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Monkees 2003 Calendar Finally Arrives!

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You asked for it!

The Monkees Memorabilia Price Guide & Reference Calendar 2003

A whole year of MonkeeMania for your wall! A TIMELY Gift Idea!

This collectable 28 page All Color Monkees Calendar which includes 12 whole=

months and 365 days, including the bonus Monkeedays. Each month features a=

full color photo of Monkees collectable treasures in mint condition. Spot
the ones you own…and the ones you are going to own!

This exciting professionally printed and bound calendar will be the talk of=

your work-place or home with colorful Monkees fun all year long. Plus you
get the birthdays of all of the Monkees and their offspring, special days
in Monkee history, plenty of room to write in your own special days, and
the estimated pricing list for the items pictured.

And all for only $1 per month!

Cover Image:
Back Image:

Other bonuses you get as the owner:

=B7 REUSE again in the year 2014! Sealed shrink wrap in mint condition, sto=
up now.
=B7 250 Monkees items displayed and priced – a total value of $20,000.00!
=B7 The Special Full Color Double Sized Mystery Centerfold Poster – suitabl=
for framing!
=B7 One FULL year of dates and holidays – NO MISSING DAYS LIKE OTHER CALEND=
=B7 Special Monkees Coloring month – your calendar can be a unique work of=

art! Crayons not included.
=B7 3 cool Song Dates for everyone to play the same Monkees song at the sam=
=B7 Undeniable bragging rights, as you’ll own a uniquely numbered Monkees=


Limited Numbered Edition of 5000


You will have Fun in No Time!

Items can be ordered immediately with payment via or a check in=

the mail. Here are the many money-saving options:

1 SEALED Monkees Calendar Fan Pack=09
$12.99 plus $3 postage =3D $15.99
2 SEALED Monkees Calendars Buddy Pack
$20 plus $3 postage =3D $23 Save $6
Postage Stays the same!=09
3 SEALED Monkees Calendars Triple Play Bonus
includes SEALED Monkees Music Video Interview CD-ROM=09
$28 plus $3 postage =3D $31 Save $11
Postage Stays the same!=09
4 SEALED Monkees Calendars Family Pack Bonus
includes SEALED Monkees Music Video Interview CD-ROM
and a Monkees Logo Patch=09
$32 plus $3 postage =3D $35 Save $20
Your best deal at only $8 per calendar!
Postage STILL Stays the same!=09

Canada shipping is $4 for any number of items. Overseas shipping is $5 for=

any number of items. Calendars start shipping December 1, 2002. All
shipments fully insured, shipped in a rigid cardboard mailer. Visa,
MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and eChecks from your bank
account accepted on all orders through Get the fastest shipping=

possible with Sending a check in the mail can be lost or
delayed. The address for electronic payment is:

Your item will be carefully packed and shipped First Class Mail with a
computer bar-coded label to help speed it through the automated systems at=

the USPS. We also check your address for validity to ensure accurate and
timely delivery. Contact us if you would like to use Priority Mail, UPS or=

Fedex for an extra fee. We reserve the right to hold checks until they clea=

To pay by check, write on the check how many Calendars you would like and
send the check or money order in USA Dollars to:

Brad Waddell
6965 El Camino Real Ste 105 #488
Carlsbad CA 92009-4101

Questions? Write to us at

All registered trademarks are property of respective owners. All images
depicted are for the sole (but in the rock-n-roll spirit) purpose of
identification and pricing. Calendar Created by Monlocks Inc. =A92003

One click ordering and more photos of the Calendar here:

Please tell every Monkees fan you know!! Thanks!


From: “ash g”

Hi, just thought I’d let you guys know that some Monkees TV appearances
will be airing, they are listed below.
1.Wed 13 -WVTV-Crossing Over guest starring Micky Dolenz
2. Wed 20 -VH1- bubblegum babylon (Micky Dolenz plays a role in the movie)
3. Wed 21 -TV Land- Classic episode guest starring Davy Jones
4. Thu 21 -E!- E! True Hollywood Story: The Monkees



From: Yahoo

=B7 On Tuesday, November 26
=B7 Pop Up Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story
=B7 In the vein of “Pop-Up Video” we pop-up “Daydream Believer: The Monkees=

Story.” You can never have enough Davey Jones. (Premieres from 5-7 p.m.)


