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Micky on CNN

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Happy belated 63rd birthday to Peter Tork on Feb 13.


A busy Friday for Micky:

From: Miki

According to his web site, Micky Dolenz will be on the show CNN NewsNight
with Aaron Brown February 25 at 10pm.


From: Chris D.

Hi just wanted to give a concert update if I can. Micky Dolenz will be
performing solo on Fri Feb 25th at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncansville CT. He
will be in the Wolf Den which is a smaller concert venue at the casino.
Show starts at 8pm and is free.


From: Kent Kotal

Here’s an excerpt from one of the chapters pertaining to THE MONKEES:

Today we’re going to examine the
FACTS and FABLES concerning another one of THE MONKEES’ biggest hits.

tells a funny, interesting story revolving around one of THE MONKEES’ last
big hits.

THE MONKEES were always being supplied new musical material from a
virtual who’s who of songwriters: NEIL DIAMOND, GERRY GOFFIN and CAROLE
KING, NILSSON, NEIL SEDAKA and DAVID GATES (later of BREAD) all had their
songs recorded by the band in the first couple of years. In addition,
were submitting their OWN compositions for consideration. Therefore, as
time wore on, when BOYCE AND HART were called upon to supply a song, they
pretty much needed to have one “at the ready.”

According to BOYCE’s account (as published in his book), back in
the day when DON KIRSHNER oversaw those musical selections, he called BOYCE
AND HART one morning and told TOMMY (who just happened to answer the
phone… BOBBY was still sound asleep) that he had a dream last night that
the title of THE MONKEES’ next #1 Record should be a girl’s
name. Spontaneously, TOMMY BOYCE replied, “Donnie, you won’t believe
this!!! But, last night while you were having that dream, BOBBY and I
wrote an unbelievably great song for THE MONKEES…and, are you ready for
this?…it has a girl’s name in the title!”
KIRSHNER was flabbergasted! “Tell me the title, quick! I want to
hear it! What’s her name?”
Of course, TOMMY couldn’t comply…the song hadn’t been written
yet! “Donnie, her name is so beautiful and so exciting that I couldn’t
possibly tell it to you over the phone. But I’ll tell you what…you’re
going to love it when you hear it tomorrow.” Despite KIRSHNER’s insistence
that TOMMY come over now and play him the song…or, better yet, that
KIRSHNER drop by THEIR place to hear the tune (that hadn’t yet been
written!), TOMMY finally stalled him with the excuse that BOBBY was still
sleeping. (Of course, HART didn’t know ANY of this as he really WAS still
asleep…and had no idea what TOMMY had just committed them to!)
KIRSHNER was adamant…”How about noon TODAY at my
place?!?!” BOYCE says it was more of a command than a question. “Okay,”
he said, giving in, “but do me a favor. Please have everyone there who’s
connected with the television show.” KIRSHNER agreed to assemble producers
chairman-of-the-board JACKIE COOPER. (Nothing like putting a little more
pressure on the situation!!!)
At 10:00 BOYCE decided to wake BOBBY and tell him the news…after
all, having just committed to writing the next #1 song in America was a
pretty big deal!!! Realizing the pressure they were under, both
songwriters quickly began making a list of girls’ names but none
particularly struck their fancy. TOMMY had the beginnings of a melody but
they just weren’t able to put it together with any of the names on the
list. They decided to take a drive, hoping for inspiration (or divine
intervention). At 11:00, while driving along Mulholland Drive, TOMMY
finally asked BOBBY to “reach deep into your past for a recollection of one
girl in your life, or even in your dreams, that you had never told anybody
about.” HART gave it some thought and then replied that there WAS a girl
in High School that he liked a lot but she never returned the favor. He
would think about her every once in a while over the years and once had
even written a song about her. “I was never too hot on the song,” he said,
“but what I liked about it was the name, which was hers.”
“Come on, BOBBY,” TOMMY exclaimed, “tell me her name and my melody
will flow right out to meet her.” And, of course, BOBBY then replied, “And
her name was VALLERI”…which INSTANTLY fit the melody that TOMMY had been
working on! Now fifteen minutes away from their meeting at KIRSHNER’s
house, that left them all of twelve minutes to complete the song!!! They
got as far as “There’s a girl I know who makes me feel so good” which,
along with the chorus, “and her name is Valleri…I love you, Valleri” was
all they had when they pulled into the driveway.
BOYCE was banking on the fact that KIRSHNER had wanted a song with
a girl’s name in the title SO badly…and the fact that he had already told
him about the GREAT song they had written “the night before”…that the
conditions were, in effect, pre-programmed for them to present THE MONKEES’
next big smash hit single. (With all those executives sitting in the room
waiting for the debut, the anticipation was exceptionally high…TOMMY
believed that ANY song they would have played based around a girl’s name
would have qualified as “exactly what they were looking for.”)

…for the rest of the story – please contact and ask to
be added to the BOYCE AND HART mailing list and I will be happy to send
them a copy of the entire series.

For the past five years, I have been publishing an online music newsletter
called FORGOTTEN HITS. For the most part, we spotlight songs and artists
that, although very popular at the time of their original release, get
little or no airplay anymore due to the tight programming lists of the
oldies radio station conglomerates, who figure that we would rather hear
the same 50-60 songs over and over and over again! From time to time, we
feature a particular artist in depth…and we just recently completed a
17-part series on the songs of TOMMY BOYCE AND BOBBY HART. Naturally,
several chapters cover their work with THE MONKEES and I thought many of
the folks on your mailing list would enjoy reading this series…we’ve
gotten some GREAT reviews!!!

Thanks for any assistance you can offer in getting the word out…and for
helping to keep this great music alive.

Kent Kotal


From: James Lee Stanley

happy new year you all,

this is just a heads up to let you know that:

1. we have a new mailing address: me @ beachwood recordings, 23055
sherman way, #4848, west hills, ca 91308

2. “all wood and stones” is getting all kinds of airplay at xm radio and
other stations are beginning to pick it up. rolling stones websites are
featuring it and labels are sniffing around. what fun you can hear clips
of the songs on the all wood and stones site.

3. i’m performing at the namm show on the 22 of jan at the taylor guitar
showcase at 1:45 pm, and john batdorf and bill batstone are going to join
me to do four songs from the new cd.

4. then i’m also out on the road for two weeks in virginia, north
carolina, pennsylvania and washington,
dc. has all the details on the appearance “> has all the details on the appearance

see you in a minute,

james lee

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