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Monkees on UK TV tonight

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Jenny

To Brad

Mike and Davy will be on tonight at 9.00pm on ITV channel 3 in the
UK. They are on a show called Screen Tests hosted by Paul OGrady. It’s
great I saw a clip for it and it has Mike and Davy’s screen tests. Just
letting you know thanx Brad.

From Jennifer in the UK


From: Cathy Hurley Zimmer

I just found that Jason Nesmith and Christian Nesmith (Mike’s sons) both
have pages on where you can listen to their music for free and
buy their CD’s or MP3’s. Here’s the links:



From: “hayley”


I know this is a bit late.But wat the heck!

Just wanted to say i went to see the Monkees well only Davy and Micky in
concert on saturday the 23 of march and they were great. As im only 13 I
hadnt had the chance to see them befor or hear most of there songs but
still loved every minute of it .The supporting act wasnt very good but
micky and davy made up for it big time.Ill never forget that night its was
amazing. Fab songs teamed with two great looking blokes and loads of whitty
humor and jokes made it a superb night if only Mike and Peter were there to
share in the sucess. I have watched nearly all the TV shows of the Monkees
and thought micky was very gud looking and after seeing him the other night
i still think the same way(even though he is planning his wedding to donna)
Micky threw his towel in the crowd but i was not lucky enouth to catch it
but just being there seeing them and listening to them singwas enouth for
me!! Since then i have been out and got every monkees album i could
find!!!Monkees rule 4eva!!!!

love the biggest 13 yr old monkee fan hayley
p.s. i was just wondering if you or anyone eles had any info on any
monkee happenings inthe uk??? plz tell me if u do i will be very greatful


From: Kathy DeLuise

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know about the Providence RI concert on April
12th. It was great. Barry Williams came out into the audience while
singing a song and had his picture taken with lots of people. He did the
same songs as at the Pheonix concert. He looked great, and yes, he wore
the Johnny Bravo jacket. And his “The Real Greg Brady” song was awesome!!

(ed: Barry was not at the Phoenix show, I don’t know why we were excluded)

Micky and Davey looked great! They had on the leather pants everyone has
talked about. Davey talked about the day and how he had walked around the
streets of Providence, and he saw a mounted police officer and she let him
ride her horse. The show was great, Micky was awesome on the drums with
Randy Scouse Git and how he played that he lost his mind after the song was
over. I wish they played longer, but I know all good things must come to
an end.

Even though they are much older, they sounded and looked great! I can’t
wait to see them when they come to Connecticut. Thanks for the other
reviews, it was great hearing all about the other shows and knowing what to
expect, although with Micky and Davey, you never know what to expect.


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