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Monkees Doodle for Charity Auction

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Three of the Monkees (Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz) have
contributed “Doodles” for a celebrity Doodle Aucti on to benefit NF,
Inc., a non-profit organization that supports families affected by

Three of the four Monkees provided two Doodles (each! how generous of
them!), plus Micky’s daughter sent a doodle as well.

The auction just started yesterday on eBay, and I thought that Monkees
fans may love the opportunity to bid on something drawn by their
favorite Monkee!

Thanks for your time and attention.

Erin Lassen
NF Doodle Committee

see the web site for images of the doodles from
the Monkees and many other celebrities.


From: ashbinz

Micky Dolenz appeared on the Frosty, Heidi and Frank St. Patrick’s Day
Drinking Show on KLSX-FM on Monday, March 17, 2008. It should be noted
that the hosts of the show had been drinking for two hours by the time
of Micky’s visit.

A podcast of this show is available at this link:

Micky’s appears approximately a minute and a half into the podcast.


From: Photography by Lora

Hi Brad

We will have the pleasure of having Micky Dolenz perform at a benefit
concert here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 10th please see
information below. We will be having some sort of deal for a hotel
(s) in the area and we will update you with that information in the
coming weeks. Take care!

Lora Keyes
Photography by Lora

I’m A Believer –
Benefit for the Utopia Conservation Area & Gristmill restoration project

This Charity Concert is to help fund the restoration of Bell’s
Gristmill in Utopia, Ontario (just West of Barrie). This small
community of 100 people have banded together in effort to revitalize
the Utopia Conservation Area & the historic Bell’s Gristmill from the
1800’s as a functioning gristmill and environmental resource education
centre. This is your chance to help out a local community who’s trying
to make a difference!
Micky Dolenz lends his support by singing many of his hits such as
Last Train To Clarksville, Stepping Stone, I’m a Believer and others
from The Monkees TV show and more!

Opening will be Toronto’s 80’s band, The Spoons! Hear hits like Nova
Heart, Romantic Traffic, Tell No Lies and others.

Venue: Capitol Event Theater (2492 Yonge Street, Toronto)
Doors open: 7:00 pm
Start: 8:00 pm
Ticket price: $50.00
Order tickets online from

600 are on sale on line staring Monday March 10th


From: nycjobs

you can find a link where to download the radio show here

Davy was interviewed by Mark Simone on WABC Radio Saturday night


From: Aaron Handy III

Courtesy of The Big Cartoon Forum:

Rock and R&B drummer Buddy Miles, whose varied roles included serving
as the lead voice of the California Raisins, died Tuesday at his
Austin, Texas home. He was 60.

Miles died of congestive heart failure, an announcement on his Web site said.

A singer and songwriter as well, Miles had stints playing with Jimmy
Hendrix. He was also part of the California Raisins, the four singing
and dancing Claymation figures who became hugely popular advertising
mascots in the late 1980s.

As Buddy Raisin, Miles was the lead singer in the TV commercials for
the California Raisin Advisory Board. He covered Marvin Gaye’s “I
Heard It Through the Grapevine.”

The success of the commercial led to a million-selling spinoff album
of remakes of rock and soul oldies, The California Raisins Sing the
Hit Songs.

Born in Omaha on September 5, 1947, the huge Miles sported a large,
sculpted Afro.

A member of the ’60s blues, rock and soul band Electric Flag and lead
singer of Buddy Miles Express, he was most popular when he joined
Hendrix and bassist Billy Cox to form Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys, dubbed
“the first black rock group” by the New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of
Rock & Roll. In 1968, Miles had played on Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland

The Band of Gypsys’ sole album was a live set recorded on New Year’s
Eve in 1969-70. It included two songs by Miles, “Them Changes” and “We
Got to Live Together.” On one of Hendrix’s signature songs, “Machine
Gun,” featured a strong drum riff by Miles.

However, Miles’ association with the Band of Gypsys association was
short, the drummer himself said. In a 1988 Los Angeles Times
interview, he said that Hendrix’s management — not the guitarist —
fired him within a month of the concert.

Miles thinks that Hendrix’s managers didn’t want to stay with an
all-black group. “It had to be a racial thing. I think it had to scare
them because of the political aspect at the time,” he told the Times.

Interested in drums as a child, he was playing in his father’s jazz
combo by age 12. He was a busy session player and sideman within a
couple of years, working with such major R&B groups as Ruby and the
Romantics and the Delfonics. He played on the session that produced
the Jaynetts’ 1963 hit “Sally Go Round the Roses,” according to the
Rolling Stone encyclopedia.

Guitarist Mike Bloomfield approached Miles in 1967 while he was
playing with Wilson Pickett, and asked him to join Electric Flag. He
played on three Electric Flag albums before founding his own group,
the Buddy Miles Express, in 1968. He then worked with Hendrix.

Miles worked with such major music figures as Muddy Waters and John
McLaughlin, and recorded two albums — one of which went platinum —
with Carlos Santana. In the mid-1970s, he put the Buddy Miles Express
back together, turning out another hit song ,”Them Changes.”

Miles’ career stalled by the late 1970s due to grand theft and auto
theft convictions. Until 1985, he served time in the California
Institution for Men at Chino and at San Quentin State Prison, forming
bands at both institutions.

Following his release, he sang with Santana’s group. While working on
an album with the guitarist’s group, he was hired to voice Buddy

Buddy Miles, along with his group The Buddy Miles Express, was also
one of the featured performers in the 1969 NBC-TV special 33 1/3
Revolutions Per Monkee.


From: cyndy

Here is the web page for The Hit Parade Hall of Fame.


