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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

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From: Melhi

Hey hey, it’s the Monkees on TV!

Don’t forget to set your VCR’s for The Monkees appearance as musical
guests on NBC’s “The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno” According to, this appearance is scheduled for Tue. Aug. 21, 2001 at
11:35pm EDT / 10:35pm CDT.


The Monkees Mailing List and Resource Site
Featuring the complete Monkees FAQ collection!


From: “Mark T.”

Brad, a good link for the Alert List! Vote for the Monkees! How
could the Osmonds be beating both the Monkees and the Beatles? Or
hell, even NSync?! LOL. The Osmonds??!?!?! UGH!

(editors note: I don’t normally send out alert notices to cause people to
vote in online polls or participate in any sort of campaign, but this web
site has a nice photo of The Monkees in a Newsweek story about their place
in the boy band phenomena.)


From: “K. Lyn Baker”

The new Monkeemobile from Corgi can also be ordered through any comic
book store. It’s listed in Diamond Comics “Previews” August 2001 catalog.
It’s on page 398, and the item number is 6432/CC52405. It’s listed at
$19.99 USD.



From: Vickatina


In reference to the Monkeemobile model car, they are sold at WALMART in the
toy department. (with other car modeling stuff) I don’t remember the price,
but I think it was about $10.00 or so.

Thought you would like to pass this on to fellow readers.

Vicky 🙂


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”

For those who missed it the last time, according to our cable TV guide for
September, ‘Behind The Music: The Monkees’ will be repeated on VH1 (UK &
Ireland) on Wed 26 September at 9pm BST.

I think it also airs on VH1 (Europe) at the same time.



From: “Steven Bradley”

The current catalogue from UK toy-vehicle manufacturers Corgi, includes the
Monkeemobile. The July-December 2001 issue features a colour picture of the
model of our beloved Pontiac GTO, on page 10.

Marked ‘New for 2001’ and on the page of ‘TV and film favourites’, the text
Corgi’s TV and film favourites collection is fast developing cult status.
The Monkees – Monkeemobile. November. Scale 1:36. New Tooling.
The self-styled dragster Monkeemobile features cut-away bonnet to expose the
supercharged chrome engine.
Superb display packaging, highly collectable memorabilia.

other vehicles launched this year includes cars from TV shows Knight Rider,
The Green Hornet, The Dukes of Hazzard, The A team, and various movies.

the venues for the Monkees UK tour are now advertising the gigs with full
colour flyers at the box-offices. they are A5 in size (measuring
approximately 8.25″ x 6″) the front says “SFX Proudly Presents the Monkees
(red guitar logo) Reunion Tour 2001. Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Davy Jones”.
There is a 60’s colour picture of the 3 of them, in the centre of a big
yellow flower, surrounded by other flowers. the Monkeemobile is pictured at
the bottom.

the other side has the red guitar logo again, the tour dates and details of
where to buy tickets (web-sites and telephone numbers). across the bottom
are the psychedelic flowers from the ‘Pisces’ cover.

clearly the flyers were designed and printed before news broke that Peter
would not be on the tour )-: the promoters are SFX; the previous 2
Monkees UK Tours were promoted by Flying Music.

(ed: this is the same poster used in the USA to promote the show.)


From: “Bandsix”

Hi guys

A quick note to let you know I’ve just got off the phone with David Fishof
and he’s told me that, for personal reasons, Peter Tork will not be coming
to the UK for the Monkees Tour.

David and Micky will be performing together as the Monkees logo, with the
same band (with the horns) and will be putting in more comedy bits.

David and Micky are coming to England a week before the tour to promote it
on TV and radio.

The promoter feels very confident about the UK Tour. Tickets are selling
well, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the guys in October.

If you want to talk about this little development feel free to email me or
call me (evenings between 6 and 9 please), although at this point you have
the same information that I do.

“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: Keener7

Here in NW Florida, AmSouth Bank (headquarters in Alabama) is using “Daydream
Believer” as backup music for their radio commercials. Its sort of a Muzak
type style with some very mellow faint singing. AmSouth Bank has branches in
the panhandle of Florida, Alabama and probably some in the nearby states of
Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana (but I’m not sure). They are playing it a
lot on my local FM station.



From: Niall Hood

hey brad,

there was a wonderful nez review in the washington post. here is a link:

here are some other press quotes:

“20 songs, and their harmonic cohesion defies expectations”
-Washington Post

“one of the better tribute albums that I’ve heard in years”

“every contribution on the disk does justice to the beauty of the songcraft
-Country Standard Time

“some of the best of the current crop of and power pop
artists…a great record”
-Alt-Country Page

niall hood


From: “maggie mcmanus”

Just got off the phone with someone at Screen Gems Network. They do NOT
have the Monkees scheduled to run in the fall as part of the syndication

They still own the distribution rights to the show and they do have it on
offer as “a cash version”, he said, for any stations that want to run it
specifically. (I think syndication packages are sold on something called
“barter”, as opposed to “cash”, and that’s what he means there—-has
something to do with how commercial time is sold. Anyone out there work in
TV???) He did say his records showed that WCIU in Chicago has acquired the
series in its cash version, but no one else as yet.

maggie mcmanus
Monkee Business Fanzine


From: SaraBeatle

There’s a brief segment on the Monkees in Bravo’s recent series, “Popular
Song.” It’s in the last episode of the eight-part series, there’s commentary
from Don Kirshner (boo hisssss), and Micky talks about the format of the
Monkees and meeting the songwriters & suchlike. It’s pretty short, but I
thought I’d mention 🙂 (The rest of the series isn’t that bad, either).



