Right after intermission and Natural’s set, Lindsay and I snuck up to the
front and stayed there. At the end, during “Daydream Believer,” we
essentially gave up and decided to just throw the thing onstage in the
hopes someone would get it. No one did.

So finally, during the encore of “Steppin’ Stone,” some guy asked me what
it was. Lindsay and I explained it to him and, since it was still
relatively close to the edge of the stage, he said I should go get it to
give it to Mick. I did. Picked the thing up and ran to the other side of
the stage, but Micky didn’t see me.

So I stayed there for a sec, and then was ready to leave and began to walk
away, when Micky grabbed my arm and swung me around into a big bear hug! I
was excited, to say the very least. Security came running onstage and took
one look at Mick and, I guess seeing that he was okay with this, walked off
to the other side. He pulled back and smiled at me and then took the
keychain from me. I enjoyed the final number, “Pleasant Valley Sunday,”
from the front row, and got to grab Peter’s hand.

IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously, the show was very well done. A lot of the
problems people complained about earlier — sound being bad, Micky seeming
spaced out — were definitley not evident at the Taj. It was a great venue
and the concert was absolutely wonderful.

A very special favor to ask: if ANYONE was at the show last night and
happened to get a video or pic of me onstage, can you PLEASE notify me
off-list? Lindsay tried to take a picture, but the flash didn’t go off, so
it didn’t take. THANK YOU, and enjoy your respective shows!



From: —Maryann

Ok, finally checking in here… I’m getting too old for this, I was wiped out
so I slept most of the day!

Bear with me while I go into complete fan mode for a moment. I usually
pretend to be sane around most people (!!!), but Debbie (my Monkee
partner-in-crime from 1986-on) and I were in the front row last night,
almost center, right near Davy (my childhood favorite!), and now I simply
can’t hide it. 🙂 We have NEVER been that close for any concert in our
lives, Monkees or otherwise, with the exception of Peter’s blues and acoustic
shows. Please don’t hate me, I went out of my way for those tickets because
it was Deb’s birthday this week. 🙂 Finally, I gave her something that is
truly priceless!

Anyway… I have to be perfectly frank here – the last time we saw the
Monkees live as a group, in the late 90s, I was not nearly as impressed as I
was last night. Maybe it was just that particular venue I was at on the last
tour (I tend to not travel around for more than one concert because I drive
too much on the weekends anyway, but I think that’s gonna change if they’re
doing it again this summer!), I don’t know. But last night – what a great
show! Those of you who still have shows to attend, I envy you. Those who are
not going this time – TRY to, or maybe we’ll all be able to catch them this
summer (here’s hoping, anyway!).

Sorry I don’t have a set list to offer – I was obsessing over my cameras! –
by I can report on some of their clothing 🙂 Lots of shiny stuff that
interfered with my camera’s autofocus mechanism (come on guys, you’re killing
me here! :-). Davy came out at one point in this red shirt and I had to hang
onto my friend Deb for support, saying, “Ok, I’m officially eight years old
again” (the age when I discovered the Monkees). Oh yeah, and I love red!
Speaking of red, someone please tell me what is up with Peter’s shoes? Shiny
red rubber who-knows-whats… I took a close-up of them. Had to be done!

They all looked fabulous. At one point, Micky was standing in front of us in
leather pants, and Deb and I just looked at each other and giggled, not quite
believing A) We were that close and B) He was looking a little too good in
them! Frightening that this man is old enough to be our father. (But then who
wants to see their own dad in leather!!!) Also, speaking of Micky, during the
show he wished his girlfriend a happy birthday, which I thought was sweet.

They were ALL OVER the stage, all night. What energy, all three of them! And
the acoustic set… what a brillant idea to keep that in the show. (Think I
first saw it in ’89?) I was watching Davy watching Micky play the guitar,
very cool.

The horn section – priceless. Three guys and a chick. I honestly cannot
remember the girl’s name even though I have certainly seen her enough, but
Deb’s comment was “Must be tough to be the only girl on tour with them.” I
just looked at her. (I think I could deal with it just fine!)

(ed: Aviva is the Sax player)

The guys in the horn section played only on a few tunes, and the rest of the
time kept us entertained with interesting dance moves. Any time I did take my
eyes off the guys, it was generally to see what the horn section was up to!

About their special guests… Natural surprised me. Yes, I was skeptical of
this set-up at first, but it seems to make sense to me now after seeing it.
Generally, I’m not into that music, but they did put on a good show. (If
anyone’s bringing teenagers to these shows – or IS a teenager 🙂 – they are
gorgeous, talented, and gracious when approached by concert attendees, it’s a
bonus!) It didn’t hurt that they were a bunch of good-looking boys. I do
stress BOYS… think I’d have gotten arrested if I talked to any of them for
too long! HAAA!

Ok, I’m done for now. My thoughts are still a bit jumbled (understandably!).
I do think I can return to my normal mild-mannered self before Peter returns
to the East Coast with Shoe Suede Blues – as long as Davy doesn’t tag along
in that red shirt, I’ll be fine and will be able to relax and appreciate
Peter’s talent without distractions… 😉

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs (Hightstown, NJ)
Web “Dominatrix” of:
“I’ve been watching you with telephoto eyes… Won’t you Smile For The
Camera?” RLS


From: ~Ronni

Hey guys!
I went to the concert in Uncasville, CT, the Mohegan Sun concert, and
they were amazing!
I took my boyfriend, who’s not really into the Monkees, and he didn’t
expect to enjoy it as much as he did. They opened with a whole lot of old
stuff, which surprised me. I expected a LOT more newer stuff, solo stuff and
what not… but I was pleased when I knew all the words to the majority of
the songs. As always the guys were energetic, had GREAT stage presense, and
were just wonderful overall. Micky did a song that he said his mother sang to
him in the womb (when *he* was in the womb). He made little jokes (about that
big) of course… Peter played some stuff on the banjo and did Bach’s eighth
two-part invention on the keyboard, and I was ECSTATIC because that’s a piece
that I’ve learned to play.
My boyfriend and I spent the beginning of the second half of the show
making fun of Natural. I have a personal dislike for Backstreet-boy-wannabe
bands, and Natural definitely didn’t impress me at all.
They played a lot of Nesmith stuff during the second half, including
Papa Gene’s Blues. Davy put on a wool hat and dark sunglasses during it,
which, of course, the entire audience thought was absolutely hillarious.
I thought the show was absolutely amazing, personally, and wasn’t
disappointed in the least. I’m still in shock. I *saw* the Monkees… I was
trying to get my mother to let me stalk them, and to seduce one of the stage
hands into letting us go back, but it wasn’t gonna happen (although she
wanted to).
Among the old stuff they did, were all the singles, of course, Take a
Giant Step, Circle Sky, Listen to the Band, Shades of Grey, the Porpoise
Song, Long Title (Do I Have to Type This Out All Over Again?), Can You Dig
It, Look Out, Mary Mary, Goin’ Down, RSG, She Hangs Out…

~Ronni AKA Melanie Rose Frances Naomi Tork

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