From: Answers from Richard


Here a link to a clip of Micky on Crossing Over.



Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List

November 10, 2002 Hey Hey Monkee Maniacs!
Davy Jones’ Full EPCOT 2003 Schedule has announced that Davy Jones will be performing at Disney
World’s EPCOT for four days this year, instead of his usual three days. He=

is scheduled to play three concerts a day on April 25-28, 2003.

On TV / DVD Release
Micky Dolenz is scheduled to be appearing on the popular “Crossing Over
with John Edward” TV show on November 13. Times and channels vary, so be
sure to check your local listings. Davy Jones’ famous appearance on “The
Brady Bunch” episode “Getting Davy Jones” will be airing on TVLAND on Nov.=

20 at 8pm EST & Nov. 21 at 2pm EST. ENCORE will air “Head” again on
November 22 at 5:10am & 8:10am EST. Also, The Monkees’ edition of the E!
Channel’s “True Hollywood Story” will air on the 21st at 4:30pm EST. Also,=

don’t forget to pick up your copy of “The Monkees – Live Summer Tour” DVD
which is being released on Nov. 12!

Available now at:



This message is from the Davy Jones Update List.
Latest News!

Special Event

Friday, November 29, 2002
1:00-5:00 A.M. (yes – that is correct!)
The Grande Atrium Riverchase Galleria Mall
Birmingham, Alabama

The mall is having a ‘pre-holiday’ shopping event, ‘Holiday Rockin’
Shoppin’ Eve’ and Davy is making an appearance. There will be a local band,=

called ‘Total Assets’ also on hand. There will also be Davy merchandise on=

site for all you Holiday Shoppers. And there will be giveaways every 30
minutes with a Grande Galleria Shopping Spree giveaway at the end of the
party!! What better way to start your Holiday shopping! And the Friday
after Thanksgiving at the Riverchase Galleria, you can ‘Rock Till You Shop =
‘ !!

Davy will be featured as “Celebrity of the Week” in an upcoming episode of=

“Famous Homes and Hideaways! More details to come soon.

Also, Davy has new photos of grandson Harrison to share! Come Visit!!!!!


From: “Se=F1orita” Estrella

There will be a new VH1 special titled “Bubblegum
Babylon” which discusses the rise and falls of teen
idols. As one of the many examples, The Monkees will
be mentioned; Peter Tork is to speak his POV. The
first showing of this special will be on
VH1 at 12 pm Eastern/ 9 am Pacific on November 24,
Sunday. This special is scheduled to be repeated
several times, so check your local listings for repeat

“From Britney Spears to the Backstreet Boys,
manufactured teen music is being gobbled up by
lipsmacking kids at a phenomenal rate and then spit
back out when it quickly loses flavor. More than 40
years after its invention, teen pop has never been
more popular.

“But few realize that beneath its appealing, feel-good
surface, bubblegum pop is a cold and calculating
business where, ultimately, the stars themselves are
made to be broken.

“A cautionary tale about the cost of becoming one of
pop=E2=80=99s expendable icons, ‘Bubblegum Babylon’ explores
the dark history and culture of carefully-crafted,
sticky-sweet pop music directed toward teens – its
songs, its bands, its commercialism, its undeniable
relevance – from inside the bubblegum music machine.

It=E2=80=99s a billion-dollar business built on fresh-faced
looks, catchy hooks, and the best merchandising and
marketing that money can buy. =E2=80=9CBubblegum Babylon=E2=80=9D
goes inside the industry to examine how this pre-teen
pop is literally =E2=80=9Cmanufactured=E2=80=9D and profiles the
songwriters, producers, impresarios and image-makers
behind the cold and calculating business of selling
the same kinds of bands time and time again.