From: “bqrco”

I have actually seen the Monkees Mobile model on the shelf recently in the
model aisle/toy department of Walmart. They sell for $12.99. I don’t
remember what “level” of skill they are. Have everyone looking
check their local Walmart and Kmart.



From: “Bandsix”

As to merchandise – I had an email from David Fishof about a week before the
situation with Peter was announced and at that point Fishof said there would
be new merchandise for the UK tour. He didn’t expand on that.


From: Zachary Conen

You might want to post the following info on your site (and any other related
Monkees sites)….


The Monkees will be making an appearance in Philadelphia as part of the
entertainment at a Temple Football game on Saturday, September 15, 2001. THe
game is at 12:00 Noon at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

The Monkees will be performing a 30-45 minute show as part of the game
entertainment. To purchase tickets, call TicketMaster at 215-336-2000 or
order online at You will be purchasing tickets for the
Temple-Connecticut football game on 9/15.

Thank you

Zachary Conen
Director of Advertising, Promotions & Ticket Sales
Temple Intercollegiate Athletics


From: “Seth”

You have on your web site:
Peter and James Lee Stanley will perform in Lewisville, NC, on
September 9, at Brew Ha-Ha’s.

Brew Ha-Ha’s is not in Lexisville, NC. It is in Winston-Salem which is
just a stones throw from Lewisville but none-the-less not in Lewisville. I
live in W-S and go to Brew Ha-Ha’s from time to time.


From: Miriam E Ammerman

I got this off an *NSYNC list I’m on, it’s got a mention of the guys in
it and I thought you might like to read it. 😉

*NSYNC in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum *

What do Frank Sinatra and ‘N Sync have in common? We will find out next
spring when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum unveils a major
exhibition devoted to teen idols.

“We’re going to look at the phenomenon . . . from the past to the present,”
said Jim Henke, the rock hall’s chief curator.

Ol’ Blue Eyes and the bobby-soxer fan brigades of the 1940s probably will
serve as the starting point for the in stallation, according to Henke. It
will replace the John Lennon exhibit on view through December on the
museum’s upper floors.

Among the other heartthrobs represented at the rock hall will be Elvis
Presley, Ricky Nelson, the Beatles, the Monkees, Andy Gibb and the latest
crop of youth-oriented hit-makers, including ‘N Sync, the Backstreet
Boys, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

The museum also has obtained memorabilia from David Cassidy, Debbie
Gibson, New Kids on the Block, Neil Sedaka and Bobby Sherman. Other
details, including a designer and a sponsor for the exhibit, are expected
to be announced shortly.

The goal is to draw several generations of fans. “There will be something
for everyone,” Henke said. “Kids will be able to come with their parents
or even their grandparents. Everybody had teen idols at some point.”

Reminiscences and souvenirs from teeny-boppers themselves will be “a big
part” of the exhibit, Henke said.

An addition to the museum’s Web site – – invites
visitors to submit stories about the objects of their adolescent

The rock hall also is gathering trading cards, lunchboxes, dolls and
other examples of mass-merchandised teen-pop products for the exhibit.
“If people have personal collections, we’d love to hear from them,”
Henke said.


From: “Sally Carpenter”

I was at the Henry Diltz photography exhibit in Sherman Oaks, CA,
on August 17 at Borders Books and Records. Several of Henry’s photos of
rock and roll icons were hung on the walls, including three pictures of the
Monkees and a color portrait of Micky from 1968. All of the photos were
signed and on sale for $300 or more. The exhibit is scheduled to travel in
20 cities and is the first time Henry’s photos have been on display to the
public. Henry was there to give a slide show of more of his work. He said
the slide show began years ago when his celebrity friends invited him to
show his slides at private parties. This is the first time his slides have
been seen by the general public.

(ed: except at numerous Monkees conventions…)

The slides included a shot of the Monkees at the banquet table in
“Everywhere a Sheik Sheik”, and was the only slide where the audience
applauded! It was followed by a slide of Davy talking on a phone. He
mentioned that he was paid $300 a week when he was the Monkee’s
photographer in the late sixties.

During the Q&A time, I asked Henry if he still played
clarinet. He said yes, and that MFQ would be rejoining soon and playing
shows in Japan.

