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Micky on PAXTV

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From: luvamp


I haven’t seen this listed. So, I thought you might like ton know. Micky’s=

been promoting this on his radio show.

Variety: The Children’s Charity will telecast their 20th Annual Telethon on=

Sunday, April 17th from 1PM to 6PM. Legendary CBS-FM radio broadcaster and=

Chairman of Variety, Cousin Brucie, along with CBS 2 News Anchor Ernie
Anastos and Rosanna Scotto from FOX 5, will host the telethon on WPXN =AD
PAX-TV. Joining Cousin Brucie will be Micky Dolenz, Mr. G., Bob Shannon,
Holly Levis, Mike McCann and Bobby Jay!

Check out for more information.


Micky mentioned on a recent radio program that he was under consideration
to be the voice of Mickey Mouse back in the 70’s- and actually made the


From: Zulmira

“The Monkees TV show is back on Brazilian TV”

The Brazilian television network “Rede 21”, an open channel of nationwide
reach, is airing The Monkees TV show on a weekly basis starting on April
28, 2005.
This is the result of a successful campaign led by the oldies site “Central=

RetroTV” with a little help from the International Association of The
Monkees Fans, by means of the “Monkees Brasil” discussion group and site.
The inclusion of the show in the “Cult Series” segment of this prestigious=

TV channel is something to be celebrated and to be grateful for.

International Association of The Monkees Fans


From: Pat Zappi

Davy Jones @ College of Staten Island

Davy Jones and his band performed Saturday 4/2 at the
College of Staten Island, Staten Island, New York. The
venue was a campus theatre which seemed to hold about
800 people and had excellent acoustics. The theatre
was about 3/4 filled and the New York area crowd was
extremely enthusiastic. Davy responded with one of his
best performances in recent years. He seemed to enjoy
playing a theatre instead of a casino or fairground,
and was in fine voice throughout the evening. Davy
showed amazing energy for someone who has been
performing for over 40 years and danced wildly during
the “Oliver” medley and “She Hangs Out”. He sang his
best-ever rendition of “It’s Nice To Be With You”,
complete with occasional New York accent. Davy made
some short poignant comments about the life and death
of Pope John Paul and then dedicated a beautiful
performance of “I Wanna Be Free” to the deceased
religious leader. The unique setting gave alot of
additional time for stand-up style comedy, and Davy
delivered 5-10 minute jokes/bits between every song.
He claimed that Micky, Mike and Peter are in the
actors home in LA sharing a room with only one chair.
“Nesmith’s got the chair”, Davy said, and Micky and
Peter are “kneeling on the floor waiting for their
instructions”. This was very funny considering Davy
and Mike’s desire to control the project whenever the
Monkees work together. Sarcasm quickly turned to good
nature as Davy mentioned Micky’s NYC radio show to
wild applause and performed a sprightly rendition of
Nez’s “Papa Gene’s Blues”. He also plugged Shoe Suede
Blues in a nod to Peter Tork and said Peter was in a
group called “One Man Band”, but quit because of
“creative differences”. It was a terrific night and
you could tell by the many smiles that once again
people did not know that a member of the Monkees would
put on such a fantastic show. Hopefully Davy will
continue to play theatres of this kind so new and old
fans can really listen to and appreciate his

Pat Zappi

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