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Monkees UK TV Update – Davy report on Sally

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: ginger07

In the UK:

Micky+Davy will be on This Morning, ITV1, 10.30am + Open House, Channel 5,
2pm next Tuesday 19th March. M, Uk


From: Krnurse

Hi, thanks for the information. I caught the show just in the nick of time.

I did tape the show, but it came out terrible. I only taped the parts with
Davy in it and NBC does not come in well here unless you have cable tv, which
I don’t. He did flash his chest though. Um, he said something about his
third book. I didn’t know he had written that many. I have his book They
Made a Monkee out of me, but that is it. He also mentioned the band that
will be opening for them, I don’t remember the name, it was something weird,
and I have never heard of them. OH, and, he talked about his daughter being
in an all girl band in England winning a talent contest. He mentioned his
horses and having two homes, one in PA and one in Florida. He talked about
racing in Kentucky on May 19th, and that he really doesn’t watch much tv
except maybe the news. When asked who was his favorite on the news, he said
“ME” I like to watch it when I’m in the news. He did a nice job. I quite
enjoyed the show even though it came out really fuzzy

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