After the slide show Henry signed autographs. As he signed my
book “Hey Hey We’re The Monkees” I asked if he knew the guys were on tour
now. He asked if they would be in LA I told him when the guys would be
the House of Blues, but Henry was going out of town that week.

I found out later that one of Henry’s friends in attendance was
Dave Evans, who wrote some of the Monkees TV episodes. Unfortunately, Dave
had left before I could meet him. One final note to top the evening: the
store muzak played “Daydream Believer” and “Porpoise Song” among the CSNY
and classic rock songs.

Sally Carpenter



I recently went to a Monkees Reunion concert at the Kewadin Casino in Sault
Ste Marie on June 28th and the only thing that I was dissappointed in was
that they didn’t open with “Hey, Hey we’re the Monkees.” I thought for sure
that they just had to open with that. They could have just changed the words
a little bit and said that they’re the “old” generation. Cuz I’m sure they
still have somethin’ to say. But I really enjoyed the concert.

(ed: the actually do open with that number, the band plays it as an
overture before the Monkees arrive)

Deanne O’Connor


From: Belle Suzanne

To all SSB members & Monkees fans,
Review of SSB show on Aug 10, 2001:

I went to see Peter Tork and the Shoe Suede Blues last Friday night in
Issaquah, Washington. After 15 years of loving Peter, I went to see him
solo and knew I would get to meet him.

It didn’t hit me till we arrived in the little tourist town east of
Seattle that we were actually going to see him!! When we got there there
were a million empty places to park, and hardly anybody there!! Where
were all the Seattle & Portland Monkees fans? They either didn’t know
about it or couldn’t make it, I thought. When we went in the gates and
paid our donation of $5, I told the lady working there we had driven up
from Portland, Oregon. “You did?!” she exclaimed. Then later when Fred,
the announcer, told the mellow crowd that Peter Tork was “the biggest
act to ever come to Issaquah!” I knew we had come upon a small town. We
sat in the middle, behind only a few people, while I went over to the
sidelines to dance with only a few other fans during part of the show.
Then towards the end I went right up front, right by the stage and
practically sat under the band, marveling at what I was seeing. There
were less than 200 people there, and truthfully I was disappointed more
fans weren’t there. I would’ve appreciated seeing a more ravenous crowd.
The weather was beautiful and the show took place on the Issaquah
Community Center lawn in the evening.

Before the show, I hung out a little at the Shoe Suede Blues table,
buying a live CD and then promptly leaving it there till I realized I
didn’t have it in my bag! Then my camera was gone! I had set it down
somewhere, like the bathroom, when I had noticed Peter tucked away in a
corner of the Community Center. I ran around madly, trying to find my
camera while Peter darted around at the same time trying to find
something he’d misplaced! My teenage friends and I kept running into
him, and I was so excited it didn’t matter where my camera was, until
the show started and then I really missed it! Luckily a security guy
found it was turned in and handed it to me during the show.

The music was a blast! I love the blues and they did it good. A blues
version of Daydream Believer sung by Peter cracked me up! It was really
funny hearing him sing vocals and the band switching from cool blues to
a ’60s pop song. I loved Tadg’s harmonica and vocals, and Richard
Michaels, the lead guitarist, had a great voice, too. I would’ve liked
more vocals from them. Some of the lyrics were below my taste (“I like
my women a little on the trashy side”), but mostly it was good fun and
they were a tight little band. Peter was very witty and just gorgeous. I
hadn’t seen him perform since 1995, and he’s just as terrific as ever,
very talented.

After they played their last note, they whisked off the stage to the
right and signed autographs. Tadg, one of the band members, recognized
me and nudged Peter. I stood there, speechless! Then we got back in line
for pictures and Peter hugged me and touched my face! (drool ! )

Any Monkees fan should see Shoe Suede Blues if they get a chance. I hope
to see them back in the pacific northwest soon. I am not surprised that
Peter is not part of the U.K. tour. It is evident his blues band shows
his true heart of happiness shining through. It doesn’t matter how small
or large the crowd is. They love what they do!

I will put pictures up on my website soon. Check out Ellen’s site “Good
Clean Fun” for pictures from the show.


Belle Suzanne
Portland, Oregon


From: “DiAnne Wasson”

Boise concert

Hi Brad….I am a “First Generation” fan…..and it has taken me 35 plus
years to finally make it to a Monkees Concert….and it was the best
concert I have ever been to! We had to take almost 7 hours to get there
but it was well worth the trip, even my 13 year old twins are confirmed
Fans. The guys were fantastic….. Just want to share this with you…..



From: “Doug Clark”

Just got home from the Bakersfield concert. The show was great! Peter’s
excursion into Bach, Davy’s energy and mickeys excellent blues number! And
what showmanship. Talent that really made for an enjoyable evening. (And
who was that gal on the horns?………awesome!) I was only expecting a run
through of the old songs, but WOW! It was so obvious the guys were having
fun. It really showed. The sincerity………..and when Davy entered the
crowd, the gals went wild! Way to go boys! Thanks for a wonderful show!
Doug Clark

— Doug Clark

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