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From: cin1967

Just visited the Monkees2001 site….these are the tour dates for Micky and
Davy that they had up….

25-May Sat Louisville Zoo Louisville, KY
31-May Fri Star Plaza Theatre Merrillville, IN
1 June Sat MeadowBrook Music Festival Detroit, MI
2 June Sun Paramount Theme Parks Cincinnati, OH
7 June Fri Blue-Cross Arena Rochester Rochester, NY
8 June Sat Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville, CT
9 June Sun Brookhaven Amphitheater Farmingville, NY
29 June Sat Paramount Arts Centre Aurora, IL
5 July Fri Beau Rivage Casino Biloxi, MS
13 Jul Sat The Hatch Shell Boston, MA
17 Aug Sat North Shore Music Theatre North Shore, MA



From: “Kirkpatrick, Pamela”

I received news from the Blue Cross Arena yesterday that the promoter has
cancelled the Monkees concert of June 7. Don’t know if it will be
rescheduled or not at this time, nor the reason. Bummer! Pam – Rochester=


From: N1098c

Hi Brad,

I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THE website WILL HAVE this info on it. The the next
airing of 48hours is on Fri., May 3.

I pulled up the “48hours” website to see if Davy’s segment was
mentioned.Immediately after the show, I was able to access the information=

much easier than this. also had their schedule for that day (May
1) on the main page. This will probably be the way to get to the
information after May 1.

GO TO: where it says “Choose a show”-scroll down past the main=

title of CBS NEWS to 48hours, then click.You will get to the “48hours”
page. There you’ll find an article titled “NOT the Top Banana Anymore” and=

that’s where you’ll find the text of Davy Jones segment.

While on the Davy Jones “page” there is a section that says”related stories=

and links.” There you will find links to “” If you go
under Pop Music” and then scroll down to the 60’s click and there’s either=

option the complete alphabetical list or the letters A-Z. Either way you
can get to the Monkees, the article you will find is more dedicated to
their music. When you go under “Prime Time” and then go to the 60’s and
find the Monkees, that article is more dedicated to the TV show.

Both places there are places that you can put “memories” and “messages.”
It’s interesting to read other people’s “Memories of the Monkees.” Most of=

the comments are good.

Davy’s segment was really good but just way too short!

Nancy C


From: Ria Heeringa

This season, the theater/orchestra company called Orkater is touring the
Netherlands with a show called Prefab Four.
The company, which combines cabaret, sketches with a live band, tapped into
the perfect subject for their make-up, by telling the story of the
latter-day Monkees trying to set up a show together and re-live the success
of 30 years ago.

I felt a little apprehensive at first, from the bits I had seen on tv about
it, since it felt they might seize the oportunity to do a bit of
Monkee-slamming, but to my relief I found this not to be the case.

The show captures the wild hilarity of the tv-shows in part, with the four
actors, playing the Monkees romping around the stage, falling in and out of
their roles, walking on and off stage, through doors, or around the pieces
of decor.
Their bits of Riu Chiu, which was sung during a commercial bit, forced upon
them by their producer, who wanted to have them advertize a Spanish Abbey
wine in Monk’s habits, while they’re getting drunker and drunker all the
time, has got to be seen to be believed.

The show also manages to capture the ambivalence I have felt about the
stage Monkees vs the backstage Monkees, with the screaming fights that
could break out in the middle of an incredible rendition of one of their
songs. Or the constand strife between the Monkees and the background band,
who are the only ones allowed to play their instruments, according to the

Though the program claims that the latterday characters portrayed on stage
are entirely fictional, they certainly did their research, and some of the
scenes were almost poignant to look at, like in the part where Mike tries
to insert his work, and the other three gang up on him, or in the part
where Micky tries to seduce and later assault one of the background singers
(“Hey! I’m only acting out the script!”)