From: Frank

Davy Jones news

Gorilla Trades (with Davy’s photo) is at


From: easywriter1

See Davy Sing “Sexina” theme


Davy Jones: Don’t call him an old guy

February 7, 2008

With an off-the-chart energy level after three cups of Cuban java,
Davy Jones refuses to be unhappy and he refuses to be grouped with “a
bunch of old guys.”

Perhaps best known as the cute little Englishman of The Monkees, Jones
hasn’t stopped moving for long. He’s performed on TV, Broadway and
onstage; has written three books with a fourth one under way; and he
raises and races horses. All the while he’s raised four daughters and
is a grandfather twice — actually delivering his 5-year-old grandson.

“I’ve delivered cows, sheep, pigs, horses, cats and dogs. Why not a real baby?”

And even he can’t believe he’s 62.

“There must be a mistake. I’ve got so much more to do,” he joked
during a phone interview from his home in Hollywood, Fla. He also
proceeded to joke about snow in Chicago while he looked out at the
beach, palm trees and 72-degree weather in mid-January.

Does he keep in touch with any of those “old guys?”
Monkees business

“Yeah, I went to see them at the old actors’ home in Hollywood last
week. Are you kidding? I’m not hanging out with a bunch of old guys,”
he said.

Jones said he got a phone call from Peter Tork recently. Jones had
mentioned in an interview that Tork “never really got in touch with
his inner celebrity. He thanked me. I guess he thought that was a

He said Mickey Dolenz is always off doing his own thing. “He’s a
different kind of a guy. He’s always working on the next project while
we’re working on this one.”

He called Mike Nesmith “very aloof.”

But, he said that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t work with them again.

Always on the move, Jones was preparing for a cruise with other ’60s
acts including Bill Medley and the Lovin’ Spoonful. The week before,
he was performing and golfing at charity benefits in Las Vegas.

After becoming virtually a household name with the popularity of The
Monkees, Jones said he lost interest in performing for a while.

“I got more interested in the mid-80s after looking at all the garbage
out there,” he said.
Record deal

Jones says he likes a variety of music. He said the last record (yes,
he used the word record) he bought was Tony Bennett doing duets with
Tim McGraw, Bono, James Taylor and a wide variety of entertainers. He
also likes Macy Gray and likes “to listen to the expertise of Mutt
Lange and Shania Twain.”

He admits he loves to perform and will work harder for an audience of
10 than 10,000. Jones said he left home at 14 and “got exactly what I
asked for.

“When you become a celebrity, you become recognized, more articulate,
better looking … taller … . And that’s not always a good thing.”

He said he would like to “have a sit down, a walk on the beach, a
swim” with some of today’s celebrities and tell them “come on, get
over it.

“I’m sorry I’m happy. Happiness is the way. I get up in the morning
and say I love my life,” he said. “Never give up on your dreams.”

Sun-Times Media Group


From: easywriter1

I was fwded this from a DJ in KC, who said it made a ‘best of”
grouping of some kind of music articles. I love the quote that ends
the article. Davy always give such great quotes.

The Kansas City Star

Davy Jones isn’t a happy Monkee about new ‘Teen Idols Tour’


At 52, Davy Jones is one angry old Monkee. Terse and bitter during a
phone interview from his Los Angeles apartment, the pint-size flower-
power heartthrob admits, however sardonically, that money was a big
reason he teamed with Bobby Sherman and Peter Noone of Herman’s
Hermits for the “Teen Idols Tour. ” “No, I don’t want any money,”
Jones says dryly. Sarcasm makes his saccharine English accent sound as
alien as Alvin & the Chipmunks doing Marilyn Manson covers.

“I don’t want to be paid for it,” Jones continues in the same biting
tone, “I just want a cheese sandwich and a roof over my head. ” One
would think a man who’d serenaded Marcia Brady on “The Brady Bunch”
could put shallow material wants behind him.

But “potloads” of money are high on the priority list of the
performer who gained fame in the ’60s as a member of a faux rock group
assembled for the psychedelic TV show “The Monkees. ” As a Monkee,
Jones and his pals Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork held
instruments they weren’t allowed to play as they sang songs they
didn’t write.

However, Jones will perform such Monkees classics as “Daydream
Believer” on the tour; new material includes a song recently written
by Noone and himself. According to Jones, he has never had conflicts
with his old Monkee handlers over whether he could perform old Monkees
songs on his own or with the group on reunion tours.

“We don’t have to ask permission for things like that,” he said.

After all, it would hardly make sense for Jones not to sing his hits
for an audience sure to include die-hard Monkees fans hungry for a
blast from the past.

“I have my theme songs, and people know me. It’s not something I have
to work terribly hard at,” he said. “I’m not looking for success; I
already have it. ” Many of the fans attending the “Teen Idols Tour”
probably considered the Monkee boy a ’60s sex symbol, something Jones,
who has appeared at Starlight Theatre in productions of “Oliver!,”
seems a bit confrontational about discussing now.

“If it’s the sex symbol thing, that’s their personal business,” he
said. “I don’t perform one song for the people who want to see my
(rear) and another for the people who just want to hear me sing. ”


From: MKS

I have uploaded a few intervews I have done for my radio show “The
Real Deal Drive In” featuring Micky Dolenz and Bobby Hart. The Micky
intervew was done a few years ago and old Monkees members will
remember it being posted on, it has been remastered for
replay on a recent show. I also interviewed Bobby Hart a few months
ago and it can be downloaded as well. There are a few interviews on
there that reference the Monkees such as Glen Campbell and more.
Interviews can be downloaded at
The Real Deal Bob Steele


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