“Looking at the successive waves of pop culture this
music has spawned since the 1960s -the teen press that
champions these acts and the artists who get swept up
in it all – the special features all-new exclusive
interviews with Backstreet Boys, *N Sync, David
Cassidy and his daughter Katie Cassidy, Mandy Moore,
The Cowsills, Hanson, MTV=E2=80=99s Carson Daly, Tony
DeFranco, Deborah Gibson, Donny Osmond, Danny
Bonaduce, Tiffany, Peter Tork, and Jane Weidlin among



From: Aaron Handy III

Believe it or not, Monkeemavens, VH-1 is scheduling yet another run of
Behind The Music: The Monkees, on Wednesday, December 4 @ 1 PM Eastern/noon=


Now, as you recall, last time they scheduled it they yanked it at the last=

possible minute. Let’s hope VH-1 will remain true to form this time!

Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The special “TVLand’s Top 40 TV Theme Songs” ranked the top 40 favorite TV=

theme songs voted by an on-line poll. “The Monkees” theme ranked high at
#6, just ahead of “The Brady Bunch” theme at #7. The show played some of
the Monkees theme while running the second season opening credits. The
show had clips of Bobby Hart discussing the show, and showed him singing a=

few bars of the theme while playing the piano. There was also a clip of
grown up Butch Patrick discussing “The Munsters” theme. Patrick played the=

boy Melvin on The Monkees “Christmas Episode.” The program also stated
that Monkees songwriters Garry Goffin and Carole King had written a theme
for “I Dream of Jeannie”, but another song was used instead.



Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List

November 16, 2002 Hey Hey Monkee Maniacs!

Solo Tours

The Monkees may not be on the road collectively at this time, but don’t
forget to catch them on their solo tours! The following is Davy Jones’ solo=

schedule: 11/29/02 Birmingham, AL Riverchase Galleria Mall (Special Event)=

*/*/* 4/25-28/03 Orlando, FL EPCOT @ Disney World */*/* Micky Dolenz has
the following appearances: 11/25/02-12/3/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The
Seas */*/* 12/8/02 Pasadena, CA Pasadena Convention Center (Los Angeles
Beatles Convention) */*/* 1/22-29/03 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
*/*/* The following is Peter Tork’s solo schedule: 11/23-24/02 Framington,=

MA Sheraton Framingham Hotel @ The Super Mega Show */*/* Mike Nesmith
hasn’t toured solo since the mid-90s, but I’ve been told he’s seriously
thinking about going back on the road to promote his upcoming album, “Rays.=


The Monkees will be featured in a special that will be airing on VH1, along=

with ‘N Sync, David Cassidy, & others, called “Bubblegum Babylon” on the
24th at 12pm & 9pm, the 25th at 12am & 7pm, the 26th at 1pm, and on the
27th at 12am & 11am EST. The 2000 made-for-TV movie “Daydream Believers:
The Monkees Story” will air on VH1 on Nov. 26 at 3pm & on Nov. 28 at 11am
EST. Also, Micky Dolenz made an unexpected surprise guest appearance on the=

popular TV soap opera, “General Hospital” yesterday as “Luke Logan.”


From: Kate Messineo

Hi Monkees fan,
It was a delightful surprise to see Micky Dolenz on General Hospital on
Friday, November 15th. He played a counselor who led an anger
management support group. One of the main characters on GH, Luke
Spencer, is court ordered to attend. It was one of the funniest scenes
I’ve ever seen on daytime TV. By the end of the scene, Luke has the
whole group riled up to the point that they are beating up on each other
and Micky. Micky’s performance was classic Micky, good comedy and great
facial expressions. Good job Micky! It’s great to see you on the TV
screen. Let’s have more!
Kate Messineo
Marquette, Michigan



Hi Brad!

First of all, I love your Monkee email newsletter. Second, I want to let=

you know about a Mcky Dolenz TV appearance that I just saw. He was on the=

ABC soap opera “General Hospital” on Friday, November 15. He played the
part of a psychiatrist named Logan Mayfield who was treating the character=

of Luke Spencer (played by Tony Geary) in a group therapy session. It was=

a very funny episode, but what else would you expect having Micky Dolenz as=

your psychiatrist!

I hope this comes in handy.

Tracie Dinkelmeyer
Brooklyn, NY

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