Most of the more well-known songs were in the show in some form,
Clarksville, Apples Peaches Banana’s & Pears, I’m a Believer, Steppin’
Stone, Pleasant Valley Sunday, Goin’ Down, a hauntingly good Porpoise Song,
the Theme, as well as one or two of their own composition, which fit
surprisingly well with the rest of the songs.
Interestingly enough, the character playing Peter took most of the singing

Though all actors looked well in their part, the actor playing Micky
deserves a standing ovation for his portrayal of the real Micky. Not only
did he manage to look exactly like both the older and the younger Micky, he
managed to hit his gait, his mimicry and his mannerisms spot on. He even
sounded a little bit like him, though he obviously didn’t have the vocal
range Micky does.
It was quite eerie to see Micky up there on stage during the concert bits,
and then hear him talk perfect Dutch 🙂

All in all it was a very entertaining show, and warmly reccomended to all
dutch members of this list. The show has been nominated for a prestigeous
price, I believe.


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

…and the gigs just keep on a-coming! Here’s the latest Shoe Suede
Blues summer tour date:

Saturday, August 31, 2002
Outback Lodge
917 Preston Ave
Charlottesville, VA
Tickets: $10 advance/$12 door



New Davy Jones tour date:

Sat 11/02/02 Peoria, IL Civic Center Arena


From: “Amy Roundtree”

I received this message from the public relations office at Paramount’s
Kings Island. I think this will clear up any miscommunication about the
Monkees concert there on June 2. Thanks.

There is a concert by the Monkees here on June 2, but it is not open to the
public. It’s a private event, hosted by a company for their employees. Th=
park is not open to the public on June 2. I am sorry to disappoint you.

We do appreciate your interest though.

Take care!
-David Mandt
Amy Roundtree


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Gang,

Another Summer Shoe Suede Blues tour date!

Friday, July 5, 2002
Area 22
22 Broadway
Newport, RI 02840
Tickets: $10 advance/$15 door

There is also a possibility of Shoe Suede Blues performing at The Sit
N Bull in Maynard, MA in July – if you want to see SSB at this venue,
please call 978-897-4663 & let them know!



From: Mona

Hi. I don’t know if this has already been discussed,
but someone just sent me this article:

New every Friday
Delaina Dixon

It pays to have friends in the business. When As the
World Turns wanted a well-known name to preside over
an upcoming wedding, Peter Noone (Paddington)
suggested his good friend, teen idol-turned
TV-producer Micky Dolenz. “He was the best man for the
job,” exclaims Noone. Dolenz, a member of the sixties
TV musical quartet the Monkees, agreed to take on the
role, as long as he didn’t have to play himself. “I
turn them down,” says Dolenz of self-appearances. “I
told [ATWT] from day one, ‘Please, no Monkees
references, because then it becomes a sketch… and
this show is grounded in some kind of reality.'” To
play the English vicar, Dolenz, a Los Angeles native,
has adopted a British accent. “There are some very
exotic and eccentric characters in the different parts
of England,” he shares. “It’s a composite a bunch of
people that I’ve met there.” Dolenz is keeping mum on
whether the couple he is set to marry actually makes
it through the ceremony. “I ain’t going to tell ya,”
he declares in his stage persona’s voice. “Maybe I’m
the one that marries… and Peter is my son!”
Dolenz is already familiar with the daytime format.
His daughter, Ami, starred on General Hospital. “I’ve
always been fascinated at the speed at which they
produce [daytime],” shares Dolenz, who has directed
live sitcoms in England. The ATWT crew seems
fascinated by Dolenz; he’s been signing a lot of
autographs. “Maybe they’ll create a role for the
vicar,” he suggests with a chuckle, “with all the
marriages that happen on a soap.”
Dolenz premieres on May 31.


From: “Annette”

David’s Nashville Booksigning Confirmed

This is just in from Susan…

Davy just firmed up a booksigning for Nashville, May 10th. It’s going to be=

from 6-8pm at Cool Springs Galleria, which is about 10 miles south of
Nashville (officially in Brentwood/Franklin) on I-65 South. He’ll be at
Center Court.



