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Monkees Tour: Update from Peter Tork

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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Brad – Here is a statement from Peter Tork regarding his departure
from The Monkees tour.



Peter Tork, original member of the 60’s pop group The Monkees, has
announced his departure from the band’s 2001 tour schedule,effective
immediately. Tork acknowledges reports regarding interpersonal
situations within the band, but said his emphasis is on returning to
first loves and striking out on new paths. “I fully enjoyed
performing in the show,” said Tork, “but I had made commitments prior
to embarking on The Monkees tour, and I need to honor those

Those commitments include performing with Tork’s own blues band,
Shoe Suede Blues, which had just begun a national touring agenda when
The Monkees’ tour producer, David Fishof, contacted Tork about a 35th
anniversary tour for The Monkees. “It’s time now to resume those
plans,” he said.

The Monkees tour had originally been scheduled for the early summer
months but as it gained in popularity, the schedule was extended
beyond the time that Tork was able to commit. When the tour was
extended to include performances in the UK in the fall of 2001, Tork
resigned, citing the need to attend to his own personal and
professional needs.

“I think the world of both Micky and David as performers and people,”
Tork added. “Their new show will be a wonderful experience for the
audiences. I wish them both the best of luck.” Tork hopes the fans
will be informed immediately of the change in plans so that they won’t
be disappointed when attending The Monkees shows in anticipation of
seeing all three group members. He is quick to add, however, that
fans should still expect to see a first-rate show, with lots of good
music and good fun.

What’s all the excitement about?
It’s Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork!
Check them out at:


From: Vickatina


Just wanted to let you know about the Monkeemobile models.

I am a Walmart employee, and I often stock the shelves. Those popular Monkee
models come in a case with a bunch of other models (an assortment case). So,
if you don’t see any on the shelf and you ask someone to check for you, and
they say they don’t know, it’s because there is no way of telling how many
Monkee models will be in the case, if any.

I thought I would tell everyone this so noone gets mad at the Walmart workers
for not being much help. I’m just looking out for my co-workers. And trying
to help fellow Monkee fans from getting frustrated.

Vicky W.

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