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Monkees back on TV! – VH1 Request

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: Estrella Lee

It’s been a long time since we saw “The Monkees” on
the Screen-Gems Network, but apparently they’re back
on after “The Partridge Family”!! According to, the first Monkee episode, “One Man Shy”,
will be on Friday, January 5th, 2001. The second
Monkee episode, “The Pilot” aka “Here Come The
Monkees”, will be on Friday, January 12th. I’m
assuming that Screen-Gems will have the show only on
Fridays for January.

For all the new-comers, Screen-Gems Network
( is a one-hour American
syndicated package shown at different times on
different channels in different areas. I’m not sure
how it is for others, but on New Year’s day it comes
back on in my area. M-Th SGN will have the
Jeannie/Bewitched block, but on Fridays (assuming it’s
throughout January) it will have the Partridge/Monkees
block. Check your local listings of next week for
indications that one of your channels carries the



VH1 has asked us to send this to the Monkees fans on this list. Please
don’t reply to the list, send your responses direct to VH1.

From: “Solomon, Lee -Series and Specials 1633”

Have you been to any of the Monkees concerts or know anyone who has? VH1 is
a show called Fan Frenzy and want stories from fans who have been to a
Monkees concert. We’re looking for stories and or footage of the craziness
(screaming, crying, shaking, fighting, etc.)

Please email me ASAP!!!

Lee Solomon
VH1 Series and Specials

Mr. Solomon’s email address is:

Hope someone can help him out! 🙂
Love & Light,

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