From: Evelyn Agostini

Here’s a link to a recap of the story that was shown on 48 Hours. I was
VERY disappointed with the story. I thought It was another case of the medi=
presenting inaccurate information about the Monkees to suit their storyline=
The story emphasized the break-up of the Monkees and, once again, brought u=
the misinformation that they didn’t play their own instruments (and didn’t
explain that they were not allowed to play them). Also, they didn’t bring u=
the fact that the other idols that were featured on the show do not play
instruments nor write songs.
They were trying to show that teen idols only have about 2 years of fame
before they are discarded for the next new idol. So they showed Davy
cleaning up the stables, implying that he has fallen so far out of fame tha=
that’s the only job he can do. However, it was interesting that at the end
of that segment, they disproved they own theory, since they brought up the
fact that Davy currently has a strong fan following and is still so popular
that he plays to sell out crowds….so much for their theory.

CBS News No Longer The Top Banana May 1, 2002

(CBS) Thirty-five years ago, Davey Jones was where Britney Spears is now.

He was the teen heartthrob of the Monkees, the original boy band. The group=

had its own TV show and platinum hit records.

The Monkees’ debut album in 1966 was number one for 15 weeks, and the
record that knocked it out of the top spot was the group’s own follow-up

Jones and the other Monkees didn’t write their greatest hits – that was=

done by professional composers, and the music was played by studio
musicians. All the band members had to do was sing and act like rock stars.

“Me on the tambourine, Mike on the guitar, Peter on the bass and piano an=
Mickey on the drums,” Jones tells Correspondent Erin Moriarity. “We wer=
the greatest musicians in the world. In fact, when we played the national
anthem people from every country stood up. You know what I’m saying?”

But eventually, the press and the critics did care whether the Monkees were=

writing or playing their own songs. After two years, the TV show was
canceled and the band broke up.

“My pass didn’t work at Columbia Pictures anymore,” Jones recalls. =
took back the GTOs that they’d given us. They took back the Honda
motorbikes and all the rest of the things that they’d given us.”

In fact, soon after the GTO was returned, Jones got a $600 bill for
maintenance or wear-and-tear.

Teen fame is usually fleeting, says Dr, Jonathan Young, a psychologist who=

has studied the rise and fall of teen idols. “Fame, like clothing, isn’t=

cool very long,” he says. “It will age rather quickly. So you know, sty=
change in two or three years. So do pop singers.”

At the height of his fame, Jones earned just $450 a week and since he
didn’t write or play the music, he received very little in royalties.

“When you’ve got everything, everybody wants to give you everything,” h=
says. “When you have nothing, nobody wants to give you anything”.

A 1968 Monkees movie, directed by Jack Nicholson, was a box-office disaster=

and Jones’ attempt at a solo music career fizzled. Even his marriage bega=
to unravel.

“I think it is hard for every young performer who is so big and so hot,=

says Dr. Young. “A life after that, and it’s gonna be the majority of the=
life, they’ll never be at that state again.”

For Jones, whose mother died when he was just 14, the steadying influence
has been his older sister Linda, who stood by him through the ups and the

“Having family around is that it stabilizes you,” Jones says. “And th=
kind of support, I don’t think everybody has it.”

Today, at age 56, Jones is trying to make his name in a new field and the
stars are the thoroughbred racehorses at his Florida ranch.

He also dreams of returning to Broadway, where at the age of 15 he received=

a Tony nomination for his part in “Oliver.”

But meanwhile, the Monkee business has begin booming again .

Along with former band mate, Mickey Dolenz, Jones tours as the country
playing to often sold-out crowds at casinos, clubs and theme parks. The
teen idol who was once voted America’s number one prom date finds that he=

is still in demand.

“It’s only happened over the last 10 years that I realized that I have a=

following, that there are people that enjoy what I do,” he says. “I bel=
in myself more today than I have ever done. “

=A9 MMII, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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