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Micky’s Wedding Day

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From: mickyfan95

Here are the links but I’m going to print the stories also:

Monkees Fan To Wed A Daydream!

Posted on Tue, Sep. 17, 2002

By Michael Klein
Inquirer Columnist

Huntingdon Valley’s Donna Quinter this week will do what she’s wanted to do=

since she was a little girl:

Marry one of the Monkees.

Specifically, Micky Dolenz.

It’s taken years for Quinter to become a daydream believer. She says the
two were fixed up on a blind date 11 years ago in Atlantic City, where he
was performing. At the time, she was a New York-based flight attendant for=

American Airlines. She also has modeled and acted.

It will be the second marriage for Quinter, who firmly declines to disclose=

her age – though she does agree with a giggle that she is “considerably
younger” than Dolenz, 57. This will be the third marriage for Dolenz, who
tours the Monkees act with Davy Jones.

Quinter’s mother, June, and her three sisters and brother will fly out for=

Friday’s wedding, to be held near the couple’s new home in a gated
community near Los Angeles. Dolenz’s children and Jones also will be at the=

small ceremony.

Think love is only true in fairy tales? There’s not a trace of doubt that
Dolenz has a romantic side.

Their engagement story: “I was in New York on 9/11 [last year]. I was back=

home, visiting friends, and it was traumatic,” Quinter says. “Micky saw how=

I was, and he drove cross-country to pick me up. When we got to California,=

he found a hotel in Big Sur overlooking the ocean, and proposed to me.”

They plan to honeymoon in the Napa Valley and revisit Big Sur.

New York Post:

Weird But True

Since the moment Donna Quinter first watched “The Monkees” on TV as a kid,=

she wanted to marry Mickey Dolenz – and now she will. Donna of Huntingdon
Valley, Pa., will tie the knot with Dolenz, 57, on Friday. The two were
first fixed up on a blind date 11 years ago in Atlantic City, where he was=

performing. They got together again last year after the Sept. 11 attacks.
Quinter won=E2=80=99t disclose her age, but says she is “considerably young=
than her hubby-to-be. It is her second marriage, his third.


From: Grant

The Monkees Live Summer Tour DVD is also getting a release in the UK
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Set for release on 14th October (1 full month before the US) you can see
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From: carlisle

Peter recently did this interview with Steve Escobar of Manifesto Magazine =

the interview is linked on Steve’s personal site, and will be on the Manife=
Magazine site in the future. Peter’s previous interview with Steve is also =
this site.


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