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Monkees albums on Vinyl!

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From: Brad Waddell
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Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

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From: Doris

Sundazed Music is rereleasing the Monkees’ first five albums on vinyl,
with bonus tracks! The first album is on extra-heavy 180 gram vinyl,
for audiophiles!


Help save the NJ black bears!


From: “Katie Rasmussen”

I just read from your news letter that the Grand Casino Mille Lacs dodn’t
have the Monkees down on their calendar. I looked around a bit and found an=

area that said that tickets are going to go on sale on Nov 30th at noon.
There are 2 shows, 7 & 9:30. All this info is at
I am very excited to see the guys and just wanted to let the other MN fans=

know what was going on.
~Katie R.


From: “Baumgartner, Jodi”


I looked up the website for the casino north of Minneapolis. Web address is
the RIGHT side of this page click the “upcoming concerts” box. It lists the=
all. Says the Monkees tickets will come on Sale Nov. 30 at noon. I live nea=
Fargo, ND and saw them at our local fair in June – My friend and I had the
time of our lives! (I’d been waiting half my life to see them – was 15 in
1986 – I am 30 now.) Needless to say we will be road tripping to Lake Mille
Lacs in January.



From: “Sally Carpenter”

Today I was watching TVLand channel and saw an ad for a CD-ROM put out by
TVLand called “Blast From The Past” with trivia about classic TV
shows. Several celebrities appear on the CD-ROM, including Davy. I don’t=

know anything more beyond this commerical; has anyone seen this item?

Also on TVLand, an episode of “Get Smart” (“The Expendible Agent”) was
introduced during a promo segment, “This episode was written by Gerald
Gardner and Dee Caruso, who went on to write for `The Monkees’ TV
show.” Gardner and Caruso wrote two episodes for “Get Smart” featuring a
Chinese KAOS agent called The Claw. These episodes are very similar to
“The Case of the Missing Monkee” episode which Gardner and Caruso also
wrote. The Get Smart shows have some of the same jokes as the Monkees
episode (“All American look alike” and the Chinaman mispronouncing the word=

“claw”) and feature Joey Forman (Dragonman) as Chinese detective Harry Who.

Sally Carpenter


From: “Amanda Laws”

Watching Special Unit 2. This episode has Woman like Medusa, and after one=

of the Special Unit 2 officers busts up the 2 blonds as being one of these=

“links” as they call them, the one that got away is then shown across the
street from a construction zone, they use “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” as=

an intro to her looking for her next victim



From: Pam Gregson

Hi there Brad

I found someone who sells Monkee Pictures near me if you want to include it=

with the Monkees newsletter, his address is,


They are A4 size (10-8) I think they are going at =A32.00 each. when I saw=

them they were all in a box at the N.E.C. Birmingham.

I hope this is of use to the newsletter.yours Pam Gregson.

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